Thursday, April 28, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #32

Wormy is theorizing about the origins of the Ethereal Demons (or Snookerball Demons) while Irving is cooking dinners inside a roaring fire. He thinks they may be from Hell and maybe blown out of a volcano, trapped in geodes and dug up by delving Dwarves. Irving doesn't remember them from his neighborhood and wonders how Wormy is going to find out, but all it takes is the tap of a hammer on the broken orb. No crystals inside but a band of Demonic writing which blows Wormy's theory to hell,


Demonic Writing:
The language spoken by the Ethereal Demons is written inside the Snookerballs.

Just a mention in Wormy's theory of the origin of the Snookerballs

Ethereal Demon (Snookerball Demon):
The little blue devils (or demons as the case may be) have Demonic (or Devilish) writing inside their red on the outside blue on the inside orbs.

Naturally the little Imp is fire resistant and he has no knowledge of the Ethereal Demons.

Theorizes about the origin of the Snookerballs but is proven wrong when he splits one open and sees the Demonic Writing inside.

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