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Wormy's World Recap

Review - Fighting Fire - A Game within A Game within A Good Cause

Fighting Fire - A Game within A Game within A Good Cause

For those who haven't heard Ernie Gygax's house burned down back in February 2013 and he was hospitalized with congestive heart failure in November 2013 from which he is recovering nicely. So Mark Clover over at Creative Mountain Games has written a fun (and slightly poetic) adventure in aid of Ernie. Much was lost during this fire but lives were saved; now friends and supporters are rallying round.

Fighting Fire is a narrative adventure that can be used by any game system. It is a bit tongue in cheek and heavily laden with references to the fantasy persona of many of the old guard and royal family of D&D/AD&D. The adventure is also lavishly illustrated with quality art.

The central idea of the story-line is that the town has become a center of wargaming which allows the people to settle disputes that were once settled with actual wars. It reminds of Dave Trampier's Wormy comic strip where wargaming and role-playing were activities within his fantasy monster community (though highly illegal in Wormy's World) and it can make a nice diversion for a group which may want to sit down at a boardgame on their RPG night and not get too far away from their campaign.

The adventure in itself is a fun encounter with notable people inside the outline of the shops and business of the town (detailed with a nice town map and many character illustrations). Then from there it is town to wilderness to dungeon fulfilling all the adventuring nutritional requirements.

I will say that unless you are a DM that enjoys a great deal of winging it (as I do) you will need to do some prep work, especially to note down the stats for whichever game system you play. You can also take the framework and alter it to make the adventure as serious as you like, but as written I find it to be enjoyably light-hearted.

I think you will Fighting Fire is worth the coppers for the module in of itself, but you also to get to show your support for Ernie Gygax. I don't think anyone will be disappointed in the adventure, the art or the cause.

And here is a note from Mark regarding further adventures:

"A second adventure in this series "Cold. Cold Heart" was playtested prior to and during Gary Con VII and is in the pipeline for publication *AND* a third adventure in the series "Head in the Clouds" is being playtested as we speak.  The second finds the heroes heading north through the mountain pass to recover Ernie's stolen heart, which he had secured in a box using a type of philacterial magic in a misguided attempt to make himself more safe.  In the third, a cloud giant castle is floating its way toward Gamington as the power behind the forces previously thwarted wishes to wipe out the town and heroes once and for all."

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Xena CCG Card List - Alphabetical by Rarirty

 Xena CCG Card List - Alphabetical by Rarirty

Xena CCG

Apprentice Swordsman     Character      C          Green
Ares' Soldiers           Character      C          Blue
Ares' Wrath  Action            C          Blue
Bevy of Virgins         Character      C          Blue
Border Dispute        Action            U         Red
Burned to the Ground       Action            C          Red
Caesar's Banner      Combat         C          Red
Captured       Action            C          Green
Catapult Siege         Action            C          Red
Cavalry Strike           Action            C          Red
Celtic Soldiers          Character      C          Green
Celtic Warrior          Character      C          Green
Chakram Strike        Combat         C          Green
Charismatic Fighter            Character      C          Red
Chin Mercenary       Character      C          Red
Dagger of Helios      Action            C          Blue
Dastardly Assassin  Character      C          Blue
Delphian Seer          Character      C          Blue
Divination     Action            C          Blue
Eastern Healer         Character      C          Green
Fighter-for-Hire       Character      C          Red
Flaming Arrows       Action            C          Red
Flying Daggers         Combat         C          Red
Furies' Madness      Action            C          Blue
Frying Pan Assault  Combat         C          Green
Gabby's Little Stick Combat        C          Green
Gallic Slave   Character      C          Green
Gate Guard  Character      C          Blue
Gift of the Gods      Action            C          Blue
Greek Fighter           Character      C          Green
Horde Leader           Character      C          Green
Horde Squad            Character      C          Red
Knight of the Pierced Heart          Character      C          Red
Left For Dead           Action            C          Green
Legbreaker   Character      C          Green
Little Baby Godling Character      C          Blue
Lizard Warriors        Character      C          Blue
Longbow Archers    Character      C          Red
Looking for Wounds           Action            C          Blue
Lynch Mob   Character      C          Green
Major Jealousy Rage          Combat         C          Blue
Mischief        Combat         C          Blue
Overprotective Father       Character      C          Red
Priest of Morpheus Character      C          Blue
Priest of the Furies Character      C          Blue
Rapid Fire     Action            C          Red
Swordsman in Training      Character      C          Green
Talented Physician  Character      C          Green
Tattoed Fighter       Character      C          Green
Temple Guards        Character      C          Blue
Temple Infiltrator   Character      C          Blue
Tied to the Altar      Combat         C          Blue
Trap in the Woods  Action            C          Red
Traveling Priest        Character      C          Blue
Town Judge  Character      C          Red
Untrained Fighter   Character      C          Red
Veteran Longbow Archers            Character      C          Red
Vigilant Sentries      Character      C          Red
Village Tough           Character      C          Green
Wall Guards Character      C          Red
Witch Hunters         Character      C          Green
Wounded in Battle Action            C          Red
Xena Leads the Troops      Combat         C          Green
Young Prince            Character      C          Green

Acrobatic Ninjas      Character      U         Green
Aid from Autolycus Combat         U         Red
Aid from Gabrielle  Action            U         Green
Alert Longbow Squad        Character      U         Red
Altar Sacrifice          Action            U         Blue
Angered Giant         Character      U         Green
Aphrodite's Bell       Combat         U         Blue
Autolycus King of Thieves Character      R         Red
Autolycus' Boast     Combat         U         Red
Banshees      Character      U         Blue
Beauty Contest        Action            U         Red
Behind Bars  Action            U         Red
Black Wolves            Character      U         Green
Call the Horde          Action            U         Red
Celtic Queen Character      U         Green
Charon's Tour          Action            U         Blue
Crossbow Archers   Character      U         Red
Cupid's Arrows        Action            U         Blue
Cursed to Wander  Action            U         Blue
Cyclops Bully            Character      U         Green
Diversionary Tactics           Action            U         Red
Driven Hard by the Furies Action            U         Blue
Enforced Peace       Action            U         Blue
Expert Swordsman Character      U         Green
Extortionist  Character      U         Red
Fervent Warrior      Character      U         Green
Gabrielle Misleads  Action            U         Green
Gabrielle's Orders   Combat         U         Green
Hammer Lock           Action            U         Green
Hired Giant   Character      U         Red
Jolly Ol' Toymaker   Character      U         Green
Liaison with Ares     Action            U         Blue
Liquor and Flame!  Action            U         Red
Mystic Priest            Character      U         Blue
Path of Morpheus  Action            U         Blue
Poseidon's Whirlpool         Action            U         Blue
Priest of Aesclepius            Character      U         Blue
Priests of Dahak      Character      U         Blue
Prometheus Bound            Action            U         Blue
Protege of Ares       Character      U         Blue
Raw Squid     Combat         U         Green
Shortbow Archers   Character      U         Red
Spike Trap     Character      U         Red
Spring-Loaded Dagger       Action            U         Red
Swashbuckling Swordsman          Character      U         Green
Swing-Kick    Combat         U         Red
Undead Warrior      Character      U         Blue
Unstoppable Attack           Combat         U         Green
Xena Brings 'Em Home      Combat         U         Green
Xena's Bluff  Action            U         Green
Xena's Wrath           Action            U         Red

Angered Titan          Character      R         Blue
Aphrodite     Character      R         Blue
Ares    Character      R         Blue
Ares Dethroned       Combat         R         Blue
Argo   Character      R         Green
Army of Ares            Action            R         Red
Beloved King            Character      R         Green
Big Ballista    Character      R         Red
Clever Defense         Combat         R         Green
Confession    Action            R         Blue
Corrupt Judge          Character      R         Green
Cupid Character      R         Blue
Dahak's Demon       Character      R         Blue
Draco Character      R         Red
Elite Temple Guard Character      R         Blue
Fake Chakram          Action            R         Green
The Furies     Character      R         Blue
Gabrielle       Character      R         Green
Ghostly Messenger Character      R         Blue
Helen of Troy           Character      R         Green
The Horde Attacks! Action            R         Red
Inside Man   Character      R         Green
Interior Desecrators           Character      R         Red
Meleager the Mighty         Character      R         Red
Mystic Tutor Character      R         Green
Nothing Is Impossible        Combat         R         Green
Pacified         Combat         R         Blue
Poseidon's Offer      Action            R         Blue
Possession    Action            R         Blue
Rampaging Giant    Character      R         Green
Relaxing Before Battle       Action            R         Green
Releasing the Titans           Action            R         Blue
Safety in Numbers  Combat         R         Green
Salmoneus    Character      R         Red
Spartan Javelin        Action            R         Red
Sponsorship Action            R         Red
Straight from the Harp      Combat         R         Green
Strike Team  Character      R         Green
Surrounded! Action            R         Red
Take Prisoners         Action            R         Red
To the Last Breath  Combat         R         Green
Tossed in Xerxes' Dungeon!         Action            R         Red
Trojan Prince           Character      R         Red
Trojan Sergeant      Character      R         Red
War    Action            R         Red
Weapon of the Gods          Action            R         Blue
Whim of the Fates  Action            R         Blue
Whip the Slaves      Action            R         Red
Vengeance    Combat         R         Blue
Xena, Warrior Princess      Character      R         Green

Altar of Ares Resource       F          Blue
Amazon Village        Resource       F          Green
Bath House   Resource       F          Red
Castle Resource       F          Red
Eastern Village         Resource       F          Green
Entrance to the Underworld        Resource       F          Blue
Forgotten Temple   Resource       F          Blue
Giants' Burial Ground        Resource       F          Blue
Grand Bazaar           Resource       F          Red
Greek Forest            Resource       F          Green
Merchant Port         Resource       F          Red
Outlying Village       Resource       F          Green
Peasant Village        Resource       F          Green
Temple of Ares        Resource       F          Blue
Treasure Trove        Resource       F          Red

Battle Cry

Amazon Trainer       Character      C          Green
Archer Attack           Action            C          Red
Arm-Wrestling Contest     Combat         C          Green
Arrows from the Woods   Action            C          Red
Bacchae Horde        Character      C          Blue
Callisto's Wrath       Action            C          Blue
Castle Guard            Character      C          Red
Centaur Charger      Character      C          Green
Centaur Longbow Archers            Character      C          Red
Chariot Warrior       Character      C          Green
Devious Warrior      Character      C          Red
Everybody Sing!      Combat         C          Red
Executioner  Character      C          Red
Famous Duellist       Character      C          Green
Gabby's Scrolls        Action            C          Green
Hestian Stones        Action            C          Blue
Mounted Warrior   Character      C          Red
Promethean Bird    Character      C          Blue
Ready for a Fight     Combat         C          Green
Roman Centurion   Character      C          Red
Solstice Spirit           Character      C          Blue
Transformed Bacchae        Character      C          Blue
Untrained Amazon Character      C          Green
Velasca's Wrath      Action            C          Blue
Xena's Graveyard Search  Action            C          Blue
Young Centaur         Character      C          Green
Young Priest Character      C          Blue

Amazon Princess     Character      U         Green
Backstabber Character      U         Red
Bone Dryad  Character      U         Blue
Callisto Strikes         Action            U         Red
Cecrops' Crew          Character      U         Green
Centaur Veteran     Character      U         Green
Cortese's Soldiers   Character      U         Red
Greedy Pirates         Character      U         Green
Harpies          Character      U         Blue
Harpy Character     U         Blue
Joxer Is Prepared    Combat         U         Green
Many Skills   Action            U         Green
Massacre      Action            U         Red
Sintares' Tricks        Combat         U         Red
Siren's Call    Combat         U         Blue
Song of Orpheus     Combat         U         Blue
Talmadeus' Raiders            Character      U         Red
Underworld Escapee          Character      U         Blue
Velasca Attacks       Action            U         Blue
YII-YII-YII-YII-YII-YII-YI!       Combat         U         Green

Amazon Queen        Character      R         Green
Bacchae Bite            Combat         R         Blue
Bacchus         Character      R         Blu
Callisto           Character      R         Red
Callisto Goes Overboard   Combat         R         Red
Callisto's Master Plan        Combat         R         Blue
Cecrops         Character      R         Red
Ephiny, Amazon Warrior   Character      R         Green
Gabrielle       Character      R         Green
Gabrielle Clears the Way   Action            R         Green
Gabrielle's Sacrifice            Combat         R         Green
Hades             Character      R         Blue
Improvised Escape Tool     Action            R         Green
Ixion Centaur           Character      R         Red
Jewel of Demeter    Action            R         Blue
Joxer the Mighty     Character      R         Red
King Sisyphus           Character      R         Blue
Meeting of the Warlords  Action            R         Red
Sintares         Character      R         Red
Total Eclipse Action            R         Blue
Trapped in Tartarus            Action            R         Blue
Treachery      Action            R         Red
Velasca          Character      R         Blue
War Chariot Character      R         Red
Xena, Warrior Princess      Character      R         Green
Xena Puts on the Pinch     Combat         R         Green
Xena's Discovery     Action            R         Green

Callisto's Revenge   Action            F          Red