Tuesday, April 12, 2016

NPC - Erik One-Eye

Erik One-Eye

Once he was Erik Red-Beard till a Southron's sword got in under his helm and took his left-eye with it. Now he is marked as one of the Raven King's chosen. Few warriors last long with one eye removed and Erik doesn't intend to stay in the land of the first-life longer than he need be.

Once he lead a warband himself but now he is one of the dozen or so heroes who accompanies Bovine on his raids west and south. He seeks the promise of the Raven King, a glorious death in battle. He disdains the use of a helm but still keeps himself armored, not seeking a gut-wound just a quick death he can see, when it comes for him.

Now he is first into a fray with no desire to stand amid a shield wall or worry that he will be struck down from his blind side. After all such a death is the promise of such a wound. He should already be dead but the Chooser has marked him so that all will know he had earned his place in the second life among the chosen heroes already. Erik is impatient to join his brethren.

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