Friday, April 15, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #18

Wormy and Irving are counting up their days takings (and in Wormy's case that means 'takings' from the Ogres when they weren't looking) when Irving hears the trolls Frank and Dudly playing a mixed game of baseball/golf on the pool table. Dudly's game (Dudly is more of an orange to Frank's Dark-Mustard) seems to be more croquet than golf but he does remember to shout 'Fore'!. FRank gets a solid hit on the ball when it comes flying his way but instead of a homerun the snookerball cracks open and in the ominous blue cloud we can see the skeletal face and claw-like hands of the Snookerball Demon to come.


Orange colored troll (I'm always confusing Frank and Dudly). After finding or regenerating his eyebrows previously lost in a Wormy-related Goblin explosion he has joined Frank in a game of Baseball/Golf on Wormy's pool table, using the snookerballs which prove to be breakable to a suitably powerful line drive.

Kind-of-a Dark-Mustard colored . He manages to crack one of the Snookerballs with his club while playing baseball/golf and releases a Snookerball Demon.

Giant Gold:
Either named for the size of the coins or minted by giants. These are big coins.

Busy counting the 27 Bucks he made from selling dwarfburgers before Wormy blew-up his customers.

Snookerball Demon:
Small Light-Blue Demon who inhabits the Snookerballs. The appear in a puff of blue smoke but quickly solidify.

Stolen from Dwarves by Wormy (no telling where they got them from as they were using them as bowling balls) but each contains a small blue demon who attacks just about anything in sight.

Busy counting the Giant Gold he stole from the Ogres.

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