Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #17

Frank is busy GuGaGuG-zling down some Troll's Choice (I believe) when he his konked on the snozola by a giant gold coin dropped by Wormy who he spots following the coins down to the entrance of his cave in a might leap. Just in time Frank knocks Dudly out of the way, hard enough to send his eyebrows flowing, before Wormy lands in an explosion of goblins.

Caught up in the rush for the Giant Gold that Wormy drops he is saved at the last moment by Frank, though his eyebrows are not so lucky.

Dwarfburger Stand:
The stand can be seen as the coins are tumbling down and as Wormy lands amid the exploding goblins.

Enjoying a guzzle of Troll's Choice when Wormy drops a dragon-sized handful of Giant Gold. He spots Wormy jumping down and knocks Frank to safety.

Giant Gold:
Golden coins of Dragon or Giant-sized proportions

Innocent customers of the Dwarfburger stand. Who knew they would explode?

Troll's Choice:
An ale or beer of normal proportions.

Rather cavalier or homicidal when it comes to Goblins and Trolls who are underfoot.

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