Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #14


The Ogres are playing a wild game of poker (seriously, almost everything is wild) when a dwarf fleeing from Wormy's stumping comes running in. Jack, the dealer, spots the Rockeater and they take off  with a shout of GETTUM! and crash directly into Floyd who was off to get a beer or three for the thirsty bunch. Unbeknownst to the Ogres, Wormy enters in his pursuit of the dwarf and while whistling a happy tune steals the pot and exits stage right with a wicked chuckle.


An unnamed brand but my those bottles must be huge!
Panels 1-5,7

A survivor from Wormy's stumping. Quick but with a terrible sense of direction as he runs straight into the Ogres' dwelling and right by their poker game.
Panels 3,4,6,7

An Ogre with a thirst for beer and bad timing. Jack crashes into him and in pursuit of the dwarf he knocks himself out on the Ogres' mantle.  A beer should wake him up
Panels 1,2,5-7

An Ogre, the dealer with a taste in bad poker
Panels 1-5

Gigantic red skinned, horned (in a small way) and spike-backed. They have a fondness for beer and poker and a dislike of dwarves.
Panels 1-7

The name for dwarves used by Wormy, Trolls and Ogres
Panels 5,7

Our green-scaled hero of the story gives up his pursuit of the fleeing dwarf to steal the Ogres' poker pot of gold. Always an opportunist.
Panels 6,7

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