Sunday, April 3, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #13

Frank and Dudly are casually knocking some stones around discussing Wormy's encounter with the Dwarves when the thought occurs to them that there is a squashed squad of the little munchkins just waiting to make a hearty meal. They no sooner set-out before the aroma of fried flattened dwarf and wild onions tickles their noses and leads them right to Irving's barbecued dwarfburger stand and waiting goblin customer.


A troll with a keen sense of sportsmanship.
Panels 1-7

Once proud and musical dwarven warriors stomped, tenderized, de-armored and fried with wild onions now a barbecue treat.
Panels 7

Flattened dwarves prove to be a popular entree among the denizens near Wormy's cave, at least once de-armored, fried and seasoned with some wild onions.
Panels 1-7

A troll with a keen sense of smell and hunger for fried dwarf.
Panels 1-7

Irving's customer at the Dwarfburger stand.
Panels 7

Wormy's demon companion, entrepreneur and short-order cook. He seizes the opportunity and the flattened company of dwarves to open his dwarfburger stand outside of Wormy's cave.
Panels 7

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