Saturday, April 30, 2016

White Dwarf #14 Cover Art

Cover Art By Emmanuel

Emmanuel is one of the most iconic of the White Dwarf/ TSR artists. His work is perhaps the most recognizable of the WD artists among TSR products if not his name. I don't think there is a better cover of a Monster Manual type work than the Fiend Folio unless your preference is for more of a realistic approach to fantasy artwork. This particular cover is not one of my favorites, but his green lizard-beast is striking and powerful. The effect is slightly surreal but conveys menace and danger. Maybe it is the yellow-orange background that draws my eye away from the more central figure of monster and rider. I don't think I am troubled by the blue mushrooms or oversized snailshell. A good piece of artwork that foreshadows many wonderful White Dwarf covers to come.

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