Saturday, April 23, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #29

After a long absence this strip is a black and white summary of what has happened up to this point in the story. More text than will be seen again in a strip. We do learn several specifics that had not been made clear in the original strips.

1, Only one dwarf survived Wormy's stumping
2. The Ogres live across the Valley from Wormy in a large, deep cave.
3. The dwarf fled up the Ogres' chimney
4. Irving is an Imp
5. Wormy weighs 27 tons
6. Wormy invited Frank and Dudly inside to play pool
7. The Snookerball Demon is called an Ethereal Demon


Wormy takes one of his six extra Snookerballs and cracks it open to discover another of the Ethereal Demons is lurking inside. He considers the possibilities even as Gremorly the human wizard and his demonic familiar watch through a crystal ball from somewhere at the end of the world.


Ethereal Demons/ Snookerball Demons:
Here we find them with a more definitive name.

A human wizard with a demonic familiar. He gazes at Wormy through a crystal ball and speaks in a demonic tongue.

Gremorly's Familiar:
A small, seemingly demonic creature that speaks.

Each contains an Ethereal Demon.

Unknowing to him his Snookerballs contain Ethereal Demons and he cracks one to check. After squashing it he starts to make plans on what to do with them.

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