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NPC CSIO Bakrog the Beastly - Beggar Street - The Silver Goblet

The Silver Goblet is mostly a Constables bar. They keep the beggars and riff-raff away and maintain better order then any so Bakrog only has an asistant and 4 beautiful batmaids. It is a respectable position and the Barmaids often find a constable husband so that Bakrog is frequently hiring new barmaids. He also currently employs a small troop of dwarven acrobats. These 3 are actually a small group of dwarven thieves as well asacrobats and find it amusing to base themselves near the constables barracks and entertain the constables duringthe evening and burglar homes at night.

Bakrog is an old constable sergeant who went adventuring and retired back in the city-state always wanting to take over the Silver Goblet. He was a sergeant when Bull Jirelmor was a new watch commander and the two get along. Bakrog has a private room for Jirelmor with its own entrance and a ssmall but luxurious room the commander can escape to with a paramour from time to time.

Snit Smashing - Stick your Snotch in a Snandergrab

An ad for Snit Smashing and a Cartoon Strip.

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Gygax's Saga of Old City Ad From Pulp Magazine

Swamp Thing 1st Movie Ad From Comic

Adrienne Barbeau's main attractions are on display  in this ad but they couldnt save this movie. It is actually so bad it works as mild comic farce but you might need tohave followed the character for it to tickle you.

NPC - Kalman Laughingstaff

Kalman hails originally from Bissel but has crossed the length and breadth of the Flanaess many times in his life as an adventurer. Somewhere in his adventures he aquired his staff and his patronym. He is of middling height and middling age, a wizard of more power than most but still searching tombs and ruins for items of power. It is said he seeks a lost city hidden in the depths of some forest and protected by terrible guardians.

His staff is named Praytextatus and has a vile sense of humor, laughing in an evil cackle during the most inopportune and unfortunate moments. It finds death or maiming to be hilarious. The staff speaks and ancient form of Suel, as does Kalman, but has also learned the Common Tongue.

NPC - The Minotaur - Graxus

Minotaurs are magical ccreations but from a time so long ago that their origin is lost. Attempts to recreate them result in many near misses such as Hinchcliffe's Ram-Men but the original Man-Bull is elusive and perhaps god-protected. They breed true and even cross-breed true in that the product of a union of Minotaur and Human, Demi-Human or Humanoid is Minotaur.

They will  use weapons, and prefer them over bare hands.  They can even be trained to wear armor. Luckily they prefer seclusion and the dark. The males tend to be solitary though a family group will have several females and a continuous litter of ever present young. The young males will be pushed out at an early age and most dont survive, which helps to keep the number of minotaurs down. A strong leader might have a half-dozen followers (making an adult tribe of 30-40 with the females of the species). Female Minotaurs are slightly smaller than males but much more aggressive when protectin their young, more intelligent and have a social order amongst themselves.

Graxus is rather typical of his breed, large, immensely strong, not overly bright with a mean streak a mile wide. He is the bodyguard of Keller the Lender, a financeer to the Guildmasters of the City of Dyvers.

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Adventure - The Mines of Sterich Part 1

The Mines of Sterich

Iron is in the hills of Sterich and war rages throughout the Flanaess. While Sterich has many smiths the great weapon and armorers of Greyhawk are the Dwarves of Ulek. The ore is smelted and the iron travels east to the Rushmoors and the branch of the Lort or south down the Javan till it fills the holds of merchant ships of the Sea Princes ending in Gryrax and the furnaces of the dwarven smiths. The journey is long and proven dangerous. 

Sterich is recruiting guards of  all sorts and advneturers of all types to watch over the great caravans and raft flotillas which leave their land each week. Inside Sterich companies of Halberders and Light Calvary protect the wagons but beyond the borders hired men are rewarded greatly to safeguard this bulky treasure.  

Greyhawk - Arms and Military By Nation and Type

Greyhawk -  Arms and Military By Nation and Type


Almor, Prelacy of
- Militia - Crossbow, Spear, Polearm, Fauchard, Glaive,
- Militia (Northern Contingent) Longbow, Battleaxe
- Standing Army (5,000+Nobility, Gentry) - Horse, Foot -

Bandit Kingdoms
- Standing Army (10,000) - Horse, Foot
 Medium Horse, Light Horse, Chainmail, Shield, Sword, Leather Armor, Polearm, Light Crossbow, Short Bow

Bissel, March of
- Standing Army (8,000 in 1,000 strong companies) - Horse, Foot, Archers - Lance, Crossbow, Pike, Fauchard-fork, Flail, Sword

- Militia - Sling, Short Bow, Spear

- Standing Army (3,000 - 1,000 Marines)

- Standing Army (5,000 - 1,000 Heavy Foot) Heavy Foot, Light Horse, Medium Horse
- Navy

- Militia 
- Navy
- Standing Army (20,000 with Nobles & Militia)

- Standing Army - Horse, Archer, Foot (Pikemen)

Gran March
- Standing Army - Horse - Medium Horse, Lance, Crossbow, Sword

Great Kingdom
- Standing Army -  (15,000 to 90,000) Horse, Archer, Foot - Heavy Horse, Medium Horse, Light Horse, Crossbow. Polearm

- Militia
- Standing Army

- Militia (2,000 Heavy Infantry) Foot - Spetum, Glaive-Guisarme
- Navy
- Standing Army - Crossbow

Iuz, Land of
- Standing Army -

-Navy -
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot - Light Horse, Javelin, Crossbow, Lance, Polearm, Spear, Heavy Horse

- Standing Army - Horse, Foot - Pike, Crossbow, Light Horse Archer, Medium Horse, Lance

Lorship of the Isles
- Navy -

North Province
- Standing Army -

- Standing Army - Horse, Foot, Archer - Heavy Horse

- Marines -
- Standing Army -

Pale, Theocracy of the
- Standing Army - (4,000 - 14,000) Horse, Foot, 

- Militia -
- Navy -
- Standing Army -

- Standing Army - Horse, Foot - Spear, Light Horse, Crossbow, Bow, Sling

Rel Astra
- Militia - (7,000 - 1,000 Horse, 6,000 Foot) Horse, Foot - 
- Navy -
- Standing Army - (2,000 - 1,000 Horse, 1,000 Foot) Horse, Foot - Light Horse, Medium Horse, Crossbow

Sea Barons
- Navy -

Sea Princes
- Navy -
- Standing Army -

Shield Lands 
- Navy -
- Standing Army -

South Province
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot - Heavy Horse

- Standing Army - Horse, Foot - Light Horse, Heavy Foot, Halberd, Medium Horse

Stonefist, Hold of
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot - Light Foot

Synndi, County of
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot - Sling, Morningstar, Crossbow, Bardiche, Light Horse, Medium Horse

Tenh, Duchy of
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot - Medium Horse, Short Bow, Polearm

Tiger Nomands
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot, Horse Archer - Light Horse, Bow, Lance, Medium Horse

- Standing Army - Horse, Foot -

Ulek, County of
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot, Archer - Heavy Foot, Light Foot, 

Ulek, Duchy of
- Standing Army - (1,000 - 400 Horse) Horse, Foot, Archer - Heavy Horse, Medium Horse, Light Horse, Crossbow,Bill

Ulek, Princepality of
- Navy -
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot

- Standing Army - Horse, Foot - Bow, Polearm, Mace

Urnst (County of)
- Navy -
- Standing Army - (2,000 - 22,000) Horse, Foot

Urnst, Duchy of
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot

- Standing Army - Horse, Foot, Archer - Heavy Horse, Medium Horse, Light Horse, Pike

- Militia -

Wolf Nomands
- Standing Army - Horse, Foot, Horse Archer - Light Horse, Bow, Lance, Medium Horse

-Standing Army - Horse, Foot, Archer - Spear, Crossbow, Polearm, Sling, Bow

- Standing Army - Horse, Foot -Two-Hand Sword

- Marines - Dyvers, Onnwal
- Militia - Almor, Blackmoor, Furyondy, Idee, Irongate, Perrenland, Rel Astra, Verbobonc
- Navy - Ekbir, Furyondy, Irongate, Keoland, Lordship of the Isles, Perrenland, Rel Astra, Sea Barons, Sea Princes, Shield Lands, Ulek (Prince), Urnst (County)
- Standing Army - Almor, Bandit Kingdoms, Bissel, Dyvers, Ekbir,  Furyondy, Geoff, Great Kingdom, Idee, Irongate, Iuz, Keoland, Ket, North Province, Nyrond, Onnwal, Pale, Perrenland, Ratik, Rel Astra, Sea Princes, Shield Lands, South Province, Sterich, Stonefist, Sunndi, Tenh, Tiger Nomads, Tusmit, Ulek (County), Ulek (Duchy), Ulek (Prince), Ull, Urnst (County), Urnst (Duchy), Veluna, Wolf Nomads, Yeomanry, Zeif

- Archer - Bissel, Geoff, Great Kingdom, Nyrond, Ulek (Duchy), Veluna, Yeomanry
- Foot - Almor, Bandit Kingdoms, Bissel, Geoff, Great Kingdom, Irongate, Keoland, Ket, Nyrond, Pale, Ratik, Rel Astra, South Province, Sterich, Stonefist, Sunndi, Tenh, Tiger Nomads, Tusmit, Ulek (County), Ulek (Duchy), Ulek (Prince), Ull, Urnst (County), Urnst (Duchy), Veluna, Wolf Nomads, Yeoanry, Zeif
- Horse - Almot, Bandit Kingdoms, Bissel, Ekbir, Geoff, Gran March, Keoland, Ket, Nyrond, Pale, Ratik, Rel Astra, South Province, Sterich, Stonefist, Sunndi, Tenh, Tiger Nomads, Tusmit, Ulek (County),Ulek (Duchy), Ulek (Prince), Ull, Urnst (County), Urnst (Duchy), Veluna, Wolf Nomads, Yeomanry, Zeif
- Horse Archer - Ket. Tiger Nomads, Wolf Nomads

- Bardiche - Sunndi
- Battleaxe - Almor
- Bill - Ulek (Duchy)
- Bow - Ratik, Tiger Nomads, Ull, Wolf Nomads, Yeomanry
- Chainmail - Bandit Kingdoms
- Crossbow - Almor, Bissel, Gran March, Irongate, Keoland, Ket, Ratik, Rel Astra, Sunndi, Ulek (Duchy), Yeomanry
- Fauchard - Almor
- Fauchard-fork - Bissel
- Flail - Bissel
- Glaive - Almor
- Glave-Guisarme - Irongate
- Halberd - Sterich
- Horse, Light - Bandit Kingdoms, Ekbir, Keoland, Ket, Ratik, Rel Astra, Sterich, Sunndi, Tiger Nomads, Ulek (Duchy), Veluna, Wolf Nomads
- Horse, Medium - Bandit Kingdoms, Ekbir, Geoff, Ket, Rel Astra, Sterich, Sunndi, Tenh, Tiger Nomads, Ulek (Duchy), Veluna, Wolf Nomads
- Horse, Heavy - Keoland, Nyrond, South Province, Ulek (Duchy), Veluna
- Javelin - Keoland
- Lance - Bissel, Keoland, Tiger Nomads, Wolf Nomads
- Leather Armor - Bandit Kingdoms
- Light Crossbow - Bandit Kingdoms
- Longbow - Almor
- Mace - Ull
- Morningstar - Sunndi
- Pike - Bissel, Ket, Veluna
- Polearm - Almor, Keoland, Tenh, Ull, Yeomanry
- Shield - Bandit Kingdoms
- Short Bow - Bandit Kingdoms, Blackmoor, Tenh
- Sling - Blackmoor, Ratik, Sunndi, Yeomanry
- Spear - Almor, Blackmoor, Keoland, Ratik, Yeomanry
- Spetum - Irongate
- Sword - Bandit Kingdoms, Bissel, Gran March, Sterich
- Two-Hand Sword - Zeif

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NPC - CSIO - Bull Jirlmore - Beggar Street - Constables Barracks

Bull Jirelmore, or "The Bull" as he is called, is the barracks commander of a large contingent of city-state constables.

There re sleeping quarters for 400 men, but 300 of the bunks are occupied by the sle-servants of the 100 constables. There are another 260 or so constables in the other shifts with about 100 on-duty and 100 off-duty. They work in weekly shifts with 200 On-Duty and in Barracks during a week and 100 off-duty living their on their own, with families, side-business', etc... The other 60 constables do they same, but are officers of one sort or another and work 40 on Duty, 20 off weekly as the regular constables do. They have seperate rooms, some small that hold only a single officr and a slave or two and a few with several rooms for The Bull's 3 main subordinates.

The Bull himself is of moderate height but very wide shoulders and chest. He runs everything by the seat of his pants and is considered rash but effective by many. He dispenses his own justice for the mmost part and doesn't disturb the rich or nobility. Once he was a warrior and adventurer but retired for an easier lifestyle. He is an experienced fighter but prefers an easy, quiet life.

On the 3,651st Day, We Rested - TSR Ad from Comic

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Defend the Galaxy Star Frontiers Ad from Comic

Adventure The Kobold Menace

The wizard Kazimierz guarded by three stout warriors, Bede, Witus, and Teofil battle a force of invading kobolds beneath the streets of Istvan. This tribe of kobolds i fro deep within the underoerth and have been driven ut ouf their home by Umber Hulks. These kobolds are unnatural smart and are more like a society of small humans. There are magicains, clerics, thieves an fighters and most warriors are equivelant to 1st level fighters with a smattering of higher level veterans and a few even higher level heroes within their ranks.

The Umber Hulks are forcing many UnderOerth creatues to fllee, and a nest of Ankhegs is on the heels of the Konbolds along with smaller flocks of Grell and Carrion Crawlers.

The people of Istvan are in for a struggle that they may not win.

SPI John Carter Warlord of Mars

Really two games in one. A ship to ship combat game which was excellent.

TSR - Attention Mere Mortals - Ad from Comic

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Repost - Minstrel Tales - Give Me Three Brave Swords Shielding

Minstrel Tales Give Me Three Brave Swords Shielding

Give Me Three Brave Swords Shielding

The minstrels and bards from the Shield Lands sing this song when raising support for their struggle against the Iuz and the Horned Society. It has become quite popular among soldiers, in their camps and the taverns they frequent.

Give Me Three Brave Swords, Shielding

Give me three brave swords, Shielding,
Only three brave swords;
They will keep the little I have
Free from Iuz's horde.

I am dying beneath Iuz's heel, Shielding,
Dying beneath Iuz's heel;
And the agony of such a death
No balm may ever heal.

Iuz has gnawed me like a wolf, Shielding,
A wolf that is fierce for blood;
All the day, and the night beside,
Lapping at my blood.

I dreamed of freedom in my sleep, Shielding,
And the sight was welcome to see;
I awoke with an eager, beating heart,
But there was no freedom for me.

How can I look to you, Shielding,
How can I look to you
For swords to give to your ravaged land,
When you are swordless too.

For I read the defeat in your graven face, Shielding,
And in your eyes so wild,
And I felt it in your shaking hand,
And in your heart so mild.

What have the Shield Lands done, Shielding,
What have the Shield Lands done
That the Oerth looks on and sees us die,
Perishing one by one?

Do the nations of the Flanaess care not, Shielding,
The great ones and the high,
For the suffering of the Shield Land's sons,
Whether they live or die?

There are many still with a brave heart, Shielding,
Dying of want and cold,
While many escaped to safer lands,
Still strong and rich in gold.

Come nearer to my side, Shielding,
Come nearer to my side,
And remember me as I was,
Your homeland before I die.

Quick, for I cannot see you, Shielding,
The seeds of death are sown;
Shielding! dear Shielding! ere I die,
Three swords for your home.

Loosely adapted from 'Give Me Three Grains of Corn, Mother' By Amelia Blandford Edwards


TSR Endless Quest Ad From Comic

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NPC - Cardboard Hero 1-9 Crossbowman

Noth is a mercenary but originally he was a guardsman from Furyondy. He wears a full robe of chainmail and wields a heavy crossbow. He carries a longsword for close combat.

He is a member of the Mercenary Guild in the City of Greyhawk as well as several other cities if he happens to have business in them.

Movie Ad for Blade Runner from Heavy Metal

They need to do a Blade Runner/ Westworld Crossover

Movie Ad for Crpenter''s The Thing from Heavy Metal

I dont remember this ad.

NPC - CSIO - Nervy Bnazoth - Beggars' Street - Seal Maker

Bnazoth is a wiry, nervous little man, dark-haired, olive skinned, well dressed with an expensive craft shop in a terrible street for selling seals to business men and nobles. Few actua1lly come to his shop and instead he brings his sample cases, sketch books and actual seals to his customers rather than they come to him. This suits Nervy Bnazoth well as his real business is magic. He is in fact an experienced Warlock and heads a coven of Witches.

His small shop is prtected with locks and bars but inside his private chambers he has a Chest of Endless Snakes which if opened without the activation word (Hail Hydra) releases  random snake every 2nd combat round. Once intruders are killed or driven from the shop the chest shuts and relocks itelf and the sumoned snakes disappear. There is also a small poisonous snake which lurks under the sheets of his bed, but is just a normal unsummoned snake and isnt going anywhere.

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Forgotten Realms PBM Ad from Dragon

TSR Endless Quest Ad from Warlord Comic

NPC - Blackmoor Land of a Thousand Witches - Czylle

The frozen land of Blackmoor, choked with mists and twilight. Few travel to that far world and few tales have returned. The great bard of Greyhawk has returned from a long sojourn there where it is said he found the City of the Gods. Silvertongue the Bard  found strange and powerful forces at work in Blackmoor but he also found allies in a society of witches that are the hidden strength of that land.

Czylle commands the elements. Lightning dances at her willl. She would be a leader in any other land but the society of witches has no leaders. All are equal in their ranks once they have begun the first mastery of their art till they take their kast breath on this Oerth. She goes gloved and cloaked in grey and her eyes burn with an inner fire. She looks far beyond this plane into worlds beyond and one day she will step beyond this Oerth and perhaps not return.

Inferno #2 Cover Art By Geoff Taylor

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Necromancer Judges Guild Ad

NPC Eclavdra's Sister

In the UnderOerth her's is a name of terror. She has died a hundred times and always one of her sisters rises and takes her place. Eclavdra's magic brings forth another sister-clone, another Eclavdra at every death.

A Foe Most Evil... D-Series Ad From Dragon

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NPC - Drow Warrior Gyr'On

After the invasion of Geoff when terror stalked the land the true leaders behind the giants apppered. The Drow Warrior-Lord Gyr'On riding upon a Nightmare prowled the wilds of Geoff hunting down those who'd fled and those who still fought. His story and that of a Geoff ranger are intertwined around that of the half-elven maid Ffion have becomr legendary among those who have taken the land back.

NPC - Down There?

Finan the Cautious points a shakey finger down at the dark pit his fellow adventurers Aed the Spear and the wizard/thief Sitric propose to investigate in search of treasure.

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Marvel Star Wars Return of the Jedi #1 Cover Art

NPC Monster - Gar Hill-Giant Mutation Giant-Killer

After the fall of the giants, when they were at last driven from Geoff, a great scouring of the hills occurred and many a Hill Giant Clan and steading fell. The monsters were forced further ito the mountains to escape and their ancestral homes were abandoned. The bones of human, demi-human and giant litter the heights and valleys and little mercy was shown to any.

The mage Talberth had seen many a friend and companion lost during the years of the invasion and after and he had  hatred for giants that stripped his humanity from his soul. When he discovered a hidden creche of Hill Giant young he would have had no second thought to exterminating the mewling babes but a darker idea came upon him. He would raise these young, experiment upon them till he created a creature who would be the bane of giants. Gar and his kind were the result.

Much bigger and stronger than a normal hill giant Gar is what Talberth calls a Giant-Killer. They are semi-intelligent magical creations but have manged to breed true. Unfortunately while they do have an unreasoning instinctual hatred of all other giants they have no regard for humans, demi-humans, animals or monstrous creatures either, all are food for their anger and the gnawing hunger that their size and heightened metabolism demand. They are clawed and fanged and tend to disdain weapons. They can craft simple fur clothing and scavenge better gear from giants and humanoids. They are wary creatures, hunt at night and prefer to ambush rather than confront directly though they will fight like rats if cornered.

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D&D Holmes'Basic Ad From Galaxy Mag

Adventure - Olman Jaguar Priest Ritual Combat

An Olman Jaguar Warrior-Priest in ritual combat. The priest's opponent is not only tied to a cumbersome weight-stone but is often drugged. Outsiders are the prefered sacrifices at these combats so any traveller isin danger be they unskilled merchant or doughty adventurer.

NPC - Cardboard Hero - 1-8 The Archer

These are my favorite of the card stand-ups. (I recommend taping a penny or washer to the bottom for weight and stability).  I love plastic miniatures but these are easier to store and much lighter than plastic (and loads lighter than metal).If you are a poor painter such as myself they are in color and the detail is nice (at least with the Steve Jackson versions. You can geta bunch of print on your own onlie, but I don't have the links.

The Archer was a particular favorite of mine. Sometimes an NPC, Henchman or player character. More of a guardsman than a hunter or ranger (though I've used this for a ranger mini several times.

As an NPC he is Jorn of the Yeomanry. He is a farmer and militia leader. Young but one of the picked twelve-twelve men of his province.

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Adventure - The Displaced Displacers

The Displaced Displacers

The Displacer Beast is not native to Oerth. Hidden among the Barrier Peaks is wreckage of a space vessel transporting exotic animals from a wide range of planets. The Displacer Beast was one such creature. Unfortunately the automatic systems, robots and andoids which survived the crash are old, damaged and without guidance.

Inside the ship are cloning banks which can spawn thousands and thouands of any creature in the ships collection. Something has caused the automatic systems to begin a steady cloning of Displacer Beasts. In an effort to control the number of such of creatures the android supervisor has begun removing them from the ship by use of a warp transfer, This transportation system is funneling the beasts to a point on the shore of Lake Quag in Perrinland. The local militia with the help of some heavyhorse guards has been able to keep the beasts from escaping the area but a local fishing village and a nearby town have had to be evacuated and the beasts are still appearing with alarming regularity. A large reward has been posted for any who can track down the source of this menace and put an end to the Displacer Beast plague.

Metagaming Ad in Runic for Unicorn Gold

The firt two words in runic are Unicorn Gold.

Did nyone ever find this?

Repost - Minstrel Tales - A Prayer to Hextor

Minstrel Tales A Prayer to Hextor

A Prayer to Hextor

This is an inscription found on the barrow of an ancient Oeridian War-Chief. It is still used today to honor fallen worshippers of Hextor who have achieved greatness in Hextor's cause.

"My days have run, A servant I
Worshipper, of mighty Hextor;
Student of war and battle, Hextor's lore;
I have called his battle-cry;
Fulfilled his red and bleeding feast;
Held my enemies heart within the flame;
I am set free and named by name
Honored by the War-God's priests."

An altered fragment of Aristophanes

Yoo Guys Musta Been Hungry

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NPC - 4 Ram-Men Leaders

The wizard Hinchcliffe's creations, the Ram-Men are kept seperated in mobs of about fifty or so. The strongest, fiercest, smartest, out of each mob became the leader and hereare 4 examples, MacRae, Riach, Trease and Bob.

Fighting Fantasy #18 (USA Edition) Rebel Planet

I enjoy these solo paragraph books, but tend toward the fantasy rater than the sci-fi, horror or other types.Haven't played through this one yet. For the most part I go through these for ideas (and illustrations) rather than just sitting down and playing through. I find the Lone Wolf books to be the best and Im actually working to alter them to 1eAD&D.

Repost - Minstrel Tales - Black-Eyed Dwarf Rye

Minstrel Tales Black-Eyed Dwarf Rye

A small ditty from the streets of Greyhawk. It is considered rather rude and disrespectful of the Watch, but is sung throughout most of the city's inns and taverns.

Black-Eyed Dwarf Rye

Now Jak was a watchman whose post was Old Town
And she was a damsel, the street she skipped down
Said the damsel to Jak as she passed him by
Would you care for to purchase some Black-Eyed Dwarf Rye?

Thought Jak to himself now what can this be
But the finest dwarf whiskey from the Barrier Peaks
Smuggled down in a basket and sold on the sly
And the name that it goes by is Black-Eyed Dwarf Rye.

Jak gave her a gold piece and he thought nothing strange
She said, hold on to the basket till I run for your change
Jak looked in the basket and a child he did spy
I'm a goblin says Jak, if this be Black-Eyed Dwarf Rye.

Now to get the child fostered was Jak's next intent
For to get the child fostered to the priestess he went
Said the priestess to Jak, what will he go by?
Your worship says Jak, call him Black-Eyed Dwarf Rye.

Says the priestess to Jak, there's a very strange name
Your worship says Jak, 'twas the strange way he came
Smuggled down in a basket and sold on the sly
And the name that he'll go by is Black-Eyed Dwarf Rye'

Now all you bold watchmen who roam on the town
Beware of the damsels who skip up and down
Take a peep in their baskets as they pass you by
Or else they may sell you some Black-Eyed Dwarf Rye.

(Very lightly adapted from Quare Bungle Rye a popular song from Limerick)

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Adventure - A Baklunish Tomb Opens

In the trackless lands of southern Zeif and the Plains of the Paynims a vast and ancient Bakluni tomb has been desecrated and an army of undead warriors is released.

Star Frontiers Ad from Space Gamer

Greyhawk - Where the Bandits Are

I found this article incredibly useful for my Greyhawk campaign. Why they couldnt produce a single page an issue back then devoted to the setting.

NPC - CSIO - Aliadar Half-Ogress - Boot & Strap - Barter Street

Aliadar is the half-ogress wife of Karugy One-Eye the cobbler. Her father was an adventurer caught by an Ogre tribe and destined for the stew-pot. By the use of an enchanted Earing he charmed the Chief's wife and made his escape but not before sharing her bed. The union brought forth Aliadar. The tribe was in the service of an evil wizard at thetime of her birth and she was raised by the wizard;s human servants. Karugy was the son of a cobbler serving the wizard, an overly large lad, and he took a fancy to the half-ogress. She proved invaluable to Karugy's srvival whe the wizard's tower fell and she carried him to safety.

The pair are intensel loyal to each other.

I'm Going In