Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #31

Rudy and Otis are searching for the Dwarves who they think stole their gold and stop by the cave where Butch and Wes are sitting at a game of chess. Butch tells them he saw a group of the Wee-Willies pass by about 4 hours ago which gets Otis, a rather cantankerous Ogre, upset and he threatens the pair with his ball and chain. Butch is able to keep from getting smashed by pointing him the direction of the Worm of Dread that the group had been singing about. The boys head off to see if Wormy has caught the little Rockeaters and Butch lets them know what he thinks of them when they are safely out of hearing then kicks over the chess game so he and Wes can go look for the gold themselves.



Showing his irascibility after being pushed around by the Ogres. His ubiquitous double-headed axe in his hand.

Also known as Wee-Willies and Rockeaters. They are blamed for stealing the Ogres' gold when in reality it was Wormy.

With his ball-and-chain in hand and bad temper Otis is likely to slap or smash someone, even his brother Rudy.

Ogre term for Dwarves.

Always the side-kick, Rudy gets knocked around and insulted by his brother Ogres.

Butch's term for Dwarves.

Much more even-tempered than Butch and a little more cautious.

Worm of Dread;
Dwarves name for Wormy

Our hero, the Worm of Dread to the Dwarves. Unbeknowest to the Ogres he has stolen their gold and not the Dwarves.

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