Monday, April 4, 2016

White Dwarf #8 - Molten Magic

Molten Magic covers a wide range of miniatures from a truly horrendous 'Stubborn Krot' produced by Heritage Models to some decent looking and truly iconic miniatures produced by Ral Partha such as (ES2) Super Hero, with Axe, on Super Heavy Horse (which seems to be Frazetta's DeathDealer)

There are some nice other sculpts from Ral Partha as well, The two centaurs depicted, saytr and witch would have been nice to have. From Miniature Figurines (which I'm guessing is the company name) the unbalanced troll (trl 1 Troll advancing) isn't bad or (VFWM 4) Coffin with Skeleton. McEwan Miniatures produced 3 decent looking pieces of dungeon decor - (AS 25) Throne of Xicon (AS 1) and Treasure Chest (AS 2).

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