Friday, April 29, 2016

White Dwarf #13 - The Houri

I was never much for specialty classes though they were pretty popular as AD&D developed and before they decided to start dumbing it down edition by edition. This article does work well as the springboard for a number of ideas for NPCs and spells or abilities. As a character class it seems more than a bit pointless for a normal campaign and would require more of a non-traditional city-based game, and even then the 'class' is really just a magic-user with a charisma requirement using special spells and a seduction ability. That this particular class would also be fraught with uncomfortable roleplaying situations is definitely a deal breaker.

As I mentioned the spells are intriguing but very sketchy and some way out of balance but how harmful they'd be to a campaign is really up to a DM to decide. I'm all for the DM to be the only game balance truly needed.

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