Saturday, April 16, 2016

White Dwarf #10 - Phoenix Model Developments or Khaan! and the Naked Slave Girls!

The Lost World of Atlantis (Question mark?) seems to have gone back toward their better sculpted and provocative figures with their African Emissary (Where are his shoes?) Khaan! or could that be Khaanan! on Throne with reclining Naked Woman, and Naked Woman in Cuffs. I don't think I owned any of these issues back in the '70s. The earliest issue if the Dwarf I remember are somewhere in the 20's and they'd probably been a couple of years old when I'd found them. I can just see the Brew-Ha-Ha about naked slave-girl models back in the '70s to go along with the steam tunnels, gazebo's and satan's cheerleaders in the form of fantasy roleplaying.

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