Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dragon #319 Cover Art

Cover Art By Eric Polack

Definitely a bit Thrud the Barbarian though his head should be a wee bit smaller. I like the bone-bladed 4 headed whacking stick with which he is getting ready to hit the guy with the long fingernails. That is going to hurt if he connects. Not sure why you'd want 4 blades on it, maybe they break and then you have a choice of 3 blades. I'd rather have that nifty pick-axe they were using on a recent episode of Fear the Walking Dead. These fantasy weapons get pretty stupid looking and while this one is all pointy and sharp it seems like it would be a pain in the ass to carry around with you where with just a blade front and back you would always have a flat side and less air resistance or chance get it deflected by striking against the non-dangerous sides of the protruding blades. This one would also take up a bit of shelf-space. definitely an unwise item for a space conscious merchant.

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