Tuesday, March 20, 2018

What In Blazes Is Going On Here!

NPC - CSIO Crusty Bibulis - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye

Crusty Bibulis is the proprietor of The Balor's Eye a gaming establishment and restaurant of minor repute. Besides good and slightly exotic food and generally honest gaming tables the Balor's Eye is known for its large review of bellydancers (36 at last count). The dancing girls are  partcular hobby of Bibulis.

He is a tall middle-aged human, slightly on the thin side. He is a mage and had an adventuring past which is how he had the funds to establish the Balor's Eye. He tends todress in blue and wears a blue cloak of protection at all times and keeps a wand of fireballs handy just in case.

NPC - Baron Ambrus of Blackmoor and his Half-Shedu Mount Gyozo

 The nyaterious land of Blackmoor is in no way made less so by the appearance of Baron Ambrus flying near the southrn borders upon his mount Gyozo, a half-Shedu (some say half Manticore). The pair are accompanied by a half-dozen giardsmen on Gryphons and often stop to converse with merchant men and travellers who make the long trip to the forbidding northern land.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Excalibur Ad for the Movie

Ankhegs in Istvan

During the invasion of Geoff by the Giants and their allies the Earl of Sterich sent many troops to aid the Geoffites and only a minimum of guardsmen were left behind to man the walls of the capital. It was during this time that an infestatio of Ankheg occured. These large beasts first appeared amid the outlying farms but soon dzens were tunneling into Istvan itself. A large bounty was placed on the Anheg and many adventurers turned aside from their pursuits to aid those of Istvan and pocket some gold.

Hard D6

Gygax's Gord the Rogue Series Ad From Dragon