Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #34

Wes and Butch are out hunting Dwarves who they think have stolen Ogre gold on them when they see Jack and Floyd the Ogres out in the distance. Wesly's eyesight is likely none-to-good as he mistakes them for Rudy and Otis who they'd seen earlier added to the fact that Wesly also can't seem to tell a Dwarf from a stump or a rock. Butch immediately spots the household implements the Ogres are using as weapons (a crowbar and a hand-scythe).

NOTE: I need a better scan of the panel to be able to tell what the Ogres are saying,


Butch is out hunting Dwarves with Wesly and spots Jack and Floyd out looking for the same or perhaps trolls.

Wesly sees Dwarves everywhere but they are only old rocks and stumps.

Floyd: (Unnamed in this strip)
Armed with a crowbar, Floyd is using it to good effect.

Jack: (Unnamed in this strip)
Jack has a hand-scythe and is swinging it like a golf-club.

He is looking dapper in his red-plumed cap but seems to have terrible eye-sight and is a danger to the local stumps with his bow and arrows.

Rudy and Otis are mentioned as heading for Wormy's cave in search of Dwarves and the Ogres' stolen gold.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Warhammer 40,000 Rogue Trader - Back where 40K began

Picked up a used copy of the 2nd print of this venerable tome for a good price recently. It's been years since I had a copy and years since I've played 40K outside of Spacehulk (a fantastic tactical Sci-Fi boardgame lovingly copied from Aliens and altered to fit the groovy funky channel 57 grim future style from Games Workshop before they sold out to the Man). This was a time when Space Marines had beak helmets, Orks weren't built like the Hulk, Dwarfs (squats) roamed free and you could merge Warhammer and 40K willy-nilly. It was like the Summer of Love compared to the current offerings or the completely depressing nihilism expressed in the 40K RPG. Personally I prefer my tyrannical futuristic religious despotism with a dollop more of whimsy.

Monday, May 2, 2016

White Dwarf #14 Molten Magic

Another half-page offering. I'm surprised that they didn't devote more page space to this column. I know I find it far more interesting than the greater majority of other articles in White Dwarf.

I found the offerings from Greenwood & Ball, Asgard Miniatures and Fantasy Figures Unlimited to be unattractive and poorly sculpted. Miniature Figurines released some useful and uncommon sculpts of Skeletons bearing a basket, a barrel and a lantern. All useful occupations for a skeleton outside of the normal combat oriented sculpts.

Model E1 Grenadier Models Carrion Creeper (w58) reminds me of something from Doctor Who (I mean the real 60's and 70's Doctor Who when special effects were, thankfully, silver duct-tape and cardboard with a lick of paint).

I own a few of Ral Partha's Air Elemental (ES64) and it is a swirly blob of lead.

Citadel Miniatures Giant Scorpion (FF50) doesn't look bad but they rest of their offerings have that 70's look of poor sculpts or bad casting process that is ubiquitous of the era.

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #33

When we last saw the Trolls Frank and Dudly they were sneaking from Wormy's cave in possession of one of the Demon inhabited Snookerballs. On their way through the woods they are almost ambushed by some of the former patrons of Irving's Dwarfburger stand by the Wereboar whom Frank had clobbered, a Wererat and a surviving Goblin. All three are bearing torches, a deadly weapon to use against Trolls.

Frank is attacked first by the Wereboar and chased out into the stream while Dudly contends with the Wererat, bringing him down with his maller, then the Goblin whom he also defeats with a stunning blow to the noggin but not before the Goblin's torch sets fire to his back.

Now out in the stream, Frank is submerged almost above his nose before he springs on the Wereboar, knocks its own torch back into its face and in a fury clubs it into a pulp. Frank sees Dudly steaming and half-submerged and half-carries him from the stream while exclaiming over the terrible burns on his friends back. Dudly moans out the fact that the burns won't let him regenerate while Frank sympathetically remonstrates with him and leads him to shore.


Is severely burned by the Goblin during his combat with the Goblin and Wererat. He manages to defeat them both, perhaps slaying them, though the Goblin appears to escape. Dudly drops the Snookerball in the stream during the attack.

They are mentioned by the Wereboar to the Trolls during the attack.

Manages to defeat the Wereboar and assist the badly burned Dudly after the attack.

Perhaps a survivor from the Dwarfburger stand. He manages to set Dudly on fire but takes a mallet to the head and is last seen running off into the woods.

Dropped in the stream by Dudly

It is revealed that Trolls cannot regenerate from burns.

This belligerent fellow who was knocked unconscious by Frank at the Dwarfburger stand has sought revenge and ambushes the Trolls after the leave Wormy's cave. Frank once again defeats him and this time leaves him beaten and perhaps slain submerged in the stream.

He attacks Dudly causing him to drop the snookerball but is feller by a deft stroke of Dudly's mallet and is last seen submerged face-down in the stream.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lone Wolf - Book1 Flight in the Dark - 1e AD&D Conversion - 1

I've enjoyed the Lone Wolf series using the simple combat rules and choose your path system given in the books but I've always meant to convert the setting and the books into 1e AD&D. Rather than tackle the setting at the outset I thought I'd rather take on the first book as a source for adventures.

The book itself is more than a single adventure. It needs to be addressed with brevity and speed to fit the events in a single book of this sort but as an RPG it can be dealt with over a much longer series of time and in much greater detail. The book is also designed for a single character and the encounters are short, the types of treasure or items extremely limited, and the ability to explore and discover paper thin.

I've always had a bit of problem with the initial plot. If the enemy is strong enough to overcome an entire school of Kai Masters and their recruits in so swift a manner then how are they stopped by any of the forces aligned against them? This is especially true if the setting uses the AD&D system with its graduated levels of power and experience. If we look at Book 1 as a series of starting or at least low level adventures there is also the problem of working out the strength of some of the encountered creatures. Many are equally low level but others are much more powerful so a good deal must change between the encounters in the book and encounters as an AD&D adventure.

Finally the book is a solo adventure and a decent RPG will need at least 4-5 player characters.

With this project I hope to take an enjoyable and well-crafted series and create what I hope are at least a useful campaign of AD&D adventures in the Magnamund setting.

White Dwarf #14 Model Workshop LTD

I love a good looking advertisement when you don't really know what they are advertising. Is this a game shop, a miniature company, a catalogue offer? The name isn't familiar to me but this is for a UK company from '79. You can tell it is UK by the prevalence of female nipples. Now, that wasn't unseen back in the early days of TSR but the UK was always more female nipple friendly in gaming, something which I applaud them for. The artwork isn't great but nicely inspiring, mostly naked bald woman with sword, two-headed giant, Conan-esque strung up nearby, mirror/portal, giant-size treasure, very cool.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Marvel Comics - John Carter Warlord of Mars #1 - Pages #3 & 4

Here are some more useful panels from the first issue of Marvel's old John Carter series.

I've cut some that are purely John Carter and kept the ones showing Green Martians or good illustrations of ruins, vehicles, weapons, etc... This batch is primarily Green Martians.