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The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 8

The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 8

10). This room is part of a small outpost of orcs. It currently contains 9 orcs but the inhabitants of Locations (10.1) and (10.2) have removed the interior doors in-between these three locations and regularly pass back and forth.

The eastern door is very strong. It is made of thick wood with iron bands to reinforce it. There was once a mechanical lock but it was broken long ago. Now the door is kept shut by a heavy bar that rests in staples set deeply into the stone wall to either side. The door itself will break before the iron bar is bent or the staples ripped from the wall. There is a small opening in the center of the door at face height. It has a small grill of iron set on the outside of the door to keep anyone from reaching through and an iron plate that can be slid across this opening from the inside and latched shut. It is normally kept shut but not latched.

An orc will normally be asleep, mostly drunk or half-asleep sitting with his back against the door. Nearby on the north wall a battered chest-piece from a suit of plate is hanging from the wall and an old mace is hanging next to it. If attacked or if intruders are spotted an orc will begin pounding on this chest-piece with the mace. The sound will be heard throughout the 3 areas of Location (10-10.2) and in the surrounding corridors.

The room gives no hint as to what it once might have been used for. The walls and floors are filthy. A dim light comes from the south-west corner where a small fire burns and what appears to be the limbless body of some small humanoid creature (kobold) roasts on a spit. The smoke makes the room hazy and thick (combat for PCs is at -1 to hit unless the smoke has cleared) and only a small ventilation shaft in the ceiling keeps the place from being dangerous even to the orcs.

There are bundles of rags and rotting skins against the west wall. If searched they reveal pouches, small bags and sacks containing the possessions of the occupying orcs. Each bag has around 2d20cp, 3d10sp, 4d8gp and a collection of from 4d10 teeth dipped in gold (these represent combat kills, though small creatures such as goblins and kobolds don't count). If any captive is found in possession of these teeth they will have their own teeth pulled from their mouths and crushed with a hammer (their teeth not their heads) a sign that they are unworthy opponents. These teeth are worth only about 10sp and are hard to sell within any of the few nearby settlements.

Several of the bundles have some notable items.

a). Under this pile of bedding is a backpack with one of the shoulder straps missing. It is relatively new but stiff with dried blood and other stains. Inside is the skull of a dwarf with most of the flesh gnawed away, but the skull is haunted by the memory of the slain dwarf. If given a respectful ceremony before disposing of it the character or characters will gain +1 to hit/+1 to damage against any of the orcs in the library (unless otherwise noted). If treated with disrespect the spirit will haunt the disrespectful characters and moan and curse them during combat telling them that they are no better than a bunch of dirty orcs themselves and making them -1 to hit/-1 to damage against any combatants in the dungeon unless the spirit can be appeased in some manner.

b). Atop this pile of stinking skins is a short stabbing spear. It cannot be thrown but is useful in finding the location of mushrooms. It will give off an earthy smell when it is within 50ft of any edible mushrooms and a sweetly sick smell when approaching the poisoness variety. The smell will grow stronger and stronger the nearer they are.

9 Orcs - 6hp,  1HD, AC6, Studded Leather, Mace or Bastard Sword

See Location (6 Note) if any are captured or questioned.

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