Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Lost Library of Q'Sh - 4

The Lost Library of Q'Sh

6). The southern doors of this hallway are smashed apart and the remains hang from the hinges. If the goblin's fire is still burning in location (3). then the first ten feet of the passageway can be seen without other illumination. There is dust and small debris in the corners of the hall but the center of the floor is clear except for the stained footprints of many feet. (an examination will show that most of the footprints are either made by goblins or an even smaller three-toed clawed foot, but beneath the smaller footprints are larger prints of booted feet). These footprints run the length of the hall till it turns west in location (6.1). 

The hall is unlit but the rusted remains of wall sconces are set at intervals along the wall at about a 6ft height. Most are broken and will not a hold a torch and some are missing entirely. The sconce that is set at the spot of the secret door to location (7). is one of the missing sconces and only a rusty stain remains. The secret door here has a +1 modifier to detect but cannot be opened from this side. The door itself is made of 1ft thick blocks of stone and will need to be knocked apart to access location (7). (normally a difficult, time consuming and noisy activity).

The ceiling is 15ft high and arched. Though there are cobwebs aplenty they are the work of small, common spiders. Their webs can be burned away but they will not catch fire as to spread, nor are they particularly dense.

Toward the northern end of the hall is a doorway to location (10). It has a small grilled opening covered by an iron plate which can be slid aside. Any thumping on this door or unsuccessful attempts to open it [there is a thick crossbar locking it in Location (10).] and the plate will slide open. A orc's face will appear behind the grill and he will grumble "This better be good," in the Orcish. If he is not slain or incapacitated immediately the iron plate will slam shut and a loud gong will be heard coming from behind the door.

6.1) At the turn of the corner the characters will see a huge pool of dried blood that spreads across the floor in front of the northern doors as well as splatters across the walls up to nine feet in height as if something had been butchered in this spot. If the characters approach the bloody floor a cold moaning wind will whip down the corridor and set a dust devil amid the dried blood. In moments it will form the figure of a robed man holding a scroll. If the figure is touched in any way it will collapse into a pile of black powder. If allowed to form it will hold the scroll out to the characters. If a Read Magic spell is cast upon the scroll it will create a bobbing spark of light that can illuminate a 20ft radius and will drift about 10ft in front of the character who cast Read Magic. This spark will dance about 5ft from the ground and move first toward the west trying to lead the character further into the dungeon. 

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