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NPC - Gnomes of the Flanaess

NPC - Gnomes of the Flanaess

Asherm (Gnome)[3eExp2][NPC]

RT1-4 - 16

Baerian Vangear (Gnome)[NPC]

        LOG - 41,105

Baervan Wildwanderer (Gnome)[Deity]
FTAA - 96
        LGJ#3 - 17
LOG - 70

        UA - 117,122

Baravar Cloakshadow (Gnome)[Deity]
FTAA - 96
        LGJ#3 - 18

LOG - 70

Basher Grundig (Gnome)[F6][3eF6][NPC]
LGJ#2 - 7

TAB - 112

Blaif Rinnar (Gnome)[3eF6/Ro2][NPC]
        LGG - 64

LGJ#1 - 19

Boris the Baffler (Gnome)[I3][NPC]

I7 - 9

Dophdar (Gnome)[I6][NPC]

COG:C# - 7

Dweren Sveer (Gnome)(Drd4)[NPC]

        DUN#85 - 35

Endoble Mistikmore (Gnome)[I10][NPC]

WG12 - 10,15,30,38,46,47,51,55,56,57

Farid Babel-Oued (Gnome)[NPC]

        I9 - 28

Firre Orlenac (Gnome)[3eF3/C4][NPC]

        RT1-4 - 71,74,171,172

Fischer, Grimmri (Gnome)[T8][NPC]
COG:FFF - 69-72,84
FTAA - 15
FTAC - 71
LGJ#2 - 5
PGTG - 48

TAB - 127

Flandal Steelskin (Gnome)[Deity]
FTAA - 96
LGJ#3 - 17
LOG - 70

UA - 118,122

Foreman Fenrous (Gnome)[NPC]

TAB - 123

Furduch Na'Gwayler (Laird)(Gnome)[F5][NPC]
S4B1 - 9,10

WG4 - 3

Gaerdal Ironhand (Gnome)[Deity]
FTAA - 96
        LGJ#3 - 18

LOG - 70

Garl Glittergold (Gnome)[Deity]
        DRG#291 - 40
        DRG#294 - 74
FTAA - 96
LGG - 19
        LGJ#3 - 16
LOG - 70
        UA - 117,118

Garlan Baranmare (Gnome)[F7/I7][NPC]

FTAC - 28

Garraldson, Gundri (Gnome)[T9][NPC]
COG:FFF - 42,43
LGJ#2 - 5

TAB - 126,127

Gleed (Gnome)[I10/T10][NPC]
AOE - 114,118,119,150,175

WGR5 - 90

Glimworth (Gnome)[NPC]

LOG - 49,106

Herrifen Family (Gnome)[CLN]

WGR4 - 22

Imiric Von Sus-Varren (Gnome)[F11/I12][NPC]

WGA4 - 14,89,90,91,92,93,95

Jarl (Gnome)(Male)[I4][NPC]

I1 - 28

Jawan Sumber (Gnome)[3erog5/M15][NPC]
COG:FFF - 32
        DRG#285 - 66

TAB - 12,103

Jimm (House of)(Gnome)[CLN]

WG8 - 95

Kabyle (Gnome)[F5/I2][NPC]

RWPM - 17,28

Keak Breedbate of Nithe (Gnome)[F5/T10][NPC]

D1-2 - 22

Kemp Consum (Gnome)[F7/I7][NPC]

ATG - 50

Miral Cutterfro (Gnome)(Female)[NPC]

WGA4 - 35

Mistikmore Family (Gnome)[CLN]

WG12 - 15

Moirisun (Gnome)[NPC]

RWPM  - 28,29

Naddy Tomanloft (Gnome)[3eCom1][NPC]

        RT1-4 - 15,16

Natch Metalmeshweaver (Gnome)[F1/I1][NPC]

TD - 10,11,14

Nebelun (The Meddler)(Gnome)[Deity]

LOG - 70

Nierethi Poscurian (Gnome)[3eIl4][NPC]

        RT1-4 - 10,13,14,165

Nightfear (Gnome)[M12][NPC]

RWPM - 2,4,7,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,40

Noblock (Gnome)[T5/I4][NPC]
COG:FFF - 82,84


Oasen (Gnome)[F7/M2][NPC]

RWPM - 23

Parfithal (Gnome)

SEE Nightfear

Phanto Klerday (Gnome)[NPC]

        POLY#58 - 12,13,15,16,18

Raynald Shortfellow (Gnome)[I6][NPC]

WGR2 - 5,6

Rogan (Gnome)[As1][NPC]

L2 - 3,21

Roykyn the Merciless (Gnome)[Deity][NPC]

        LGJ#3 - 14,19

Saprophis (Gnome)[NPC]

RWPM  - 30,45,50,51,52,53

Segojan Earthcaller (Gnome)[Deity]
FTAA - 96
        LGJ#3 - 17
LOG - 70
        UA - 117,118,122

Seraktikor Drantaki (Gnome)(Exp9)[NPC]
        DUN#85 - 35

Shinemaster Family (Gnome)[CLN]
WGR4 - 22

Snirthiglin (Gnome)[NPC]
WG8 - 93

Thall (Gnome)[M3][NPC]
RWPM  - 30

Til Stoneglitter (Gnome)[F1][NPC]
WG8 - 116

Urthgan (The Eldest)(Gnome)[3eI7/F2][NPC]
        LGG - 132,146
TAB - 37

Uvalnoniz Gnome clan [CLN]
WG4 - 3

Vargannos Ache-feet (Gnome)[F8][NPC]
WGA4 - 35,36,51,52

Viigo (Deep Gnome)(F6)[NPC]
        DG - 78

Wonillon (Wonnilon)(Gnome)[F4/T4][NPC]
T1-4 - 57

Yusuf (Gnome)[NPC]
        I9 - 26

Zebble Cullen (Gnome)[NPC]
        FAT - 18

Zibber (Gnome)[I6][NPC]
COG:C# - 7

Monday, December 2, 2019

Event - The Invoked Devastation Falls Upon the Bakluni

Event - The Invoked Devastation Falls Upon the Bakluni

Once the Bakluni were a single nation and places like Ket, Zeif, Ekbir were just provinces within this vast land. This was a land of sun and earth dried orange brown, but also a land of vast oasis, waterways carved across the land to feed the hungry green of farms and bring life to villages, towns and cities.

The God-King Ardashir ruled this last dynasty of the Bakluni. He it was who warred with the Suel Emperor and saw the power of the Suel lay waste to his people and the land. The Invoked Devastation came upon the Bakluni as a cloud and many were reduced to dust in its passing. The sands spread, the green plains became harsh steppes, the people died as did the land. 

No magic however powerful could harm Adrashir, worshipped by his people he was half-devine though time would consume in its course as it consumed his ancestors and he would pass the mantle of his rulership to his children his own body laid to rest in a hidden tomb, but it was not to be.

Even as the power of the Suel descended upon the land Adrashir and his Magi fought against, saved perhaps one in ten of his people, saved what green lands and lifegiving water they could. Then as his power waned the devstation came to his wife, his children, all those of the sacred blood. Only Adrashir survived.

Holding the body of his oldest child Adrashir raged. Here his protection of the Bakluni lands failed and his Magi died. Adrashir summoned their power, drew upon his near divinity and he looked upon the Suel in their homeland. Adrashir was the Sun and his tears fell like fire upon the land of the Suel. Where the fell, they burned and what burned became ash. The great mountain-walled homeland of the Suel died and as his tears ceased Adrashir faded, his near divinity was as smoke that the wind dispersed and the Sun was the Sun once more, but the great land of the Bakluni was broken and choked with sand, and the homeland of the Suel was dust and ash, or so it is spoken of by the old scholars in Zeif, and Ekbir and Ket.

NPC - The Fall of Griffith Adarian

NPC - The Fall of Griffith Adarian

Once a powerful Druid of the Shalm his love of the ancient, the lost and the forgotten brought him to the weed and tree choked ruins of an ancient temple. Within in the temple he found a path down into the Oerth and a chamber scattered with emeralds, Glittering green across the floor, spilling from rotted chests and coffers, emeralds piled before three ancient statues.

Before the statues on a small alter was the mask of a beautiful woman's face. Griffiten Adarian put the mask to his own face and saw through the emeralds that were its eyes and Griffiteh Adarian would never be the same.

The statues became his sons. His love for them was beyond any emotion he'd ever felt. Love meant only for a god. Great power overcame Griffiten Adarian, power that surrounded him, inhabited him, overcame him. His tigress companion, Reza, attacked him and he was forced to slay her. The first time he used his powers. Fire in one hand water in the other.

Since that time Griffith Adarian has been on a misson. Forgotten is Obad-Hai who he'd sworn his life to obey, instead only his sons mattered, Stratis who must live again, Heironeous and his wild son Hextor.

With his mask Griffith can command any priest of his sons' to obey him for its the first face of Stern Alia and she has come to set matters right.

NPC - Linnea Schnai Witch

NPC -  Linnea Schnai Witch

Linnea is from a wealthy and powerful Schnai clan, her Mother, Lea, the leader of the Clan's council of Elders. Linnea is the youngest of seven daughters (a birth of very good fortune and destiny among the Schnai). She is currently in a battle of wills with her mother concerning her destiny. 

Linnea has a desire to see the Southern world below the frozen land of her home. She has sworn herself to Tor and plans to take ship during the next raiding/trading season and even as a young witch her abilities would find her a seat at any bench. Lea has forced all the Schnai shipmasters to deny her a place among their crew but Linnea has a stronger will than that.

Risking outlawry Linnea has fled the lands of Schnai and joined a Fruzti crew. Now she finds herself aboard the Fruzti raider the Styrkarsarjar joing an expedition on a strange smoking island and loving every moment.

Sunday, December 1, 2019

NPC - Wolves of the Flanaess

NPC - Wolves of the Flanaess

Araetha (Wolf)[NPC]

DRG#292 - 101

Arbaen (Wolf)[NPC]

DRG#292 - 101

Automaton, Wolf [MON]

WGR3 - 48,50,54,55

Bez (Winter Wolf)[NPC]

GDQ - 33

Destron, Elverd (Sea Wolf)[NPC]

LOG - 20

Dimble (Wolf)[NPC]

DRG#253 - 43

Dinges (Wolf)[NPC]

DRG#253 - 43

Fenris Wolf (Norse)[Deity][MON]

RTOH - 98

Harquan (Wolf)[NPC]
DRG#208 - 58


Hoff (Winter Wolf)[NPC]

ATG - 59

Rebez (Winter Wolf)[NPC]

GDQ - 33

Sin-swithel (Wolfwere)[NPC]

DUN#53 - 33,34,35,36

Snarla (Werewolf)[M7][NPC]
RWPM  - 32
S2 - 5

        S2E - 8

Splot (Wolf)[NPC]

T1-4 - 81

Wolf (War Dog)[NPC]

L2 - 5

Wyst (Wolf)[NPC]

        RT1-4 - 16

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NPC - Rackhir Hero of the Horned Society

NPC - Rackhir Hero of the Horned Society

It is said that warriors of the Horned Society once were men but are no longer. Rackhir could answer that question but he'd be more likely to kill anyone who asked the question. There are many humans in the land of the Hierarchs but most are slaves and the rest are mercenaries or agents which need to deal with other humans of others nations, such as the Bandit Kingdoms or spies and assassins posing as merchants who travel the Flanaess. The Hierarchs have agents everywhere.

Rackhir is huige in his armor and if he is awake and outside his tent or small manor he is in armor. The faded red armor is not cast from metal but shaped from the scales of some demon out of the abyss. It provides him great protection and immunity to non-magical weapons as well as fire. He rarely carrier s a weapon instead preferring to use the gauntlets of the same demonic chitin as his other armor pieces.

Rackhir is very high in the warrior caste of the Horned Society and often serves as an escort and warden for Hierarchs. Otherwise he commands the Hobgoblin Clan Golden Sun and over 500 Hobgoblin warriors. He has an estate with several hundred slaves that grows some foodstuffs but laso the addictive resin-gum Klot that the Hierarchs feed to the slave population to keep them docile.

NPC - Bergljot Fireheart

NPC - Bergljot Fireheart

Red hair is seen most among the Cruski and redheads are said to be the most fearsome warriors. Bergljot is no exception. She is as tall as the tallest of the Cruski men and uncommonly strong. She is also a berserker, possessed of the sacred rage.

Her father is the outlaw captain Ragnar Wolfsbane though he never wed her mother and she is part of the Fireheart clan, her mother's people. She is called 'Bear' openly by those close to her and behind her back by those who have met her.

She wears little armor and her berserker nature helps protect her against most minor wounds and the great two-handed ax she wields   tends to keep most combatants beyond arms reach.