Sunday, February 2, 2014

Inspiring Illustrations - Fantasy Art - 10

10). The Hunt for Delos Quinn

The Duke of Gillead sends his bailiffs after the notorious thief and highwayman Delos Quinn.

Ganiff Breithem leads his men through the Finnen Woods in pursuit of Delos Quinn who escaped from the cells beneath Heartstone Keep the day before his execution. The party consists of two local foresters as trackers and half a dozen armed baliffs. The foresters are father and son, the father an experienced woodsmen and archer while his son is still learning the trade. Ganiff's men are veterans of both melee and brawl, but none, not even Ganiff himself, are well versed in the use of the bow.

Delos on the otherhand is not a woodsman but knows his way around the crossbow, which three of his compatriots have provided for him. The four have set an ambush just within the entrance to a small glade where the ground rises and spring near the top feeds a small waterfall and pond. 

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