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Xena CCG Card List - Alphabetical by Rarirty

 Xena CCG Card List - Alphabetical by Rarirty

Xena CCG

Apprentice Swordsman     Character      C          Green
Ares' Soldiers           Character      C          Blue
Ares' Wrath  Action            C          Blue
Bevy of Virgins         Character      C          Blue
Border Dispute        Action            U         Red
Burned to the Ground       Action            C          Red
Caesar's Banner      Combat         C          Red
Captured       Action            C          Green
Catapult Siege         Action            C          Red
Cavalry Strike           Action            C          Red
Celtic Soldiers          Character      C          Green
Celtic Warrior          Character      C          Green
Chakram Strike        Combat         C          Green
Charismatic Fighter            Character      C          Red
Chin Mercenary       Character      C          Red
Dagger of Helios      Action            C          Blue
Dastardly Assassin  Character      C          Blue
Delphian Seer          Character      C          Blue
Divination     Action            C          Blue
Eastern Healer         Character      C          Green
Fighter-for-Hire       Character      C          Red
Flaming Arrows       Action            C          Red
Flying Daggers         Combat         C          Red
Furies' Madness      Action            C          Blue
Frying Pan Assault  Combat         C          Green
Gabby's Little Stick Combat        C          Green
Gallic Slave   Character      C          Green
Gate Guard  Character      C          Blue
Gift of the Gods      Action            C          Blue
Greek Fighter           Character      C          Green
Horde Leader           Character      C          Green
Horde Squad            Character      C          Red
Knight of the Pierced Heart          Character      C          Red
Left For Dead           Action            C          Green
Legbreaker   Character      C          Green
Little Baby Godling Character      C          Blue
Lizard Warriors        Character      C          Blue
Longbow Archers    Character      C          Red
Looking for Wounds           Action            C          Blue
Lynch Mob   Character      C          Green
Major Jealousy Rage          Combat         C          Blue
Mischief        Combat         C          Blue
Overprotective Father       Character      C          Red
Priest of Morpheus Character      C          Blue
Priest of the Furies Character      C          Blue
Rapid Fire     Action            C          Red
Swordsman in Training      Character      C          Green
Talented Physician  Character      C          Green
Tattoed Fighter       Character      C          Green
Temple Guards        Character      C          Blue
Temple Infiltrator   Character      C          Blue
Tied to the Altar      Combat         C          Blue
Trap in the Woods  Action            C          Red
Traveling Priest        Character      C          Blue
Town Judge  Character      C          Red
Untrained Fighter   Character      C          Red
Veteran Longbow Archers            Character      C          Red
Vigilant Sentries      Character      C          Red
Village Tough           Character      C          Green
Wall Guards Character      C          Red
Witch Hunters         Character      C          Green
Wounded in Battle Action            C          Red
Xena Leads the Troops      Combat         C          Green
Young Prince            Character      C          Green

Acrobatic Ninjas      Character      U         Green
Aid from Autolycus Combat         U         Red
Aid from Gabrielle  Action            U         Green
Alert Longbow Squad        Character      U         Red
Altar Sacrifice          Action            U         Blue
Angered Giant         Character      U         Green
Aphrodite's Bell       Combat         U         Blue
Autolycus King of Thieves Character      R         Red
Autolycus' Boast     Combat         U         Red
Banshees      Character      U         Blue
Beauty Contest        Action            U         Red
Behind Bars  Action            U         Red
Black Wolves            Character      U         Green
Call the Horde          Action            U         Red
Celtic Queen Character      U         Green
Charon's Tour          Action            U         Blue
Crossbow Archers   Character      U         Red
Cupid's Arrows        Action            U         Blue
Cursed to Wander  Action            U         Blue
Cyclops Bully            Character      U         Green
Diversionary Tactics           Action            U         Red
Driven Hard by the Furies Action            U         Blue
Enforced Peace       Action            U         Blue
Expert Swordsman Character      U         Green
Extortionist  Character      U         Red
Fervent Warrior      Character      U         Green
Gabrielle Misleads  Action            U         Green
Gabrielle's Orders   Combat         U         Green
Hammer Lock           Action            U         Green
Hired Giant   Character      U         Red
Jolly Ol' Toymaker   Character      U         Green
Liaison with Ares     Action            U         Blue
Liquor and Flame!  Action            U         Red
Mystic Priest            Character      U         Blue
Path of Morpheus  Action            U         Blue
Poseidon's Whirlpool         Action            U         Blue
Priest of Aesclepius            Character      U         Blue
Priests of Dahak      Character      U         Blue
Prometheus Bound            Action            U         Blue
Protege of Ares       Character      U         Blue
Raw Squid     Combat         U         Green
Shortbow Archers   Character      U         Red
Spike Trap     Character      U         Red
Spring-Loaded Dagger       Action            U         Red
Swashbuckling Swordsman          Character      U         Green
Swing-Kick    Combat         U         Red
Undead Warrior      Character      U         Blue
Unstoppable Attack           Combat         U         Green
Xena Brings 'Em Home      Combat         U         Green
Xena's Bluff  Action            U         Green
Xena's Wrath           Action            U         Red

Angered Titan          Character      R         Blue
Aphrodite     Character      R         Blue
Ares    Character      R         Blue
Ares Dethroned       Combat         R         Blue
Argo   Character      R         Green
Army of Ares            Action            R         Red
Beloved King            Character      R         Green
Big Ballista    Character      R         Red
Clever Defense         Combat         R         Green
Confession    Action            R         Blue
Corrupt Judge          Character      R         Green
Cupid Character      R         Blue
Dahak's Demon       Character      R         Blue
Draco Character      R         Red
Elite Temple Guard Character      R         Blue
Fake Chakram          Action            R         Green
The Furies     Character      R         Blue
Gabrielle       Character      R         Green
Ghostly Messenger Character      R         Blue
Helen of Troy           Character      R         Green
The Horde Attacks! Action            R         Red
Inside Man   Character      R         Green
Interior Desecrators           Character      R         Red
Meleager the Mighty         Character      R         Red
Mystic Tutor Character      R         Green
Nothing Is Impossible        Combat         R         Green
Pacified         Combat         R         Blue
Poseidon's Offer      Action            R         Blue
Possession    Action            R         Blue
Rampaging Giant    Character      R         Green
Relaxing Before Battle       Action            R         Green
Releasing the Titans           Action            R         Blue
Safety in Numbers  Combat         R         Green
Salmoneus    Character      R         Red
Spartan Javelin        Action            R         Red
Sponsorship Action            R         Red
Straight from the Harp      Combat         R         Green
Strike Team  Character      R         Green
Surrounded! Action            R         Red
Take Prisoners         Action            R         Red
To the Last Breath  Combat         R         Green
Tossed in Xerxes' Dungeon!         Action            R         Red
Trojan Prince           Character      R         Red
Trojan Sergeant      Character      R         Red
War    Action            R         Red
Weapon of the Gods          Action            R         Blue
Whim of the Fates  Action            R         Blue
Whip the Slaves      Action            R         Red
Vengeance    Combat         R         Blue
Xena, Warrior Princess      Character      R         Green

Altar of Ares Resource       F          Blue
Amazon Village        Resource       F          Green
Bath House   Resource       F          Red
Castle Resource       F          Red
Eastern Village         Resource       F          Green
Entrance to the Underworld        Resource       F          Blue
Forgotten Temple   Resource       F          Blue
Giants' Burial Ground        Resource       F          Blue
Grand Bazaar           Resource       F          Red
Greek Forest            Resource       F          Green
Merchant Port         Resource       F          Red
Outlying Village       Resource       F          Green
Peasant Village        Resource       F          Green
Temple of Ares        Resource       F          Blue
Treasure Trove        Resource       F          Red

Battle Cry

Amazon Trainer       Character      C          Green
Archer Attack           Action            C          Red
Arm-Wrestling Contest     Combat         C          Green
Arrows from the Woods   Action            C          Red
Bacchae Horde        Character      C          Blue
Callisto's Wrath       Action            C          Blue
Castle Guard            Character      C          Red
Centaur Charger      Character      C          Green
Centaur Longbow Archers            Character      C          Red
Chariot Warrior       Character      C          Green
Devious Warrior      Character      C          Red
Everybody Sing!      Combat         C          Red
Executioner  Character      C          Red
Famous Duellist       Character      C          Green
Gabby's Scrolls        Action            C          Green
Hestian Stones        Action            C          Blue
Mounted Warrior   Character      C          Red
Promethean Bird    Character      C          Blue
Ready for a Fight     Combat         C          Green
Roman Centurion   Character      C          Red
Solstice Spirit           Character      C          Blue
Transformed Bacchae        Character      C          Blue
Untrained Amazon Character      C          Green
Velasca's Wrath      Action            C          Blue
Xena's Graveyard Search  Action            C          Blue
Young Centaur         Character      C          Green
Young Priest Character      C          Blue

Amazon Princess     Character      U         Green
Backstabber Character      U         Red
Bone Dryad  Character      U         Blue
Callisto Strikes         Action            U         Red
Cecrops' Crew          Character      U         Green
Centaur Veteran     Character      U         Green
Cortese's Soldiers   Character      U         Red
Greedy Pirates         Character      U         Green
Harpies          Character      U         Blue
Harpy Character     U         Blue
Joxer Is Prepared    Combat         U         Green
Many Skills   Action            U         Green
Massacre      Action            U         Red
Sintares' Tricks        Combat         U         Red
Siren's Call    Combat         U         Blue
Song of Orpheus     Combat         U         Blue
Talmadeus' Raiders            Character      U         Red
Underworld Escapee          Character      U         Blue
Velasca Attacks       Action            U         Blue
YII-YII-YII-YII-YII-YII-YI!       Combat         U         Green

Amazon Queen        Character      R         Green
Bacchae Bite            Combat         R         Blue
Bacchus         Character      R         Blu
Callisto           Character      R         Red
Callisto Goes Overboard   Combat         R         Red
Callisto's Master Plan        Combat         R         Blue
Cecrops         Character      R         Red
Ephiny, Amazon Warrior   Character      R         Green
Gabrielle       Character      R         Green
Gabrielle Clears the Way   Action            R         Green
Gabrielle's Sacrifice            Combat         R         Green
Hades             Character      R         Blue
Improvised Escape Tool     Action            R         Green
Ixion Centaur           Character      R         Red
Jewel of Demeter    Action            R         Blue
Joxer the Mighty     Character      R         Red
King Sisyphus           Character      R         Blue
Meeting of the Warlords  Action            R         Red
Sintares         Character      R         Red
Total Eclipse Action            R         Blue
Trapped in Tartarus            Action            R         Blue
Treachery      Action            R         Red
Velasca          Character      R         Blue
War Chariot Character      R         Red
Xena, Warrior Princess      Character      R         Green
Xena Puts on the Pinch     Combat         R         Green
Xena's Discovery     Action            R         Green

Callisto's Revenge   Action            F          Red