Friday, March 30, 2018

Die Hobbit!

NPC - Lyosha the Blade

Lyosha is a mercenary warrior and oftentimes bandit who has made his way down to the City of Greyhawk from his native Stonefist. He always said he is a descendent of the terrible tyrant Vlek, but since Vlek is said to have had over 600 children most Stonefisters can honestly say that Vlek is an ancester.

He is skilled at two weapon fighting and has come across several enchanted blades. He is best known for his singular magical item, the cod-piece of gonad protection.

Castle Zagyg Ad From Crusader #2 Vol 2

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Izzat So!

NPC - CSIO - Karugy One-Eye - Barter Street - Boot & Strap

Karugy One-Eye is notroious as  a cobbler, often called 'The Bootmaster'.His shop specialize in boots for the big and nasty and as a Half-Ogre with an Ogress wife, Karugy is a  customer for big boots himself. All the larger inhabitants of the city-state patronize his shop, but there is a steady flow of normal and smaller size customers, mainly thieves. Karugy is a fence and specializes in the buying and shipping of items small enough to be hidden in one of hs boots.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

NPC - Zsolt and Kata

One of the many calamities of the giant invasion of Geoff was a plague of undead that swept across the unoccuppied lands. It is believed that so may unburied and unconsecrated dead were the cause but some adventurers blame an ancient Suel tomb that had been discovered during the occupation and awakened by rebels attempting to use it as a base.

The ranger-maid Kata and the wild barbarian Zsolt, both natives of Bissel, are said to have found the Suel tomb and ended the incursion of undead but this isanother legend of those years.

Metagaming Ad From Pulp Magazine

NPC - Red Lion of Furyondy

The Red Lion is a knight of Furyondy, a powerful warrior with a following of a hundred-men-at-arms, several squires, a band of archer/rangers and  a train of waggoneers with supplies. He is a small army unto himself and said to be only andwerable to the king.

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Bender cornered

Warhammer 40K Necromuunda Ad from White Dwarf

Tactical Skirmish game set in the 40K Mileu. A lighter annd quicker 40K game set in the underhives of the human 40K worlds. It suffers from the problem of most miniatures games in that painting the miniatures and showing off their paint jobs is at least as important as the rule system. GW proved to be excellent at miniatures and week at rules design and vastly expensive.

SPi Sorcerer Ad From Amazing

An early fantasy wargame. I found it terrible and think that is the general opinion but it is an iconic image in fantasy wargaming.

NPC - CSIO - Rizome the Barkeep - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye

Rizome is an Ex-Adventurer who was a henchmen of Bibulis 'bck in the day'. While a skilled fighter he began life carrying a torch and lugging packs on his back. He managed to survive and became quite skilled with the sword and thrown hand axe. He performs an act with some of the braver dancing girls tossing axes at them, cutting hair from wigs they wear while spinning on sideways wheel, having the heads of flowers shaved off as they hold them in their mouth, and such like.

He is not a tall man but very broad like a dwarf but human-sized. If there is trouble he acts as a bouncer for the bar, though there are six regular brusers on hand at all times hired by Bibulis for just such pccasions.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Adventure - Rovers Across the Border

A Knight of Tenh clashing with a raiding party of Rovers of the Barrens.

As winter comes to the north the Rovers drive south and raid the warmer lands before retiing to their winter enclaves that are hidden among the Barrens.  Scouts are sent out weeks earlier to find the weakest most unpatrolled spots along the borders before they ride in force and raid and rsampage in lightning quick attacks. Many an expedition has been sent by Furyondy, Tenh and the Pale to find these inter encmpments but those few epeditions who return have never been successful.

NPC - Aspect of Iuz

Upon his release from the imprisonment of Zagig a vast vision of Iuz as the great king appeared above his northern lands. It is in this form that he is often seen upon his throne.

Friday, March 23, 2018

NPC - Master, Journeyman Apprentice

The magician Muddock his journeyman Grigg and the apprentice Froggly. Muddock in his youth served as a naval wizard upon the Nyr Dyv but never had a liking for it. When he set off on his own he avoided the water and eventually settled near Verbobonc and the northern spur of the Gnarley Forest.

Space 1889 Ad From Dragon

This was a fun setting and I was in a long campaign once but we ended up using 1eAD&D rules,

NPC - Hugo Claydog of Hommlet

Hugo is a newcommer to Hommlet. He, like many others, came to work on the rising tower and castle and stayed as after roving his worth. He works as a hunter and forester and spends little time in Hommlet itself. He is actually a ranger of some skill and serves the druid and the Old Faith. He is likely to be recommended as a guide to any adventurers new to the area.

White Dwarf #40 Cover Art By Emmanuel

Interesting cover, but not what I was looking for from WD (mainly fantasy stuff).

Thursday, March 22, 2018

NPC - CSIO Vederburn the Minstrel - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye

Vederburn is a young but talented minstrel. He is infatuated with Eudeina who is secretly pleased with the attention but outworldly scowls and berates the young man. He plays a  lute primarily but is skilled in several instruments. He isnt employed by Bibulis but makes a good deal in tips from the patrons and plays between the grander performances of the dancing girls.

He has an adventurous nature and will gladly join any party that seems competent and appears to have a fair chance of success.


+2 Backscratcher

NPC - Azagba - Warrior Chief of the Hepmonland Forest Hunter Tribe

Azagba leads several allied tribes of Hepmonland natives. His weapons and armor are enchanted by tribal shamans or relics passed down from his forefathers. His people are along the northern coast and have the greatest contact with people from thre Flanaess.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Citadel Journal #50 Cover Art and Best of 1-42 List

You'll Be Amazed D&D Ad From Asimov's Magazine

Papers & Paychecks

Space Hulk Ad From White Dwarf

Looks like 2nd Edition. A great sci-fi tactical combat game.

NPC - CSIO - Grunting Eudeina the Bellydancer - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye

Eudeina is the head dancer at the Balor's Eye. Still beautiful and amazingly fit, she is approaching middle-age and does more work training the 36 women who make up the vast number of dancers than actual dancing anymore. Her hair is cut very short, and is black going slightly grey but she wears any of a number of wigs when she is outin public or dancing. She is called 'Grunting Eudeina' by her girls and pretends not to know.

Eudeina is actually a skilled fighter/thief and she trains her girls in this dual discipline as well as dancing. Crusty Babulis skims a small percent from the girls thieving but it is Eueina who is actually the guild master. She pays a tithe to the official Thieves Guild os the City State, but her operation is sanctioned and she is under the overall protection of the more formal and much larger Thieves Guild.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Warhammer Quest Ad From Old White Dwarf

Great game. This looks to be just about everything except for the treasurer card packs, the three issues of the short-lived magazine and the articles from White Dwarf.

What In Blazes Is Going On Here!

NPC - CSIO Crusty Bibulis - Barter Street - The Balor's Eye

Crusty Bibulis is the proprietor of The Balor's Eye a gaming establishment and restaurant of minor repute. Besides good and slightly exotic food and generally honest gaming tables the Balor's Eye is known for its large review of bellydancers (36 at last count). The dancing girls are  partcular hobby of Bibulis.

He is a tall middle-aged human, slightly on the thin side. He is a mage and had an adventuring past which is how he had the funds to establish the Balor's Eye. He tends todress in blue and wears a blue cloak of protection at all times and keeps a wand of fireballs handy just in case.

NPC - Baron Ambrus of Blackmoor and his Half-Shedu Mount Gyozo

 The nyaterious land of Blackmoor is in no way made less so by the appearance of Baron Ambrus flying near the southrn borders upon his mount Gyozo, a half-Shedu (some say half Manticore). The pair are accompanied by a half-dozen giardsmen on Gryphons and often stop to converse with merchant men and travellers who make the long trip to the forbidding northern land.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Excalibur Ad for the Movie

Ankhegs in Istvan

During the invasion of Geoff by the Giants and their allies the Earl of Sterich sent many troops to aid the Geoffites and only a minimum of guardsmen were left behind to man the walls of the capital. It was during this time that an infestatio of Ankheg occured. These large beasts first appeared amid the outlying farms but soon dzens were tunneling into Istvan itself. A large bounty was placed on the Anheg and many adventurers turned aside from their pursuits to aid those of Istvan and pocket some gold.

Hard D6

Gygax's Gord the Rogue Series Ad From Dragon

NPC - Albrecht the Bearded and his Imp Familiar Xertur

Albrecht,seen here casting a minor spell to protect himself from incoming missles, was an adventurer of some repute from the County of Sunndi, but suffered a complete personality change as the sole survivor to an expedition to the Vast Swamp.

After disappearing for a nuber of years he was reported as having established a small stronghold amid the Orc tribes of the Pomarj accompanied now by an Imp familiar named Xertur of unsavory repute.

Gygax's Dangerous Dimensions Ad from Dragon

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Adventure - A Knife In The Dark

The mists rise each night upon the streets of Greyhawk. From the docks and the Selintan, from the surrounding swamps where the Ery appears from beneath the Cairn Hills, from the steaming sewers and grates where the refuse both living and dead flow beneath the streets, the mists rise. With the mists comes death, death in the form of The Knife, the killer who takes eyes and hearts and souls, who paints the streets and alleys with blood and cannot be caught.

The Knife haunts Old Town. The bodies he leaves behind are truly lifeless and souless. No priestly spells, no magic, no divination can pierce the mists and the cloud that hides the killer.

He's Behind You!

Dragonbone/Dragonskin Ad from Dragon

Monster - Skeletal Man

A necromancer animates a skeleton from a rotting corpse. The magical power which creates an animated skeleton will strip the flesh from the bones as it knits them together in unseen tendons and muscle, Here is an example of a body in the process of animation. A gruesome spectacle.