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NPC - Weems Half-Elven

NPC - Weems Hal-Elven

Weems was born and bred in the City of Greyhawk. His mother was an elven maiden, enslaved, who caught the eye of a master thief who stole her and rescued her from the hiring market (a half truth as a good amount of those hired end up nearly as slaves and the rest are simply slaves no matter what piece of parchment their owners hold which may say differently). From his father he learned the thieving skills and his an excellent burgler, lockpicker and disarmer of traps. He has a fondness for Druid's Weed, a mild hallucinogen which he smokes in dreamy melancholy lethargy

Friday, December 1, 2017

White Dwarf #338 Cover

A bit more realism in their fantasy art for this cover. I'm a fan of both thre first 100 issues and the early days when WD became just a mouth of Sauron for GW. That early artwork brought me into GW products in a way that the later covers and artwork turns me off. This is a nice bit of  artwork but still doesn't hold a candle to the early covers.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

White Dwarf #277 Cover

Found the photo cover very disappointing. I'm not sure I'd like any photo instead of artwork but a take-away from a movie doesn't live up to the old WD stsandard of great covers for me.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

NPC - Snakelegs

NPC - Snakelegs

Snakelegs is one of the brood of Snakebiter Chieftain of the Snakebiter tribe. This large orc tribe numbers close to a thousand and are the largest and most powerful tribe in the  high northern hills of the Principality of Ulek.

Snakelegs is amazingly strong and wields an ancient orcish stone mace. It adds 4 points to a orcs strength and is a + 2 to hit +6 to damage. Snakelegs wields a necklace of Ogre teeth that act as an amulet of +2 protection +4 versus Ogres. His Hide armor is normal smelly badly cured wild boar while his shield causes a -1 to hit to any enemy viewing it.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

NPC - Mi'Kraw

In the Pomarj hills a gathering of Goblin shamans from many tribes has occurred and a supreme shaman has been chosen. Mi'Kraw once of the small, and now extinct, Blisterfoot tribe. He has power beyond the reckoning of any Goblin wielding his spells as a 9th level cleric. His skull totem allows him to raise zombies and animate skeletons. Ghouls fear him and obey his commands while stroner undead are loathe to challenge him or remain in nthe resence of his skull totem. He bears a sword called 'Frostblade" which is +3 to hit and damage and on a natural 20 causes 2d6 ice damage extra. He wears several protective chatrms and amulets and the skull of a demon as a helmet. The demon skull protects him from charms and fire damage.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NPC - Krellk & Slather

Krellk is a Goblin chieftain of a large tribeof Wolf-riding goblins that raid along the Wild Coast. Aided by their viscious steed-allies they are a force to be recogened with even among the orcs and smaller Gnoll tribes of the area. Killk and his riders have slain many a human and even the occasional ogre due to their unnusual ferocity and tactics. All of Killk's goblins have become proficient with the short bow and will only close after their arrows have heavily cut down the numbers of their foes or wounded them.Krillk uses his mobility and numbers to very good effect, always scouting and patrolling while withdrawing if the odds are not i  his favor.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NPC - Groth

NPC - Groth

Groth is a sub-chieftain from an Orcish tribe in Drachensgrab Hills. Dark things are afoot in the hills and Groth's tribe, The Blooddrinkers, has come under the influence of an unsavory necromancer. Under the tutelage of the necromancers fighter guardsmen Groth is now a 5th level fighter. He wears a suit of +2 Banded Mail, carries a shield that gives his followers +1 to hit if they are within a 30ft radius of  Groth while he carries the shield openly on his arm and a -1 to hit to all enemies withina 30ft radiusne.. His mace is an unholy weapon that causes an extra d6 damage to clerics and paladins and is +2 to hit and damage to everyo

Miniatures 1

One of the things I love about the post-100 issues of White Dwarf are their extensive photos of miniatures. I love painting minis but I suck at it. Bad eyes and nerve damage to my fingers don't help but I was never a very good mini painter.

GW painters are artists and their detailed minis and the incrdible qwork they do with terrain and buildings is phenominal. I find their work to be inspiring even the abandoned inn shown in the top photo gets me thinking about a scenario with a wayside inn suddenly attacked by orcs and goblins with the player characters forced to defend the structure with whatever odds and sods are in residence or patronizing the place.

Monday, September 25, 2017

City of Brass advertising sheet

Warhammer Armies Orcs & Goblins

1993 but not sure what edition this is for.The artwork isn't as detailed as some of the work in White Dwarf and a little more cartoonish.

NPCs - Back from the Dungeon

Returning from the Lost Library of Kes sans Thief and Torchbearer, the cleric Maynard and wizard Laran stay astride their mounts while the ranger Coln dismounets to investigate the marks of a large animal or monster's passage across the hilltop.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

NPC - Kal'Merg and D'Rald

Their rivalry began as students at the Grey College in the City of Greyhawk. Kal'Merg and D'Rald dueled many times. Their last encounter was in the Astral plane from which neither returned.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 11 Encounter F

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 11 Encounter F - Banedon the Mage

As the party makes its way through the woods they come upon a clearing and recognize it as the Ruins of Raumos an ancient forest temple. A young man stands near the crumbled pillars of the temple, all that remains standing of the building. He is dressed in thee robes of the Toran Mageguild, skyblue with stars. All around him are Giaks. He raises his hand and a bolt of lightning flashes out killing every Giak it touches. Still about half a dozen are left. The players can see that behind the mage a Giak has climbed atop a broken pillar and with a long dagger in its hand is poised to leap upon the unsuspecting mage.

The surviving Giaks are 1HD creatures AC7 armed with short swords and spears. The Giak on the pillar is also 1HD.

Should the player character make themselves known before the Giak on the pillar attacks the 6 in front of the mage will make a run for it. The Giak on the pillar will hesitate for a combat round before running.

The mage will thank the characters and if they still are wearing the cloaks they started with will recognize them as students at the Kai Monastery. He will introduce himself as Banedon, a journeyman of the Brotherhood of the Krystal Star, the Toran Mageguild and thank them for their help.

He will explain that he was on the way to the monastery with a message from his guildmaster to warn them of an attack by the Darklords. He has a vellum scroll with this message. He was delayed in setting out by one of the guildmembers named Vonatar who was in league with the Darklords.

If his told of the fate of the monastery he will give one member of the group (preferably a magic-user) a small Crystal Star Pendent. This pendent marks the wearer as a friend of the Mage Guild and is a +1 Amulet of Protection.

Banedon will explain that he must return to his guild with news immediately

Banedon is a 3rd level mage. He bears a glove of lightning that allows him to cast a 5HD lightning bolt once per day. Trying to remove the glove will destroy it. He bears a +1 dagger and a pouch with some gold, silver and copper. Hidden among the stars of his robes are 10 20gp diamonds.

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Lone Wolf AD&D Part 10 Encounter E-5

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 10 Encounter E-5


The 3 locations marked as '9' on the map are latrines. They are a room with a bench and a hole that drops down 40ft to a branch of an underground stream.


This room is a supply closet but the back 10ft is packed with bric a brac. The druids tend to use a lot of wicker. Amid the clutter is a minor magical item. A Broom of Sweeping.

The Broom of Sweeping

On command (a word of activation and cancellation is needed t start and stop the broom) the broom will begin sweeping and will sweep a 10x10ft section of floor every Turn. The Broom will sweep in  a straight line then move right  (if it can) and begin sweeping back the way it came just 10ft over, It will continue to sweep forward then back, then over 10ft till it can no longer move to the right of its original starting position. If it can no longer move right it simply reverses the process t that point.

While the broom puts very little weight down on the surface it does sweep with enough strength to move small objects and trigger sensitive traps.


This is thee room of a 2nd lvl Druid named Smythe. He oversees the 1st lvl druids assigned to this aarea. Smythe is more than a bit of a coward and will run rather than fight if he can help it.

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Lone Wolf AD&D Part 9 Encounter E-4

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 9 Encounter E-4


The halls in this complex are unlit but there are sconces to hold torches at each corner and about every 30ft. This short hallway also has silver manacles set every 10ft along the south wall, The manacles can be broken free of the wall if struck several times with a mace, hammer or sword. Each set of manacles has 40sp worth of silver metal.


This short hallway ends in a stout wooden door with a wooden handle. The handle keeps the door shut if closed but there is no lock and turning it will open the door,


This oddly shaped room holds tables with tightly woven wicker baskets. Inside each basket are two ferrets. There are ten baskets. Beneath two of the tables are wooden chests. These hold ferret food. If the baskets are left open the ferrets will escape.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 8 Encounter E-3

 Lone Wolf AD&D Part 8 Encounter E-3


The corridor is unlit and comes to an abrupt end. The secret door is a wood panel covered with plaster and painted grey. The Druid's are not skilled at building and this is the best they could come up with. In the light of a candle there is a 1 in 6 chance of noticing then plaster even without actively searching for a secret door. If a lantern or even a torch is brought to the end of the hall then there is a 50% chance of noticing the plaster and a 100% chance if actively searching for a secret door.

One good swing will not only shatter the plaster but will also crack the board used as a door. This will cause the creature in room 5. to become aware that someone is approaching.


Inside this circular chamber is an uninjured Black Bear 3+3HD, The Bear is uncharmed but reasonably tamed by the attention of the Druids. Breaking the doorway will cause it to wake and sit in the center of the room waiting to be fed. If the door is passed without breaking it then the Bear will be sound asleep if wakened, In either case the Bear will only attack if attacked. If fed the bear will attempt to follow the characters and sit and gesture for food everytime they stop.

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Lone Wolf AD&D Part 7 Encounter E-2

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 7 Encounter E-2

3. The corridor runs north beyond the secret door. 6 cell-like doors line the hall. Each cell contains the chamber of a 1st level druid. Their order maintains that only animals should exist and man and monster should perish. They believe that all those who follow their belief will be reincarnated as an animal and take their rightful place ruling the earth.

The chambers are simple with not much more than a cot and chamber-pot; A candle for light nd no metal of any kind. Thy wield a wooden staff for defense and know only a single spell.

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Lone Wolf AD&D Part 6 Encounter

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 6 Encounter E-1 - The Bear

As the characters make their way through heavy woods they are safe from the Kraan flying overhead and even offered some relief from the noisy Giak foot patrols but the wood itself has many perils. A 3+3HD Black Bear lunges from the mouth of a hidden cave scattering bracken and debris as it emerges. If the characters are surprised the Bear takes 1 swipe at a random character before they can react (the Bear normally gets 3 attacks claw/claw/bite for 1-3/1-3/1-6 damage but if both claw attack hits then it gets an additional 2-8damage as a bear-hug).

The Bear can only move 20 feet from the cave entrance and if attacked with ranged weapons or spells will retreat into the cave. The Bear has been charmed by evil Druids to protect the cave entrance (a large silver collar worth 10gp is around its neck. The possession or sale of this collar may be noted by this evil sect and the player character marked for revenge)

1. The Cave Mouth - Overgrown but a careful examination will note that the opening has been widened by tools. The floor slopes downward about 15 feet before reaching area 2.

2. This circular room appear natural only at first glance. The ceiling is no more than 8feet high and festooned with lichen as are the walls. If the lichen is scrapped away the marks of tools can clearly be detected. The secret door to the North is very crudely constructed but it is stoutly made and locked. There is a keyhole at its center about 4 feet up from the floor,

The floor of the room is layered in debris and the cracked bones of many  men and animals. There is a small pool of water at the East wall about a foot deep and 5 feet wide. At the edge in the water is a copper chest and within the chest a silver key that unlocks the secret door.

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Lone Wolf AD&D Part 5 Encounter

Encounter D: The Ant Colony

To the west of the Kai Monastery are low hills. In the aftermath of the destruction of the monastery the Kraan have been sent over the forests of the East, North and South to attack villages, freeholds towns and settlements as the forces of the Draklords move toward the cities. Some Giak forces were sent on foot to patrol the Western Hills.

The Kai Lords were great friends of nature and both wild animals and monstrous creatures were often allies. The Giant Ants of the Western Hills have longed maintained an amicable truce with the Kai Lords and have always despised Giaks.

Several large colonies of Giant Ants nest in the Western Hills but the nearest is of moderate size with several hundred workers and around 100 warriors. The Queen, Belszimon, is willing to give shelter to the characters and any servants of the Kai, but is unwilling to do more than send escorts to the other nests. 

Beneath the chambers of the colony is a great river that can take the characters to the other nests on the western border as well as further underground encounters.

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Lone Wolf AD&D Part 4 Encounter

Encounter C: Kraan and Giaks

When the heavy cover of the forest breaks Kraan can be seen patrolling the skies. Small Kraan spawn of 1HD fly in groups of 3d4. The spawn only have a bite attack of 1-2dmg but their numbers can prove dangerous and they can make it through the heavy woods that stop the larger Kraan.

If the characters are spotted in lighter woods a swarm of spawn will attack. A second swarm will spot the combat after 1d4+3 combat rounds and pursue the characters even into cover. The next time the characters break from cover they will be attacked by two Giak archers sitting on the back of hovering 4HD Kraan, The archers are 1HD Giaks.

Following this attack a patrol of 8Giaks will be set down nearby (1 Giak will be a 3HD leader in chainmil carrying a falchion, the other 7  1HD in red dyed leather armor with shortswords)

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Lone Wolf AD&D Encounter Part 3

Encounter B: Kraan Above

As the characters make there way through the woods they are overflown by a large Kraan. The beast circles several times before flying off. After a half hour the Kraan flies overhead again and if the characters  have not kept to heavy woods it comes crashing down and makes a bite attack against  random character. The Kraan gets a -3 to the attack and is 3HD (16HP) Bite 1d4dmg. The Kraan will immediately fly off.

About an hour later the players will come to a clearing with a large rock outcrop on one side with a pool of water beneath it. A body is collapsed near the pool wearing chain mail and the tabard of the Kai. (One of the slain guardsmen from the monastery). The chainmail bears +1 AC enchantment and weighs no more than leather armor. The characters are aware of the 'enchanted' armor of the Kai Guards.

If anyone approaches the pool the Kraan launches itself from where it is hidden atop the rocks and attack.

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Castle Zagyg ad from TLG

Would have been great to see what the dungeons looked like.

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Lone Wolf AD&D - Part 2 - Encounters

The area around the Kai Monastery is not developed and only a few small steadings which house servants of the Kai are nearby. To the west are the mountains, tall and foreboding. To the North is the port-city of Toran, to the East the city of Tyso and to the South the capital Holmgard. The main road to the East runs North-South from Toran to the capital but the road is many miles East and the wild forest is between with the tracks, trails and monastery road thick with Giak, Doomwolves or worse and the sky overflown by Kraan.

Here are some possible encounters in the forest surrounding the monastery.

1). The wounded Ankheg

The forest is a dangerous place even for the minions of the Darklords.

A patrol of 12 Giak flushed a pair of young Ankheg while they hunted  from their burrow. The players hear the sound of conflict as they make there way through the woods. A rustling of branches alerts them to 2 Giak 1HD archers (shortbows, 15 arrows each, in red dyed leather armor AC7) the Giaks are automatically surprised for a turn as they were fleeing the battle with the Ankhep.

The will turn and run back the way the came if given the chance. About 30 yards distance there is a small clearing in the forest where the leader of the Giak's (3HD in chainmail, AC5 HP down to 6, wielding a longsword) and 3 1HD Giaks (red leather armor, AC7, 2 with spears, 1 with short sword, HP 2, 5, 6) battle an Ankheg 4HD HP down to 12 with no stomach acid spit left.

The body of a second, smaller Ankheg is in the clearing as well as 4 Giak warriors. The bodies of 2 Giak archers partially dissolved in acid are near the edge of the clearing.

The 3HD Giak commanders sword is loot from a destroyed steading some miles distance.

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Lone Wolf AD&D Conversion - Monster - Kraan


The Kraan are one of the first monsters encountered in the Lone Wolf series.

They are described as leather-winged flying creatures and in game terms as having a combat skill of 16 and an endurance of 25. A very powerful foe right out of the gate.

One of the main problems with a conversion between the AD&D system and the LW gamebooks is the skill-based system and relative uniformity of the monster strengths as compared with the level experience system and incremental increase in strength and power of both characters and monsters in the AD&D system.

The Kraan are perfect example. If they are to be encountered as monsters to be fought directly from the very first then they must be represented as creatures of relatively low HD. For a game beginning with 1st level PCs then it is my belief a Kraan of no more than 2HD should be encountered. A party of 4 1st level PCs will be challenged to defeat a 2HD Kraan with 2 attacks bite 1d4/ claw 1d6 AC7 but completely overwhelmed by a more powerful, larger version that can act as a mount for enemy NPCs.

 For my game conversion I'm using Kraan of varying ages. The youngest encountered are Spawn. They are 1HD flying creature with a single slashing attack of 1-2HP damage. They run to about 50lbs and are AC8. They are normally encountered in groups of 1d6+1

2-3HD Kraan are Young and are double the size of the Spawn. They are still too small to act as mounts and more solitary. 1d4 are the normal number encountered.

Young Adult Kraan are 4-5HD, AC5  with 3 attacks Bite 1d6 and Claw/Claw 1d8/1d8 and are more than twice the size of Kraan Young. These creatures are much larger than humans and are trained to be mounts, but are still not used as mounts for the Darklords but smaller Humans and Giaks will be found riding them.

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Lone Wolf Book 1 AD&D Conversion Part 1 The Watchtower - update

The adventure begins with 4 first level characters, students from the Kai Monastery, sent to bring fresh supplies and take their turn at watch. The tower is about ten miles distant from the Monastery toward the South-East.

The tower is on a hill about 80ft above the surrounding forest. The woodlands are thick and wild with only hunting and animal trails nearby and the wagon road that leads back to the monastery. There is a roadway some distance away that follows the valley floor and heads from Toran to the North to Holmgaard to the South with a branch leading toward the Kai Monastery but it is hidden by the tall trees of the forest.

What can be seen from the roof, which is 60feet high, are the towers of the Kai Monastery, some open fields to the west where crops are grown, cattle raised and small farms scattered about, and the tops of trees for the most part to the North, East and South. The tower is used as a fire watch for the most part and sometimes a waystation for hunters and rangers, especially during the winter.

1. The interior of the tower has a large hearth against one wall and a smaller iron stove more frequently used against another. There are wide benches used for beds or storage against the walls and two long tables with benches in the center of the room. A trapdoor leads to a root cellar and small opening near the hearth is a well that goes down a spring beneath the hill.

The stairs lead to the top floor where the watchers sleep and keep emergency supplies and signaling equipment. A short set of stairs leads to the roof which slightly curved so that water will roll down into gutters along the side and collect in rain barrels below. From this rooftop that the Player Character see a dark cloud envelope the Kai Monastery.

2. The stables are large enough to hold a dozen horses and contain a small forge and anvil.

If they make their way to the monastery they find the swirling black cloud to be impenetrable.   

If the players decide to stay they will have the following encounters.

A).  As the sun sets they will hear the creaking of a wagon and shortly thereafter see it approach up the wagon-road. It is a two-horse wagon half-loaded with fresh cut and gathered wood. One of the horses is slightly injured and there is blood on the bed and bench. (Back-tracking the wagon along the road toward the monastery they will find a narrow side-road where woodcutters had been at work. At the end of the track is the scene of a fight with nothing to be found except a two-man saw and a blood-covered woodsman's axe).

B). Around midnight the sound of wings will be heard over the watchtower and the moon will be obscured for several minutes by a massive flight of Kraan heading east.

C). An hour before dawn a patrol of Giaks (12 1HD and 1 3HD brute) dressed in red-dyed leather armor, 8 carrying shields, spears and short-swords, while 4 carry shortbows, short-swords and quivers with 30 arrows each, The leader carrys a falchion and shield and wears a shirt of mail painted red.

D) About noon a Kraan carrying two Giaks will fly over the watchtower. Within an hour a force of 50 Giak will cut-off the north road with more Giaks and Kraan showin up by the hour till a Hellghast arrives to lead the assault.

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Repost - Lone Wolf - Monster - Giak

Giaks are the most common foes in the Lone Wolf setting. They are bred in spawning pits by the Dark Lords. There are several breeds of the original Giaks but they are much smaller and weaker than the later breed of Mountain Giak.

For game purposes the lesser breeds of Giaks are monsters and use the monster combat tables based on HD while the Mountain Giaks are an NPC character race and use the fighter combat table for the experience level they have achieved.

Mountain Giaks are larger, stronger and much more disciplined than their smaller kin. They are militaristic and have an organized society based on a command hierarchy with ranked positions of authority. All Giak's are short and squat, while Mountain Giaks are larger than lesser Giaks they are all grey-skinned and yellow fanged.

When any Mountain Giak is mixed with lesser Giaks they are immediately in command no matter what level of experience they are at even a lowly 1st level Mountain Giak 'cadet'.

Each level of experience is a named rank among the Mountain Giak's

0 = Recruit
1= Cadet
2 = Private
3 = Lesser Corporal
4 = Corporal
5 = Lesser Sergeant
6 = Under Sergeant
7 = Sergeant
8 = Over Sergeant
9 = Lesser Captain
10 = Captain
11 = Over Captain
12= Lesser General
13+ General

Mountain Giak's organize themselves into regiments although there is no particular number within these regiments and there are commonly between 500 and 5,000 within each. The larger regiments tend to have higher level Generals but sometime attrition or large combat losses cam leave a group with high level leaders but fewer members. New recruits from breeding pits tend to go to the largest regiments first so it can be difficult for a particularly mangled regiment to get back to large numbers once they have taken heavy losses.

Mountain Giak's use the 1e PHB Fighter abilities and do not possess characters of the ranger or paladon sub-classes.

Lesser Giaks are 1HD Monsters with a natural AC of 8 but otherwise have the AC of the armor they are wearing. They have the normal attacks per round with the weapon they are equipped with or a 1d6 bite attack. Their movement rate is 9" and their intelligence is Low-Average.

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NPCs - Z'Lee and Ketch

Z'lee and Ketch come from a small tribe of lizardmen who share a community with the people of Saltmarsh, a prosperous port-town that has benifited enormously from this alliance. The pair had barely grown their first legs when adventurers raided their caves and only the actions of a druidess in the party saved the tribe and the town of Saltmarsh from disaster. The tribe, called 'Yellow-bellies' by humans not of the community, has grown very large and Z'lee and Ketch led an expedition in search of a possible colony site. The pair have been half-raised by humans and adventurers in particular and both possess the skills of low-level rangers rather than just those of lizardmen their age.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

NPC - Khelaret

Khelaret is of Madame Sartenna's 'Ladies'. She is of half-elven blood and Sartenna's second apprentice. She is more inclined to witchcraft than necromancy and having skills in both has proven helpful to Madame Sartenna.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

NPC - Madame Sartenna

Madame Sartenna runs a very expensive and exclusive brothel in the Nobles Quarter of the City of Greyhawk. unbenowest to the outside world she is aa powerful necromancer and her six ladies of the night are apprentices. Not all who enter the doors of her establishment leave. In the sewers beneath her mansion are a growing number of undead. While she calls herself Rima Sartenna now her real name is Aggleroot Wortstinger.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Encounter - Elves of Celene and Blue Lizardmen

In southern Celene at the northern end of the Suss Forest the opening skirmish between a patrol of elves and a small band of the Zversh, blue lizardmen as they are driven from their forest-whom by an encroaching evil.

Monday, August 14, 2017

White Dwarf #202 - Cover

Fntastic cover. The artwork is crowded but epic. There is so much detail and yet it is loud and in your face. The perspective is right on top of you. GW had some amazing artist.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Monster - Pig Beast

Somewhere between Elredd and Highport a ship is said to have run aground and from its holds has come some terrible melding of pig and orc. Rumored to be the inhabitants of some Eastern volcanic island they are now carving out a domain in the Flanaess. Large and strong as ogres, immune to normal steel, and more intelligent than orcs, these Pig Beasts only number is the dozens, for now, but who can tell how quickly they will breed or if more will apear along the coast of the Woolly Bay.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Phantasy Conclave - What You Get

This is a hard to find Indy rpg from 1983. In the set you get a sealed pack of 3 rulebooks, yellow, green and orange/red, a Player's Pamphlet, GM's Pamphlet and 2 single sheetss of errata. Also included are ten gamescience dice.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

NPC - The Friendly Halfling Collection Agency - Repo Team

The Friendly Halfling Collection Agency (City of Greyhawk Chapter) is based out of a semi-derelict mansion in the city's Old Quarter. It is hard to know if there are really any halflings involved in the business (which is thriving, thank you very much) as the real owners never seem to be about. the agency doesn't loan anything itself but works for those that are owed and lack the means to force restitution themselves from their debtors.

Most people only get to know the primary collection squad. Due to the voltile naature of their work the collection squad sees a rapid turnover in membership.

Stig with his favorite two-handed spiked mace is the squad leader,

Dobin is to the left of Stig. To the right of Stig is Horn-helm or Pug as his friends call him. Redbeard Oli is next, then Starface the victim of a massive tattoo miscommunication (his real name is Gavin)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

NPC - The Green Knight of Greyhawk

The Green Knight prowls the roads from the City of Greyhawk to Verbobonc. He bears some enchantment that appears to make him immune to magic. Lightning, fire, magic missiles, webs and more seem to wash over him and his mount without effect. The knight will challenge any who appear to be of knightly character to single combat. Fights are to first blood. Anyone able to strik him first will receive a ring that confers +2 protection and +1 saves against magic. In the future the knight will come to the aid of such a character who has won the ring and still bears it. If the character who won the ring ever tries to sell it, give it away or is defeted in combat the ring will disppear.