Wednesday, October 31, 2018

NPC - Alarak Son of Chaos

The bastard son of Emirikol was a promising student at Grey College studying the geography of the Flanaess when his father made his famous ride of slaughter and destruction. It was only a day later when Alarak was dismissed and thrown from the college and his small set of rooms above the Four Pots, a less than salubrious inn frequented by students and members of the Cartographers Guild.

A crowd gathered at the eviction and then became a mob. Alarak found himself fleeing for his life. He was nearly caught at the Bridge of Entwined Hearts and barely made it through the Guarding Gate and out of ther city.

Alarak has received some training as both a fighter and magician but lacks experience in either profession. He is out on his own but is well versed in cartography and knows the Flanaess as well as maps could educate and as little as one who has never ventured beyond the walls of the City of Greyhawk.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

NPC - Handsome Hartlak

NPC - Handsome Hartlak

Handsome is a Half-Orc fighter/thief pirate captain. His ship, the Saucy Sue, plies the waters of the Tilva Strait. His crew is a mixed lot but most are Half-Orcs like Handsome. His base is some unknown island where Orcs and Half-Orcs make up most of the population and the only pirates allowed to make use of the port are Half-Orcs like handsome and all having some relation with the island.

Two of the earings Handsome wears are enchanted. One provides him with limited protection from normal missiles and the other allows him to transform into a sea-lion. Handsome can't swim so he is partricularly fond of that earing. He wears two enchanted daggers on his chest, Fang and Tooth. Both can be thrown and Tooth will return to his hand after a melee round while Fang causes bleeding wounds that need a priestly touch to quench. The sword acreoss his back is a demon-touched longsword. Its name is a secret known only to handsome. He can some 1d3 Hellhounds to fight for him once per day and the sword radiates evil and howls increasing Handsomes chance to hit and lowering his attackers chances to strike him.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Warhammer Quest Ad -

I used to have the whole set. I foolishly let it go and have put most of it together again. Still missing most of the charactert packs but I do have the magazines and the treasure pack expansions.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Monday, October 22, 2018

Adventure Idea - CAS The Coming of the White Worm Part 1

Adventure Idea - CAS The Coming of the White Worm

Part 1

Aguil [PLC]
Ahilidis (F)[NPC]
Achoravomas [MT]
Boreal Sea [RVR]
Cerngoth [TWN]
Dooni [NPC]
Eibon [NPC]
Evagh the Warlock [NPC]
Hyperborea [PLC]
Leqquan [TWN]
Lith [NPC]
Mhu Thulan [PLC]
Old Ones [Deity]
Oszhtror [ISLE]
Pnom [NPC]
Polaris [PLC]
Ratha [NPC]
Rlim Shaikorth [MON][NPC]
Thulask [ISLE]
Tscho Vulpanomi [PLC]
Ux Loddhan [NPC]
Yarak [MT]
Yikilth [CTL][MT]

The Warlock Evagh, a powerful northern user of magic, has called upon the adventurers to aid him. He promises rewards both magical and mundane, if coin can exactly be called purely mundane.

Evagh dwells in a tower above a small fishing community. He provides them with the protection and aid of his magical abilities and they recognize him as their overlord. His demands are not honerous and the town's needs are rare. Lately, though, troubling events have become more frequent from the north.

Spring was almost ended when winter descended once more on the area. Flights of birds streamed south from the north, then land animals of all sorts including large, dangerous and even monsterous beasts appeared. A fog seemed to have settled upon Evagh's skills at divination and only the haunting and obscure prophecy of Lith, that One would arise in the North and bring with him his slumbering doom to the lands of the South, woke itself within his memory.

As Evagh roused himself to fight back both wild beasts and monsters from the town a second menace appeared, but this time from the sea.

With the coming of the second winter the living fish disappeared and in their stead they drew up, "dead fish in their nets, blasted as if by fire or extreme cold; and they drew living monsters, such as their eldest captains had never beheld: things triple-headed and tailed and finned with horror; black, shapeless things that turned to a liquid foulness and ran from the net; or headless things like bloated moons with green frozen rays about them; or things leprous-eyed and bearded with stiffly-oozing slime."

 All this was more than Evagh believed he could cope with on his own. He has drawn your group of adventurers to him and with his aid he seeks to discover what approaches from the North and a way to halt it.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Adventure Idea - The Thirty-Five Assassins of Castle Longueval

The Thirty-Five Assassins of Castle Longueval

The March of Longueval has been killed and his heir Jean Longueval, his niece, is to be invested as the new Marchioness. Enemies cannot be told from friends and an entire guild of assassins has been tasked with the death of the soon-to-be Marchioness and her younger sister Flaura.  The old Cleric Constan and his nephew Reynaud, commander of the Longueval guards, have called for heroes to aid them against the assassins who have already killed the March.

Are these assassins in the pay of the hereditary enemies of the Longueval's? The Countess de Lavarden and her son Paul have long sought the destruction of the March and open warfare has been a slow but constant state of affairs for decades between the two. Or could it be the dark priest Ludovic and his demonic cult whose hidden temple is rumored to be located in the perilous swamplands in the south of the Longueval domain.

Perhaps the hand directing the assassins is even closer to home. Constan warns that few can be trusted. Great are the rewards for those who can see the new Marchioness safely invested in her estate and great is the danger for any standing in the assassins way.