Thursday, September 28, 2017

NPC - Mi'Kraw

In the Pomarj hills a gathering of Goblin shamans from many tribes has occurred and a supreme shaman has been chosen. Mi'Kraw once of the small, and now extinct, Blisterfoot tribe. He has power beyond the reckoning of any Goblin wielding his spells as a 9th level cleric. His skull totem allows him to raise zombies and animate skeletons. Ghouls fear him and obey his commands while stroner undead are loathe to challenge him or remain in nthe resence of his skull totem. He bears a sword called 'Frostblade" which is +3 to hit and damage and on a natural 20 causes 2d6 ice damage extra. He wears several protective chatrms and amulets and the skull of a demon as a helmet. The demon skull protects him from charms and fire damage.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

NPC - Krellk & Slather

Krellk is a Goblin chieftain of a large tribeof Wolf-riding goblins that raid along the Wild Coast. Aided by their viscious steed-allies they are a force to be recogened with even among the orcs and smaller Gnoll tribes of the area. Killk and his riders have slain many a human and even the occasional ogre due to their unnusual ferocity and tactics. All of Killk's goblins have become proficient with the short bow and will only close after their arrows have heavily cut down the numbers of their foes or wounded them.Krillk uses his mobility and numbers to very good effect, always scouting and patrolling while withdrawing if the odds are not i  his favor.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

NPC - Groth

NPC - Groth

Groth is a sub-chieftain from an Orcish tribe in Drachensgrab Hills. Dark things are afoot in the hills and Groth's tribe, The Blooddrinkers, has come under the influence of an unsavory necromancer. Under the tutelage of the necromancers fighter guardsmen Groth is now a 5th level fighter. He wears a suit of +2 Banded Mail, carries a shield that gives his followers +1 to hit if they are within a 30ft radius of  Groth while he carries the shield openly on his arm and a -1 to hit to all enemies withina 30ft radiusne.. His mace is an unholy weapon that causes an extra d6 damage to clerics and paladins and is +2 to hit and damage to everyo

Miniatures 1

One of the things I love about the post-100 issues of White Dwarf are their extensive photos of miniatures. I love painting minis but I suck at it. Bad eyes and nerve damage to my fingers don't help but I was never a very good mini painter.

GW painters are artists and their detailed minis and the incrdible qwork they do with terrain and buildings is phenominal. I find their work to be inspiring even the abandoned inn shown in the top photo gets me thinking about a scenario with a wayside inn suddenly attacked by orcs and goblins with the player characters forced to defend the structure with whatever odds and sods are in residence or patronizing the place.

Monday, September 25, 2017

City of Brass advertising sheet

Warhammer Armies Orcs & Goblins

1993 but not sure what edition this is for.The artwork isn't as detailed as some of the work in White Dwarf and a little more cartoonish.

NPCs - Back from the Dungeon

Returning from the Lost Library of Kes sans Thief and Torchbearer, the cleric Maynard and wizard Laran stay astride their mounts while the ranger Coln dismounets to investigate the marks of a large animal or monster's passage across the hilltop.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

NPC - Kal'Merg and D'Rald

Their rivalry began as students at the Grey College in the City of Greyhawk. Kal'Merg and D'Rald dueled many times. Their last encounter was in the Astral plane from which neither returned.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 11 Encounter F

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 11 Encounter F - Banedon the Mage

As the party makes its way through the woods they come upon a clearing and recognize it as the Ruins of Raumos an ancient forest temple. A young man stands near the crumbled pillars of the temple, all that remains standing of the building. He is dressed in thee robes of the Toran Mageguild, skyblue with stars. All around him are Giaks. He raises his hand and a bolt of lightning flashes out killing every Giak it touches. Still about half a dozen are left. The players can see that behind the mage a Giak has climbed atop a broken pillar and with a long dagger in its hand is poised to leap upon the unsuspecting mage.

The surviving Giaks are 1HD creatures AC7 armed with short swords and spears. The Giak on the pillar is also 1HD.

Should the player character make themselves known before the Giak on the pillar attacks the 6 in front of the mage will make a run for it. The Giak on the pillar will hesitate for a combat round before running.

The mage will thank the characters and if they still are wearing the cloaks they started with will recognize them as students at the Kai Monastery. He will introduce himself as Banedon, a journeyman of the Brotherhood of the Krystal Star, the Toran Mageguild and thank them for their help.

He will explain that he was on the way to the monastery with a message from his guildmaster to warn them of an attack by the Darklords. He has a vellum scroll with this message. He was delayed in setting out by one of the guildmembers named Vonatar who was in league with the Darklords.

If his told of the fate of the monastery he will give one member of the group (preferably a magic-user) a small Crystal Star Pendent. This pendent marks the wearer as a friend of the Mage Guild and is a +1 Amulet of Protection.

Banedon will explain that he must return to his guild with news immediately

Banedon is a 3rd level mage. He bears a glove of lightning that allows him to cast a 5HD lightning bolt once per day. Trying to remove the glove will destroy it. He bears a +1 dagger and a pouch with some gold, silver and copper. Hidden among the stars of his robes are 10 20gp diamonds.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 10 Encounter E-5

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 10 Encounter E-5


The 3 locations marked as '9' on the map are latrines. They are a room with a bench and a hole that drops down 40ft to a branch of an underground stream.


This room is a supply closet but the back 10ft is packed with bric a brac. The druids tend to use a lot of wicker. Amid the clutter is a minor magical item. A Broom of Sweeping.

The Broom of Sweeping

On command (a word of activation and cancellation is needed t start and stop the broom) the broom will begin sweeping and will sweep a 10x10ft section of floor every Turn. The Broom will sweep in  a straight line then move right  (if it can) and begin sweeping back the way it came just 10ft over, It will continue to sweep forward then back, then over 10ft till it can no longer move to the right of its original starting position. If it can no longer move right it simply reverses the process t that point.

While the broom puts very little weight down on the surface it does sweep with enough strength to move small objects and trigger sensitive traps.


This is thee room of a 2nd lvl Druid named Smythe. He oversees the 1st lvl druids assigned to this aarea. Smythe is more than a bit of a coward and will run rather than fight if he can help it.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 9 Encounter E-4

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 9 Encounter E-4


The halls in this complex are unlit but there are sconces to hold torches at each corner and about every 30ft. This short hallway also has silver manacles set every 10ft along the south wall, The manacles can be broken free of the wall if struck several times with a mace, hammer or sword. Each set of manacles has 40sp worth of silver metal.


This short hallway ends in a stout wooden door with a wooden handle. The handle keeps the door shut if closed but there is no lock and turning it will open the door,


This oddly shaped room holds tables with tightly woven wicker baskets. Inside each basket are two ferrets. There are ten baskets. Beneath two of the tables are wooden chests. These hold ferret food. If the baskets are left open the ferrets will escape.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 8 Encounter E-3

 Lone Wolf AD&D Part 8 Encounter E-3


The corridor is unlit and comes to an abrupt end. The secret door is a wood panel covered with plaster and painted grey. The Druid's are not skilled at building and this is the best they could come up with. In the light of a candle there is a 1 in 6 chance of noticing then plaster even without actively searching for a secret door. If a lantern or even a torch is brought to the end of the hall then there is a 50% chance of noticing the plaster and a 100% chance if actively searching for a secret door.

One good swing will not only shatter the plaster but will also crack the board used as a door. This will cause the creature in room 5. to become aware that someone is approaching.


Inside this circular chamber is an uninjured Black Bear 3+3HD, The Bear is uncharmed but reasonably tamed by the attention of the Druids. Breaking the doorway will cause it to wake and sit in the center of the room waiting to be fed. If the door is passed without breaking it then the Bear will be sound asleep if wakened, In either case the Bear will only attack if attacked. If fed the bear will attempt to follow the characters and sit and gesture for food everytime they stop.

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Lone Wolf AD&D Part 7 Encounter E-2

Lone Wolf AD&D Part 7 Encounter E-2

3. The corridor runs north beyond the secret door. 6 cell-like doors line the hall. Each cell contains the chamber of a 1st level druid. Their order maintains that only animals should exist and man and monster should perish. They believe that all those who follow their belief will be reincarnated as an animal and take their rightful place ruling the earth.

The chambers are simple with not much more than a cot and chamber-pot; A candle for light nd no metal of any kind. Thy wield a wooden staff for defense and know only a single spell.