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Repost - City of Greyhawk Random Dwelling Generator #1

1) Single story 20x30 home with cellar and attic.

A common building often found in the:

Beggar's Quarter
Brewer's Quarter
Carftsman's Ward
Foreign Quarter
Labor Quarter
Low Quarter
River Quarter

It is less commonly found in the:

Garden Quarter
The Shacks
The Strip
Thieves Quarter
Trade Areas
University Area

It is rarely found in the:

The Halls
High Quarter
Plaza D'Haut

As with most homes found in the city:


The cellar is normally a dirt floor whose walls are constructed of stone slabs or boulders. Two wooden support beams help to hold up the wooden floor of the first level. This is typically used as a storage place for food (jars of preserved fruits and vegetables, meats, herbs, etc...), beverages, normally kegs or barrels of ale or beer, sometimes smaller barrels or bottles of stronger drink. These cellars are normally dank and musty, mice are common, but rats can be found (more likely to be encountered in the Beggar's Quarter, River Quarter, Hutsham, Slums, The Shacks & The Thieve's Quarter).

In some areas, most notably in Old City Quarters, as well as the High Quarter, Trade Areas and the River Quarter, these cellars will be floored with stone and access to the sewer system beneath the city is common through grates or metal-lidded passages.

The First Floor:

Stone is easy to come by in the City of Greyhawk so most dwellings have either their first story walls constructed of stone, or of stone halfway up (three or four feet) and then wood.

Exterior doors are stout, often studded with iron nails or banded in bronze or iron in the Plaza D'Haut, Thieve's Quarter, River Quarter, Hutsham & The Shacks. These doors will often have a simple iron lock, and all will have staples and a bar ready to be dropped in place on the inside.

In the Beggar's Quarter and the Slums doors are commonly found broken or in disrepair. Most have a set of iron staples so that the door can be barred from the inside, but, for the most part, doors will have a simple wooden latch (in these quarters anything as valuable as a lock will most often have been pried or cut from an unprotected door.

In all other quarters exterior doors are stout, and capable of being barred from within but normally do not have locks.

First floor windows do not normally contain glass. In the Plaza D'Haut, Thieve's Quarter, River Quarter, Hutsham & The Shacks iron bars are often found. A double set of shutters is often in place, both capable of being bolted or barred from within.

In all other quarters first floor windows normally have a single set of shutters capable of being barred from within. In both the Beggar's Quarter and the Slums shutters are often missing or broken, with boards nailed into place over the empty window-frame.

First floor interiors normally consist of a single 10x15 bedroom. The rest of the first floor is a small area set around the fireplace with perhaps a cabinet for food, a stone sink, water-barrel, small table and chairs. There is a back door immediately across from the front in most dwelling with cellar stairs to onside and attic stairs to the other. Ceilings tend to be six to ten feet.

Second Story

Second stories are wood construction. In areas where the first floor windows are barred, so too are attic windows. There will also be shutters, normally a single set capable of being barred, latched or bolted from within. Even in the Beggar's and Slum Quarters these shutters are often found intact.

The two upstairs rooms are often bedrooms, but sometime used for storage. A trapdoor and ladder allow access to the roof and the area around the chimney stack often has a table or work-bench.

The roof is wooden with curved brickwork tiles. A gutter runs along the edges front and back. In the Beggar's Quarter and the Slums these roof tiles are often missing and the roof sagging or warped.

The Exterior

The back of most homes has an outhouse with a honey-pot and a shed containing gardening equipment (most tools of any value are kept indoors). The fence is most frequently made of wooden boards.

Most Greyhawkers grow food in their small plots of land. Larger areas will likely have a few hens and henhouse, goats or a pig or two.

At each corner of the house a gutter runs down to a water-barrel. Plumbing or wells are rarely, if ever, found in these dwellings.


These homes are inhabited, for the most part, by small families of two parents, three to five children and a grandparent or great uncle/aunt. These are dwellings of peasants and commoners who have some form of employment.

In Hutsham and The Shacks these dwellings are often in good repair and occupied by the more well-to-do of the down-and-out of Greyhawk. They are sometimes used as guardposts, or homes of overseers and minor bosses.

There are likely to be found 2-5 1st Level Fighters or Thieves with a 2nd level Fighter or Thief in charge.

Walls surrounding these dwellings in Hutsham and The Shacks will be 8 to 10 feet high of stone with broken glass or spikes on top, or tree-boles with spiked tops. A door or gate in the back fence is likely. Yards may contain a shack or shed with 2-4 0-level servants living within.

Encyclopedia Greyhawkania Index Part 28 Go-Gra

Goand [NPC]
WGR1 - 43

Goap (Devil)[NPC]
        MMII - 44

Gobayuiks Undertakers (City of Greyhawk)[SHP]
LGJ#2 - 5

Goblin [MON]
        DUN#95 - 60
LOG - 8

Goblin Tooth Inn (Rauxes)[INN]
WG8 - 71

Goblin War [BTL]
DRG#253 - 45

Goblinwater River (Goblinswater)[RVR]
RKB - IC,12,22,47

Godakin Keep [CTL]
LGJ#1 - 13,33

Goddess Blush [CAL]
TSB - 81

Godeep, Hosue of (Drow)[CLN]
D3 - 14,17,18
        DG - 78,79,80
        DRG#298 - 74,84,85
GDQ - 4,52,80,86,87

Godsday [CAL]
COG:GOTF - 47,63,65,66,75,79,85,90
DRG#263 - 47,49
DRG#264 - 49
DUN#73 - 64,65,66
        FAT - 13
LGG - 2
LGJ#2 - 8
        LGJ#4 - 4
LOG - 15,16
NA - 375
PGTG - 14,15
POLY#129 - 39
SLV - 56,101,108
SOOC - 72
T1-4 - 18
TAB - 39,40,42-44,46,47,71,88,89,92,103,110,113,119
WG8 - 66
WGA1 - 11,20
WGA2 - 6
WGA3 - 7
        WGG - 4
WOGA - 5

Goerdyn [NPC]
RTOH - 96

SEE Kuo-Toa

Gol-Daer [PLC]
LOG - 48

Golbi (Hammer)[ITM]
DRG#88 - 9,10
DRG#241 - 40
        DRG#294 - 93
        DRG#299 - 102
        LGG - 171

Gold (Dame)[NPC]
A1-4 - 2,5,6,8,9,10,11,12,20,27,28,46,55,90,102,104,121,125

Gold Admiral (gp)[COIN]
        LGG - 100

Gold Baron (gp)[COIN]
        LGG - 99

Gold County [PRV]
DRG#271 - 74
        LGG - 46
LGJ#2 - 28
        LGJ#3 - 27
SLV - 6
WGR4 - 1,5,8,13,29,31,32,33,37,40,41,44,46

Gold Digger Tavern (City of Greyhawk)[INN]
COG:FFF - 74
LGJ#2 - 5
TAB - 119

Gold Dragon Inn (City of Greyhawk)[INN]
LGJ#2 - 5
PGTG - 32
TAB - 90,91

Gold Duke (gp)[COIN]
        LGG - 124

Gold Falcon [ITM]
TSC - 37

Gold Glory (gp)[COIN]
        LGG - 80

Gold Scales [ORG]
SLV - 110,112,113,115

Gold Skull (gp)[COIN]
        LGG - 58

Gold Wheatsheaf (Dyvers)[COIN]
SLV - 8

Goldan (Private)[NPC]
        DUN#85 - 83

Goldbolt [CTL]
        LGJ#3 - 9

Goldchasm [PLC]
DRG#208 - 48,54

Goldday [CAL]
TSB - 38

Golden Circle [ORG]
ATG - 68-70

Golden Death, Orb of {Yellowskull}{Goldenskull}{Death Orb}[ITM]
        SEE Orb of Golden Death

Golden Dove (Yepita)[NPC]
DRG#56 - 19

Golden Girdle (Rauxes)[SHP]
WG8 - 69

Golden Grain Inn (Orlane)[INN]
N1 - 2,3,5,6,10,11,13,14,19

Golden Grain Tavern (Rauxes)[INN]
WG8 - 69

Golden Grumnet [INN]

Golden League [ORG]
        DRG#302 - 99
LGG - 15,24,78,148,149
LOG - Dis,11,12,26,95
        SEE Iron League

Golden League, War of the [BTL]
        DRG#302 - 99
        LGG - 148,149
LOG - 11,95

Golden Monks [ORG]
WG8 - 110,111

Golden Perch (Jurnre)[INN]
WG8 - 26,29

Golden Phoenix Inn (City of Greyhawk)[INN]
COG:FFF - 15,16,22,23,43,62,63,82
COG:GOTF - 64,65
LGJ#2 - 5
PGTG - 32
RTO8 - 4-6,8,10
TAB - 91

Golden Scimitar [ORG]
FTAC - 1,74
PGTG - 31
TAB - 105

Golden Sun, Banner of the {Azharadins Banner}[ITM]
        DRG#293 - 93,95
LOG - 64
        ONW1-03 - 4,13,16,17

Golden Sun, Bastion of the (Scant)(Glaives of Azharadin Chapterhouse)[PLC]
        DRG#293 - 93
LOG - 64,89
        ONW1-03 - 4

Golden Sun, Order of the [ORG]
        DRG#293 - 92,93,94
LOG - 29,31,45,93,97,98,105,106,109,112
        ONW1-03 - 4,5,7,9,10
        SEE ALSO Azharadin, Glaives of

Golden Wheel Casino (Chendl)[INN]
WG8 - 84

SEE Golden Death, Orb of

Goldfields [CAL]
LGG - 2
PGTG - 13
        WGG - 4
WOGA - 5

Goldie [NPC]
WGA1 - 15,48,50

Goldie [NPC]
SOOC - 178

Goldplain (Pop 6,700)[TWN]
        LGG - 124,126

Goldsmiths and Silversmiths, Guild of (City of Greyhawk)[GLD]
PGTG - 30

Goldstream [RVR]
        LOG - 90

Goldsun (gp)[COIN]
        LGG - 116

Goldwhite [T20][NPC]

Golem [MON][ITM]
LOG - 22

Golfig [F3][NPC]
L2 - 9

Gollunfane [CTL]
LGJ#1 - 11

Golmar [F1][NPC]
L2 - 21

Golnar [?]
RTOH - 93

Gom the Enforcer [3eRog8/As3][NPC]
LGJ#5 - 7

Gondoria [KNG]
SAG1 - 151

Gondorians [PPL]
SAG1 - 36,37,61,104,110,121,143,145,146,151,153,162,169

Gonduria (Continent)[PLC]
        DOD - 402

Goni [MON]
TSB - 60

Good Hills [MT]
FTAA - 12,38,58,60,75
GDQ - 16,17
        LGG - 64,65,145,152
LGJ#0 - 6
LGJ#1 - 13,14,15,33
WGA4 - 48
        WGG - 21,22,25
WOGA - 50,54,57
WOGG - 14

Good Hills Union (Union of the)[PRV]
        LGG - 64
LGJ#1 - 19,33

Goodbar [NPC]
        UA - 21

Goodmen of Rilthane [ORG]
FTAC - 76

Goodmonth By Gironi Boccanegra [BK]
DRG#253 - 41,42,43,44

Goodmonth [CAL]
COG:FFF - 60
DRG#56 - 21
DRG#68 - 45
DRG#263 - 51
        DRG#299 - 96
        DRG#AN4 - 20
DUN#41 - 46
FTAC - 51,80
GW:ADV - 19
LGG - 2,33
        LGJ#4 - 4
LOG - 17,18,71
NA - 233
PGTG - 13,15
RTO8 - 2-4,10,19-21,52
SOOC - 12
TAB - 39,46,48,52,53,90,92
        WGG - 4
WGR4 - 32
WOGA - 5
WOGG - 19

Goods Market (Rel Mord)[PLC]
WGR4 - IC,78

Googtuth [NPC]
WGR1 - 17

Goose (sp)[COIN]
        LGG - 79
        LOG - 34,36

Goose Fair (Yards)(Willip)[QTR]
WGR4 - 34,35

Gorak (Orog)[NPC]
SOTT - 4,16,26,27,39,40,45,46,88,89,106,114,120,121,122

Goral [F7][NPC]
DUN#32 - 69,70

Gorbin Stalworth [F5][NPC]
A1-4 - 63
A2 - 10

Gord the Rogue [NPC]
DRG#93 - 23,24
DRG#100 Pg# 24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31,32
        DRG#AN2 - 99

Gordegar [As15][NPC]
TSB - 18

Gordon of Red Falcon [NPC]
DUN#13 - 17

Gordreth (Half-Orc)[NPC]

Gorell the Woodcutter [NPC]
FTAA - 14

Gorg (Half-Orc)[NPC]
L2 - 21

Gorg (Orc)[NPC]
L2 - 21

Gorgon [MON]
        OCA - 26

Gorharg (Half-Orc)[T5][NPC]
L1 - 5

Gorloff the Aged [NPC]
        POLY#58 - 14

Gormadoc (Halfling)[T5][T9][NPC]
        ROG - 42
SLV - 35,37,39,48,60,106

Gorman [NPC]
        ONW1-03 - 5,6,7,9,10,11,12

Gorna (Pop 4,800)[TWN][CAP]
ATG - 1,5,6,44,49,50,52,64,66,67
FTAA - 26
        LGG - 48,49,127,128,146
LGJ#1 - 14
LGJ#2 - 3
        LGJ#3 - 25
        LGJ#4 - 29
S3 - 2
TAB - 35
WGA4 - 48
        WGG - 10
WOGA - 22

Gorna, Battle of [BTL]
        LGG - 48,146
LGJ#1 - 14
        LGJ#3 - 25
        LGJ#4 - 29

Gornora [NPC]
DRG#253 - 47

Goroda (Cloud Giant)[NPC]
ATG - 2,4,5,38,47,53,55,66,72,79,80,88,90

Goros Redpate (F3)(3eF3)[NPC]
LGJ#2 - 7
TAB - 112

Gorreless (T5)[NPC]
WGR5 - 70,94

Gorrkulabuk (Kuo-Toa)(Ghost)(Clr7)[NPC]
        DUN#85 - 34,54,63,64,67

Gorsend (Pop 4,400)(5,200)[TWN]
        LGG - 45,46
WGR4 - 25,27,46

Gorsk (Half-Orc)[F2][NPC]
L2 - 21

Gorson (Devil)[NPC]
        MMII - 44

Gorth (Derro)[NPC]
WGA3 - 40

Gotto [C7][NPC]
SLV - 95

Gougers Tribe (Kobold)[CLN]
LGG - 11

Gouquog (Sea-Hag)[3eF3][NPC]
        RT1-4 - 93,172

Gov River [RVR]
        TOH - IC
TSB - 30,Map

Govoc the Prophet (Drow)(Drd12)[NPC]
        DRG#298 - 83
        DRG#300 - 92,93

Grabford (Pop 8,800)[TWN]
GW:ADV - 20
        LGG - 45,46,47,105,150
TAB - 21
WGM1 - IBC,4,8,15,20
WGR4 - 3,20,21,36
WGR5 - 4,25,28,32,33,34,73,75,76,79,80,87,88
WGR6 - 14

Grabford, Battle of [BTL]
        LGG - 47

Gradsul (Pop 49,400)[TWN]
COG:FFF - 24
DRG#263 - 47
FTAA - 9,64,69,77
GA - 101
GW:ADV - 23
        LGG - 63,64,65,72,101,119,121,156
LGJ#0 - 8,11
LGJ#1 - 9,10,11,12,13,14,16,33
        LGJ#3 - 26
        LGJ#4 - 15,16,17,20
LGJ#5 - 29
        LOG - 33
RTO8 - 60
TAB - 33
TSB - 6
WGA4 - 49
        WGG - 12,15
WOGA - 27,34

Gradsul, Duchy of (Keoland)[PRV]
        LGG - 64
LGJ#1 - 12,13,17,18,19,33

Grady (Bloody)[NPC]
SLV - 37

Grafs Manor (Prinzfeld)[CTL]
WGQ1 - IC,IBC,1,15,21

Gragend Klanden [NPC]

Gralo [NPC]
WGQ1 - 11

Grammo Saxinus (Half-Elf)[NPC]
WGA4 - 39,41,43

Gran March (40,000+)[KNG]
ATG - 5,6,44,62,68,80,91
DRG#52 - 18,19,20
DRG#57 - 13
DRG#67 - 11
DRG#191 - 65,67
DRG#263 - 46
DUN#41 - 48
        DUN#89 - 47,49
        DUN#95 - 60,63
FTAA - 7,10,12,17,20,23,26,29,38,43,55,59,60,61,79
FTAC - 62
GA - 87
GDQ - 12
GW:ADV - 11,15,16,19
LGG - IC,32,33,48,49,50,51,58,63,65,67,96,107,116,118,119
LGJ#0 - 3,13
LGJ#1 - 4,8,9,10,19,28,32,33
LGJ#2 - 28,29
        LGJ#3 - 27
        LGJ#4 - 28,29
LGJ#5 - 28,31
        MMII - 60
N1 - 2,5,20
PGTG - 5,10,27,55,56
S4B2 - 12
        SAF - 47
TAB - 16,18,35,36
WG12 - 2,3,4,33,34,64
WGA4 - 49
        WGG - IC,2,5,7,10,12,17,18,23,25
WGR3 - 23
WGR4 - 9,10,63
WGR5 - 4
WOGA - 8,12,14,22,23,27,28,39,40,50,54,79,IBC
WOGG - 8,10,17,31,32

Gran March, Equalizer of (Sword)[ITM]
WGR3 - 23

Grand Administrative Council (City of Greyhawk)[ORG]
FTAC - 6
TAB - 41

Grand Calendar [CAL]
TSB - 50

Grand Cascade (Underoerth)[RVR]
DUN#70 - 63
        DUN#72 - 84

Grand Citadel {Military Quarter}(City of Greyhawk)[CTL][QTR]
COG:FFF - 9,11,12,65,66
COG:GOTF - 1,5,46-52,54,61,67,74,93,94
COH - 6,10,25,26,37,39,40,81
LGJ#2 - 5,7
NA - 277,279,301,354,355,360,387,389,391,397
PGTG - 14,29,32
SOOC - 37,48,86
TAB - 43,57-59,74,78-83,85,87-89,112,125
WGA1 - IC,IBC,2,9,10,12,18,22,24,49
WGA2 - 49
WGA3 - 2,5,10,13,24,25,26,27,28,56

Grand Council of Greyhawk Guilds [GLD]
COG:FFF - 30
TAB - 42,44,46,47,65

Grand Court (Celene)[QTR]
AOE - 121-123

Grand Duke's Castle (Geoff)[CTL]
ATG - 49

Grand Hall (City of Greyhawk)[QTR]
FTAA - 9
PGTG - 11,28
WGR3 - 4

Grand Market (Scant)[QTR]
LOG - 14,34,52,89
TAB - 25

Grand Opera (City of Greyhawk)[QTR]
SEE Royal Opera (City of Greyhawk)

Grand Prison (Hesuel Ilshar)[QTR]
TSB - 25,26

Grand Square (City of Greyhawk)[PLC]
SOOC - 37,48

Grand Tent (City of Greyhawk)[PLC]
LGJ#2 - 4,7,9
TAB - 111,114,115

Grand Theater {Great}(City of Greyhawk)[PLC]
COG:FFF - 60,61,64,75
COG:GOTF - 64,74,75
LGJ#2 - 5,8
PGTG - 32
TAB - 44,85,90,113

Grand Tower (City of Greyhawk)[CTL]
NA - 172

Grandherths Family [CLN]
SLV - 16

Grandiens (Gaming House)(Willip)[INN]
WGR4 - IC,35

Grandma Henris House of Rest (Verbobonc)[INN]
WG8 - 95

Grandsuel Peaks [MT]
SOD - 6,133,152-154,159,169,170,172,181,182

Grandwood Forest [WD]
DRG#52 - 19
DRG#63 - 17
DRG#68 - 42
DRG#191 - 67,68
DRG#208 - 57
DRG#209 - 13
DRG#241 - 47
FTAA - 53,61
FTAC - 80
GA - 25
LGG - 17,22,72,92,141,152,153,158
LGJ#5 - 30
SAF - 46
TAB - 26,29
WGG - 10,12,14,22,23,25
WOGA - 23,28,29,32,33,51,54,57,58
WOGG - 12,13,32,IBC

Grandwood Forest, Marchland of (Ahlissa)[PRV]
LGG - 22

Grandwoods Grandest
SEE Gahrus Folly

Grandy the Mariner of Monmurg [NPC]
WGR3 - 13

Granforth (Keoland)[TWN]
LGJ#1 - 33

Granite, Brotherhood of (Stone Giant)[CLN]
A1-4 - 91

Granite City [TWN]

Grank [C3][NPC]
T1-4 - 111,112

Grankhul (Bugbear)[Deity]
FTAA - 96

Granny (Sea Hag)[NPC]
ONW1-06 - 6

Granus of Pregmere (Count)
SEE Rohan IV

Grask (Gnoll)(Drd5)[NPC]
        DUN#85 - 74,89,90,91,92,93

Grasp [NPC]
SOOC - 42

Gratius Saghast [NPC]
TAB - 94
WGA2 - 11

Graud (Half-Orc)[3eBbn4][NPC]
        RT1-4 - 61,63,65,172

Grave District (Skull City)[QTR]
RTOH - 34

Gravestone (Donnur)(Gravers)(Norund)(Rundon Tallman)(Undron
CED - 81,82-91,95-103,115,119,120,135,136,139,140,168-172
COH - 394,395,396
        DOD - 17,18,79,152,155,218,416

Gravetongue (Sickle)[ITM]
        DRG#292 - 68,72

Gray Ghost Tavern (Leukish)[INN]
WG8 - 58,59

Gray Lynx Clan (Gray Linx)(Rovers)[CLN]
DRG#56 - 22,23
DUN#32 - 61,62,62,66,67,69,71

Gray One, Tower of the (Rauxes)[CTL]
WG8 - 71

Gray Queen [NPC]
IQ3 - 1,2,5,6,7,11,12,13,14,15

Gray Run River [RVR]
NA - 331,332,336,343,382

Gray Waste [PLC]
TSC - 44

Graycloaks [ORG]
        DUN#85 - 35,36,38

Grayfist (Verbobonc)[CTL]
        LGG - 132
WG8 - 95

Grayflood River (Greyflood)[RVR]
DRG#57 - 15
DRG#65 - 12
FTAA - 63
        LGG - 110,111,141,152
LOG - 11
RTOH - 7,8
TAB - 29
        TOH - IC
        WGG - 24,25
WOGA - 53,54

Grayflood Keeps [CTL]

Grayhill (Keoland)(Pop 985)[TWN]
LGJ#1 - 14,15,16,33
        LGJ#4 - 16

Grayhill, Barony of (Keoland)[PRV]
        LGG - 64,66
LGJ#1 - 15,18,33

Grayington [TWN]
LGJ#5 - 31

Graylion {Gord}[NPC]
SOD - 172

Graz (Yeth Hound)[NPC]
        DOD - 346,398,414,415,416

Grazz't {Graz'zt}(Demon)[Deity]
AOE - 91-98,190,192,303,304,310,331,333,340
CED - 39,44,45,47,48,49,50,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,146,147
COH - 393
        DOD - 13,14,15,44,45,46,63,67,69,71,72,74,75,76,77,79,80,82,83
DRG#64 - 13
DRG#225 - 51,52
DRG#233 - 27
DRG#264 - 47
DRG#270 - 65
        DRG#294 - 27
        DRG#299 - 103
DUN#13 - 17
        LGG - 63,173,182
MMII - 35,39,40
PGTG - 24
RTO8 - 10,55,56
S4B1 - 2
S4B2 - 8
SOD - 9-13,16-29,31,79-82,84-93,95,134,136,139,272,273,360,
WGR5 - 3,16,17,46,72,75,84,91,92,93,94
WGR6 - 38
WOGA - 75

Grazz't {Graz'zt}, Sword of
        SEE Doomscreamer

Grazz't (Graz'zt), Temple of (Dyvers)[TMP]
SOD - 92

Grazzcyk (Stone Giant)[NPC]
A1-4 - 91

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Repost - The Hill Giant Chief - Nosnra's Saga - Part 9

"Arise!" Nosnra commanded the assembled clan, "Arise and look upon your slain kin!"

A feast was laid out in the Great Hall. Above the roasting pit was spitted a monstrous aurochs bull, now a well carved skeleton charring slowly over the open fire. Barrels of ale, larger than a tall man, stood at head and foot of every table. Huge slabs of bread, served as edible plates set before each feaster, were buried beneath thick-cut hunks of meat, burnt crisp along their edge, but at heart raw red and dripping blood. Tubs of cabbage mixed with pickled dwarven heads, clean shaved, a rare delicacy among the hills. A dozen separate dishes, some hot and others cold, but most a charnel horror of sentient flesh, human, elven, dwarven, all fair game and sustaining meat among the giant-kind.

At the chief's command each giant rose, benches scraped back across the floor, then every eye, sad and with deep respect, turned toward the pair of dead set before the thegn's high table.

Huon's wife had brought their wedding shield, a huge kite of painted hide and wood, and placed it on his arm. Young Eadnoth had found no mate, instead his brother gave him a wanderer's staff, no runes carved upon it, his betrothal quest unlived, no tale ever to be told. A bread-plate of food was set for them, a huge flagon of ale beside their hands. Their bodies had been washed of blood, their wounds sewn tight and hidden, bloody clothes cut away then taken and soaked in oil. A torch would be made of these rags, wrapped round the wood then set aflame, a kindling wick to light the funeral pyre.

Then each giant was dressed again in their best finery and laid out with reverent care. Each member of the clan, from eldest, Ingigerd the ancient crone, to the youngest suckling babe, paced by the bodies of the dead; They stopped and took a bite of food or sip from flagon or snip of cloth, binding some fragment of their slain kin to the whole of the living kindred.

Engenulf approached them last. He placed the flagon to their lips and poured a tiny sip within, then took a pinch of bread and meat and put it on their tongues. He gently closed their jaws, reached up and shut their eyes then turned to face the gathered crowd and spoke the final words.

"They Sleep!" The witan proclaimed. "Eat, now that they have tasted their last food, drunk their final drink. We celebrate their life, and in their death they become one with all the kindred. All who have lived, all who live now, all who will one day come."

A roaring cheer erupted from every throat; it shook the rafters and the roof, and echoed down the hall. The feast began, the giants set to and soon there came first chortles then choruses of merry laughter. A snippet of a song erupted, flagons filled and emptied quick, a fight broke out, a drunken brawl, a table was overturned, a dozen meals upset.

Nosnra smiled at the sight, his people at play. It warmed his heart. This wrongness he'd felt was gone for now, the dead at rest, all was set aright.

* * *

The morning sun rose over the lowland forests. Its rays burnt away the mist rising from the damp valleys and steamed the fields around the steading dry. Smoke drifted lazily from the open gaps above the great hall and the smell of roasted meat wafted across the hill. Outside, a pack of dire wolves ran free then a trio of giants rounded the far corner wall, one stopped and called to the wolves. They bounded and frolicked, joyful in the warmth of the cloudless day.

Inside the hall the feast was done, the tables cleared, old sawdust and debris swept up and dragged away. A score of orcs, skeleton thin and showing signs of recent wounds, tossed a fresh layer of sawdust across the floor. Those giants who had not been conscripted for patrols or forced to help with morning chores had quickly fled. Most slept, but others readied weapons or dragged out bits of armor; rough hammered grieves, chain shirts, and brightly colored shields. The entrance hall had been washed clean, but up the stairs the dried black pool of Huon's blood was left, a grim reminder for unwatchful guards. Each gaping tower window contained attentive eyes, for now at least, unblinking in the morning light.

* * *

"Ver-find-ingan," Engenulf began his chant, crosslegged, upon the feasting table. Beside him Huon's body lay; one last service to perform. "Ver! Ver!" the magician-priest called forth. He drew a cryptic sign in Huon's blood, first on the dead giant's head, then another on his chest. "Sprek-ver!" the command came harsh and clear.

"I slept," the sepulcher voice exclaimed. It came from Huon's bloodless lips, no muscle stirred, no breath, just a distant speech summoned at the witan's call.

"Ver!" demanded Engenulf.

"I drank, I did not watch. They came... small, children... humans, olven, dwarf... two, three... two, then two, they came... the pain, pain, can't breath... cold, dark... Ogiva, Ogiva...." the voice gave one last plaintive moan and then was silent.

"Rest now," Engenulf kindly said and closed the staring eyes. "You heard?" he asked but did not turn.

"I heard," Nosnra replied. "It's as I thought; the human scum, olves, those foul dwarves from down below... They have killed us in our own hall. Our dead are dishonored."

"No, they died. That is all," Engenulf moved to face his old friend and looked him in the eye. "They are not dishonored in this death."

"I feel it here," the chief pounded on his chest. "The foulness of these creatures, it has washed over them. Their deaths were bad."

"Do not do this..." pleaded Engenulf.

"They cannot rest, they did not watch in life, the will keep guard in death. We will bury them just beyond the outer doors. Come," Nosnra yelled and several warriors appeared. "Take them to the entrance hall, bring picks! And Engenulf... prepare yourself. They will earn their rest, but you must wake them first."

"I obey. No pyre for them yet," Engenulf replied, shaking his head sadly.

* * *

Eadnoth and Huon were not buried deep. Instead they were set beside the wide dirt path at the crest of the hill. The lowlands lay below them, a forest that spread out far as the eye could see, but beyond the trees, the human lands. These two failed watchers would now keep a ceaseless vigilance.

"Nen-slfen, nen-rast, nen-friden," Engenulf cried aloud. His face was drawn and gray; this rite sapped at his spirit and blackened his soul. His voice started high and clear but fell to no more than a whisper. He set upon each grave a brazier filled with a powdered bone, a sliver of flesh cut from each dead giant's hand and marked with a drop of their own blood. As his voice began to fade, a magic fire, white-hot and shooting high, burst forth. It consumed the powdered bone, flesh, blood and braziers too. The flame burned deep within the ground, burned its way into each giant's chest and from the burning hole arose a spirit-cloud that swayed above their shallow graves. A soft whispered moaning word upon each ghostly lip and then as if some breeze took hold, though no wind was blowing across the hill, each wavering form turned into a thinning mist, and then was gone.

"It is done. They guard," Engenulf said and swayed upon his feet. His strength was gone, run out into the spell.

"My friend..." Nosnra said, and reached out a supportive hand, but a howling angry voice broke in upon his words.

"Nosnra! Nosnra! What have you done!" Eadwig came running toward them, a small crowd of giants following close behind.

"Eadwig!" Nosnra shouted back. "Do you command! The right of life and death are mine to choose!"

"My brother, you have dishonored him. Engenulf how could you curse him so?" Eadwig fell to his knees before his brother's grave.

"I, Eadwig, I had no hand in his dishonor. You step too far, your grief is no excuse," The thegn was in a rage. "Your brother died beneath a human's hand. He failed, he slept, like Huon there, he brought his dishonor upon himself!"

Eadwig flushed, his face went pale then suffused with red. His anger was so great he could not speak; a vein pulsed along his neck. He breathed great painful, sobbing heaves. A wordless scream broke from his tortured throat. It hurt the ear to hear. He stood then threw himself at Nosnra.

The chief screamed back. He charged as well and crashed head to head with Eadwig. They collided with the sound of bone on bone, like two proud horned-rams upon a mountaintop.

Eadwig won that first encounter; he knocked the thegn from off his feet and sought to crush his head beneath his broad iron-nailed boot. Nosnra rolled aside and grabbed him by the ankle, then made a sudden twist that tore muscles with a popping sound. Eadwig yowled in pain and fell hard upon his side, but as Nosnra crouched, preparing to rise, Eadwig summoned up more strength from rage, and, with his uninjured leg, sent out a kick that caught the chief across the face.

Nosnra coughed and spat out blood. He shook his head to clear it and the time it cost let Eadwig close, and with both hands he grabbed Nosnra by the throat.

The stunning blow had left him dazed but at the grip of Eadwig's choking hands Nosnra's mind was clear as crystal. He saw a look of manic glee behind his sub-chief's eyes, but with both hands he struck a hammer blow that cracked against the temples of Eadwig's head. The look of glee was wiped away; the crazed eyes rolled up and showed bloodshot whites, the strangling hold was broken. Nosnra struck again, his knuckles thick with scars broke tooth and nose, burst forth in blood themselves as stone-hard skull and jagged teeth rocked beneath the chief's relentless fists.

Eadwig, stunned and gushing blood from mouth and swollen eyes, struck back, but his force was spent, the chief now had the upper hand. Nosnra stood, with two bloody hands wavering above Eadwig's prostrate form, but he did not stop. He used his feet to kick in ribs, break hands and head, till his breath was gone. He paused. Engenulf came to his side.

"Enough?" he asked.

Nosnra spat red frothy blood. He let his breathing calm. "Enough," he answered back. "Does he live?"

"Yes, thegn, but he is badly hurt."

"Take him to the Keeper," Nosnra said in a raw growl.

A pair of young warriors grabbed Eadwig beneath the arms and carried him away.

"He will live or die as fate decrees."

"It is sad work done this day," said Engenulf, watching as Eadwig, still senseless from his beating, was dragged off to a dark bare cell.