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Verbobonc - Sir Anglrieve's Manor - Part 5 The Map 10-11a

Verbobonc - Sir Anglrieve's Manor - Part 5 The Map 10-11a

10. Stables

The Stables have nine stalls most of which are normally occupied by medium draft horses and two medium warhorses. The warhorses belong to Sir Anglrieve and his master of guards Hubert, an experienced warrior and former Verbobonc Lancer. The stable master, his family and four grooms live in Main hall while at least six stable-boys live in the loft above the stalls.

11a. The Great Hall

The Great Hall is the main reception hall, dining hall and sleeping quarters for the manor. Sir Anglrieve and his family live in 11d the Family Residence and the Old Tower 11b contains the main barracks for guardsmen as well as the armory and the treasurey. 

11a 1st Floor 1.

The entranceway is a large room. the main door is strong and kept shut and barred with two guardsmen normally on duty. There is a viewport in the door and the open it for the manor residence coming and going and guard it to admit strangers to the Hall. The room is lined with chairs and benches as well as pegs on the wall for cloaks. There are empty weapon racks to hold any weapons that visitors might possess as no one but Sir Anglrieve's guardsmen or fellow Verbobonc nobles or guards is allowed into the Hall bearing arms without Anglrieve's permission.

11a 1st Floor 2.

These double doors lead to th connecting passage with the kitchens. During mealtimes they are propped open.

11a 1st Floor 3. 

These double doors lead to the connecting passage to the workshops. They are kept closed and barred except at mealtimes when a guard will prop them open and be stationed here.

11a. 1st Floor 4. 

A long raised platform is against this wall with a long table and chairs for Sir Anglrieve guests and family to sit. Between mealtimes this is where Sir Anglrieve will sit to hear petitions and complaints as well as receive strangers and visitors.

11a 1st Floor 5. 

This is the main dining and meeting hall. Tables and benches are stored to the south and pulled out at mealtimes. The hall is well lit by several enchanted stones that cast light down from lanterns set in the roof.

During times of trouble this room will be used for sleeping at night by refugees.

11a 1st Floor 6. 

Double doors kept barred from the otherside.

11a 1st Floor 7.

Stairs going up to 2nd Floor

11a 1st  Floor 8.

This is a guardroom. At least 2 guards will be on duty here at any time

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