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Project - Regional Products of the Flanaess By Nation (Expanded)

This is an old post of mine but it is step one in a Project that  I mentioned under the Project Ideas post. I want to create a consistent listing of goods, their prices per region, where they are produced and where they are traded. Part of this will include armor and weapons, hoping to give a bit of regional flavor to the arms encountered across the Flanaess.

Regional Products of the Flanaess By Nation (Expanded)

From the map found in the 1983 World of Greyhawk boxed set (Pg#45 A Guide to the World of Greyhawk) depicting regional products we are given 15 symbols representing major exports of the various nations (2 symbols of which depict unknown products or that no major exports exist).

Cloth - (Almor, Bissel, Celene, Ekbir, Furyondy, Geoff, Gran March, Great Kindom, Medegia, North Province, Nyrond, Ulek Duchy, Urnst County, Yeomanry)

Copper - (Almor, Blackmoor, Geoff, Gran March, Great Kingdom, Ice Barbarians, Idee, Nyrond, Pale, Perrenland, Snow Barbarians, Ulek County, Veluna, Verbobonc, Wolf)

Electrum - (CoG, Iuz, North Province, Pomarj, Sterich, Sunndi, Ulek Duchy, Urnst Duchy)

Food - (Almor, Bissel, Celene, Ekbir, Frost Barbarians, Furyondy, Gran March, Great Kingdom, Idee, Medegia, North Province, Nyrond, Pale, Sea Princes, Shield Lands, South Province, Tenh, Tusmit, Ulek County, Ulek Duchy, Ulek Principality, Urnst County, Urnst Duchy, Veluna, Yeomanry, Zeif, Hepmomaland)

Furs - (Frost Barbarians, Ice Barbarians, Iuz, Ratik, Rovers, Stonefist, Tiger, Wolf)

Gems - (of 4 types) (Bissel I, Blackmoor II, Bone March I and II, Geoff I, Gran March III, Great Kingdom IV, CoG I-IV, Ice Barbarians I, Irongate II and III, Ket I and IV, Nyrond I and II, Onnwal III, Pale IV, Pomarj I and II, Ratik IV, Scarlet Brotherhood I and III and IV, Snow Barbarians I and II, Sterich II and III, Stonefist I, Sunndi II and IV, Tiger I, Ulek County I and II, Ulek Duchy, Ulek Principality II and IV, Ull II, Urnst Duchy Duchy, Verbobonc I-IV, Yeomanry II, Zeif III, Hepmonland ?)

Gold - (Bissel, Frost Barbarians, Furyondy, Geoff, Great Kingdom, CoG, Highfolk Town, Highfolk Valley, Idee, Pomarj, Ratik, Rovers, Scarlet Brotherhood, Sterich, Tusmit, Urnst County, Urnst Duchy, Veluna)

Ivory - (Blackmoor, Stonefist, Hepmonaland)

Lumber - (Hepmonaland)

Platinum - (CoG, Onnwal, Sunndi, Tenh, Urnst Duchy, Hepmonaland)

Silver - (Bandit Kingdoms, Bone March, Celene, Frost Barbarians, Geoff, Great Kingdom, CoG, Ket, Nyrond, Pomarj, South Province, Sterich, Stonefist, Tiger, Tusmit, Ulek County, Ulek Principality, Ull, Urnst Duchy, Veluna, Yeomanry)

Spices - (Lorship of the Isles, Scarlet Brotherhood, Hepmonaland)

Woods, Rare - (Highfolk Valley, Lorship of the Isles, Scarlet Brotherhood)

Most of the distributions seem a bit odd, for instance Hepmonaland alone produces Lumber for export. I propose to expand on the existing list of exports and include variations in type (in a different method than appears to be used for gems) and production level.

Here is an alphabetical listing of the nations and their resources.

Almor - (Food, Cloth, Copper)
Bandit Kingdoms - (Silver)
Bissel - (Food, Cloth, Gold, Gems I)
Blackmoor - (Ivory, Copper, Gems II)
Bone March - (Silver, Gems I and II)
Celene - (Food, Cloth, Silver)
Dyvers - (Shipbuilding Supplies - Not a Listed Export Product)
Exbir - (Food, Cloth)
Frost Barbarians - (Food, Fur, Silver, Gold)
Furyondy - (Food, Cloth, Gold)
Geoff - (Cloth, Copper, Silver, Gold, Gems I)
Gran March - (Food, Cloth, Copper, Gems III)
Great Kingdom - (Food, Cloth, Copper, Silver, Gold, Gems IV)
Greyhawk, City of [CoG] - (Silver, Electrum, Gold, Platinum, Gems I-IV)
Highfolk, Town - (Gold)
Highfolk, Valley - (Gold, Rare Woods)
Horned Society -
Ice Barbarians - (Furs, Copper, Gems I)
Idee - (Food, Copper, Gold)
Irongate - (Gems II, III)
Iuz - (Furs, Electrum)
Keoland - (Food, Cloth, Gold, Gems III)
Ket - (Silver, Gems I and IV)
Lordship of the Isles - (Rare Woods, Spices)
Medegia - (Food, Cloth)
North Province - (Food, Cloth, Electrum)
Nyrond - (Food, Cloth, Copper, Silver, Gems I and II)
Onnwal - (Platinum, Gems III)
Pale - (Food, Copper, Gems IV)
Perrenland - (Copper)
Paynims -
Pomarj - (Silver, Electrum, Gold, Gems I and II)
Ratik - (Shipbuilding Supplies - Not Listed as an Exported Resource, Furs, Gold, Gems IV)
Rel Astra -
Rovers - (Furs, Gold)
Scarlet Brotherhood - (Rare Woods, Spices, Gold, Gems I and III and IV)
Sea Barons -
Sea Princes - (Food)
Shield Lands - (Food)
Snow Barbarians - (Copper, Gems I and II)
South Province - (Food, Silver)
Spindrift Isles -
Sterich - (Silver, Electrum, Gold, Gems II and III)
Stonefist - (Fur, Ivory, Silver, Gems I)
Sunndi - (Electrum, Platinum, Gems II and IV)
Tenh - (Food, Platinum)
Tiger Nomads - (Fur, Silver, Gems I)
Tusmit - (Food, Silver, Gold)
Ulek County - (Food, Copper, Silver, Gems I and II)
Ulek Duchy - (Food, Cloth, Electrum, Gems I and II)
Ulek Principality - (Food, Silver, Gems II and IV)
Ull - (Silver, Gems II)
Urnst County - (Food, Cloth, Gold)
Urnst Duchy - (Food, Silver, Electrum, Gold, Platinum, Gems I-IV)
Valley of the Mage -
Veluna - (Food, Copper, Silver, Gold)
Verbobonc - (Copper, Gems I-IV)
Wild Coast -
Wolf Nomads - (Fur, Copper)
Yeomanry - (Food, Cloth, Silver, Gem II)
Zeif - (Food, Gem III)
NOTE - Hepmonaland - While not a nation it is listed on the regional production map of exported goods - (Lumber, Food, Spices, Platinum, Gems ?, Ivory)

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