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Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc - Part 8 Random Encounters Part 7

Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc - Part 8 Random Encounters Part 7

7. Spiders

The PCs may notice small amounts of spiderwebbing near them off the side of the path, trail or road they are travelling. If they have animals with them they will become skittish and nervous. But by the time the PCs realize something is wrong it will be too late.

From all around them around a two dozen large spiders will make a fast scuttling approach. The players will have one melee round advantage before the spiders close.

The spiders are under the sway of the Aboleth's domination and are seeking to capture rather than kill. They will poison PCs hoping to weaken them and knock them unconscious. They will cast webs at them seeking to bind the PCs. If the PCs are defeated they will be webbed and poisoned awakening later in an abandoned barn. The barn is home to a giant spider and a number of large and huge spiders. 

The PCs will awake to the sight of a beautiful but very unkempt and grimy woman. She is the druid Oleanne (See NB Book1 Pg#20). She will quickly cut the PCs free and urge them to run for it indicating a place in the barn wall where the boards have been snapped aside. If the players flee they will have no gear except what they carried on their person and any animals will be gone. 

The PCs gear is in one of lofts but so are two huge spiders and half-a-dozen large spiders. Any animal mounts or companions are in broken down stable next to the barn. The giant spider and four huge spiders dragged them there for a future repast but they are still alive. The giant spider and the four huge spiders are away bringing back a number of riding wolves they captured.

Inside the barn are a dozen goblins and half a dozen wolves. They are webbed and caught. They will beg for their freedom but if released will escape as soon as possible and inform the other raiders of the weakened PCs in the area. 

A large force of goblins will besiege the barn and spiders witin two days if these goblins escape and within six days even if they do not.

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