Thursday, March 28, 2019

NPC - Zervan Cloud Giant Ambassador

NPC -  Zervan Cloud Giant Ambassador

Arrogant, immensely powerful, brilliant, haughty and thoroughly evil, Zervan represents the Cloud Giant Confederation when it deals with its lesser brethren (any giants who are not Cloud Giants). He was an immessary to the ill-fated Nosnra and the Drow inspired campaign against surface dwellers that had him flitting between the grubby Hill Giants like Nosnra's ilk, the frozen Frost Giants and the sweaty and overheated Fire Giants. Now he is returned to his home, a cloud  castle that floats among the Crystalmists. Some trouble with the dull, grey Stone Giants is brewing so he knows his time home will be short.

Zervan is tall even for a Cloud Giant and carries with him a enchanted blade crafter by enslaved dwarven weaponsmiths. It bears the trapped spirit of a Cloud Dragon within it, Xft by name, and constantly struggles for domination with Zervan. If Zervan can mentally dominate the spirit of Xft he gains the usae of the spells and abilities of an adult Cloud Dragon for the day. Each day he must struggle for control of the sword and if the dragon ever wins he will have Zervan destory the sword, frreeing the spirit of Xft and exchanging Cloud Giant flesh for enchanted steel. Xft will walk away in the body of Zervan and Zervan will bide his time till he can dominate a person of his liking and take their body for his own. So far Zevan has always won.

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