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Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc - Part 2 Random Encounters Part 1

Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc - Part 2 Random Encounters Part 1

1. Verbobonc Lancers fighting Goblin Wolf-Riders

This encounter can take place anywhere no closer than 10 leagues to the city of Verbobonc. 

The players come upon a pitched battle between a 10 man patrol of Verbobonc Lancers and some 27 wolf-riding goblins of the Broken Jaw tribe. An overturned merchants wagon is near to a path or roadway and the lancers are making a stand there.

At the wagon are 2 dead merchants and one living merchant, Ciara. She has is a red-haired woman in her thirties with some training as a fighter (padded armor, light crossbow, quarter staff). 

There are 7 dead goblins around or near the wagon and 3 dead wolves.

2 of the lancers are dismounted and lightly wounded. They are using the wagon for cover and firing short bows. The other 8 lancers are still mounted and preparing for a charge as the 27 wolf-riders and 4 riderless. 

Each lancer is an experienced warrior (1eAD&D 1st and 2nd level Fighters or Rangers). Led by Serjeant Daukyn (3rd Level Ranger) so the fight isn't one sided but any help by the players would be appreciated. 

At the end of the battle if the lancers win they will skin the wolves, loot the dead goblins and remove their heads for the viscounts bounty (1gp for the head of every goblin, orc or  similar monstrous creature), loot the wagon and merchants if Ciara doesn't survive, or help Ciara remove any valuables from the wagon if she does. Most of the lancers are Old Faith so they will leave the dead, including there own, laid out for wild animals and nature to take its course on the bodies though the merchants and their own dead will be laid out respectfully while goblins and wolves will be left to rot where they have fallen or at most dragged off the road.

The wagon was carrying varied goods. The most valuable are some coin and gems. A large trunk contains components for spells. There was a metal chest with magical potions but most are smashed. Otherwise whatever general goods the DM wishes the players to find. Ciara won't mind terribly the wagon being looted if she secures the valuable items first. The wagon is  completely destroyed but the two horses still in harness will be found further down the road.

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