Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Random Dungeon Generator Card - Dungeon Cell

Warhammer Quest cards can easily be used with any game system with minor alterations. They make a fun adventure design deck.
I've started detailing them for a sprawling dungeon I have in mind to revamp the solo Judges Guild adventure Survival of the Fitest.

In the Rift Canyon there is the ruins of a vast complex of rooms and corridors that endlessly twist and turn, sometimes crossing between planes and dimensions. Criminals and outcasts are thrown into this dungeon, most never to be heard from again, but others have returned with treasures or items of power.

Here is one such room encountered...

Dungeon Cell -
"What little light penetrates this room seems to be absorbed by its deep blue floor."

The Dungeon Cell is littered with moldy straw and the skeletal body of a long forgotten prisoner. The bones of its left leg are still held by the rusted manacle that restrained the captive in life. If examined closely it will be found that one of the victim's teeth is made of a hard ceramic as is the one below it.  The top of the false bottom tooth can be slid away with a little clicking sound and any pressure on the exposed layer beneath releases an enchantment that causes a breath of fire to all those within a 20x10 area directly in front of the user,s mouth. The top tooth is enchanted with a spell preventing the detection of magic. This firebreath tooth can be used once per day.

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