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Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc - Part 4 Random Encounters Part 3

Night Below - The Evils of Verbobonc - Part 4 Random Encounters Part 3

This encounter will take place within the Kron Hills but on the outskirts of a small town or village.

3. The Charcoal Burners

Charcoal burners create charcoal for use in smithies by burning logs in conical pile, mostly airtight, to keep the wood from going up in flames and being reduced to ash instead of charcoal. In Verbobonc, among members of the Old Faith, it is looked upon as an almost holy profession. Trees need to be marked by a druid for collection and certain rites and rituals are carried out to balance the destruction. 

Those carrying out the work are either apprentice rangers or druids normally working under a more experienced teacher. There is lots of time for contemplation and a communion with nature.

There are 3 young druids, Nickells, Madgett, and Harriman; a ranger of more experience but learning druidic abilties named Garrett and an older druid named Sibbett.

They are cautious with strangers but generally friendly. If told about the goblin incursion or of the attack by kidnappers they will be concerned and immediatly break camp and set out to warn the nearby town or village suggesting that the players come with them but not insisting that they do so.

The players will first notice the smell of burning wood or see the smoke rising from a place with woods or forest. A dirt trail, recently used, will lead from any path or roadway off in the direction of the camp if approached from such a direction. 

The druids and the town will be appreciative of any warning the players might give and the ranger, Garrett, would even accompany them if they are setting out soon as he plans to scout for any goblin-sign. 

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