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Project - Regional Products of the Flanaess - Cloth Part 1

Project - Regional Products of the Flanaess - Cloth Part 1

Cloth - (Almor, Bissel, Celene, Ekbir, Furyondy, Geoff, Gran March, Great Kindom, Medegia, North Province, Nyrond, Ulek Duchy, Urnst County, Yeomanry)

These are  the listed exporters of cloth but what kind of cloth?

I'd break down cloth types to


And then some subdivision, if necessary, such as types of Silk. Also in dealing with Silk and also the question of trade I would add Ket, Verbobonc, Dyvers and Greyhawk to the list of cloth exporters. If these last 4 aren't producers of cloth they are hubs of trade and will export cloth.

Keep in mind from the information provided is for export and doesnt say who is buying and where those merchant trains, wagons and caravans are taking the cloth.

Cotton is produced in warm climates.
Hemp is primarily used for sailcloth
Linen is made from Flax which favors cool and damp environments
Silk is a product of the far west
Wool requires sheep and only safe and settled lands are going to be able to have large herds of sheep safe from predators.

I plan on basing Ekbir as the main producer and exporter of Silk (and silk sub-products such as Satin, Samite, Velvet and Damask). Ket is then the go between in trade between west and east, shipping out silk and importing linen (with hemp, wool and cotton, being produced both east and west).

Why this matters to a DM? Merchants always provide me with a good amount of material for adventures. Showing which way trade flows and what is traded adds a handing dose of detail to the game and helps generate adventures.

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