Sunday, June 9, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Trap

Trap (E):

Roll 1d6 for each Warrior. The Warrior with the lowest score has set off a trap. Roll 1d6 on the following table.

1 There is a loud explosion and the room is filled with fire and smoke. Every model on this board section takes 1d6 Wounds, with no modifiers for toughness or armour.

2-5 A pit opens in the floor and your Warrior plummets onto the rocky floor below. He takes 2d6 Wounds, and he can only escape if the party has the rope pr a Levitation spell.

6 A stone slab slides back in the wall, revealing the glint of gems and gold. Draw one Treasure Card.

Roll 1d6. On a 1, 2, or 3 draw another Event Card immediately.

1a) A stone moves under the players feet just before the explosion. From around the walls small murder holes are revealed that were plugged with chips of granite and some dark powder that was ignited by the triggering of a cantrip producing a finder of flame in every hidden recess when the stone in the floor was compressed. Close examination will reveal that several of the traps failed to explode. By chipping away the plaster and granite pieces a quantity of this dark powder can be salvaged. It will ignite explosively if exposed closely to a flame or even a spark. There is enough of the dark powder to blow apart a closed door or kill a large creature (or party member) if ignited upon them.

2-5a) The sides of the pit are dank and slimy and make scaling them, even for a thief, very difficult. The pit is 25feet below the surface of the floor. The trap swings closed after dropping the player character but the spring and latch can be sundered from above with little difficulty. At the bottom of the pit is the mummified remains of a human.

He appears to have been a slight man clad in simple clothing and leather armor. His neck was broken in the fall in is at an odd angle to the rest of his body. If searched he has:

Leather - made for a slightly below average sized human male.

A finely made short sword - non-magical but +1 damage due to the well-crafted edge and +1 to hit due to the balance.
Two daggers that are balanced for throwing. They are +1 to hit (non-magical) if thrown.

On his belt is a small case containing a Thieve's picks and tools. A small coil of wire and several metal nais.
Backpack -
1) 50ft coil of fine rope
2) Mirror in a small wooden case
3) A curved magnifying piece of glass wrapped in a square of silk
4) Jar containing goose grease
5) A small hammer and a dozen metal spikes wrapped so as not to clink in a greasy rag and then in a canvas pouch.
6) a small metal key in a silver case.

6a) As the player leans or steps on a square of stone a small section of wall about 5ft above the ground slides open. Inside is the glint of gems and gold. Anyone reaching for them must make a saving throw or have their hand damaged or severed completely as a steel razor-sharp blade drops like a guillotine across the opening. The metal blade will completely fill the opening and will require much work smashing away the surrounding stone to remove it as the blade locks in place from above once it has fallen. The gems inside are glass, the gold is mere paint on copper coins.

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