Sunday, June 23, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Stone of Bravery

Stone of Bravery:
This stone gives great confidence to the bearer, such that fear seems but a dream.

This valuable semi-precious stone is worth 250 gold.

(RPG: The bearer of the stone is largely unaffected by fear and terror, and gains +1 to Fear rolls, and +1 to Terror rolls.)


1). This is a dark common looking lump of rock until it falls into the hand of a Fighter Class character. The moment it is in his hand it transforms to a gem of deep blue that glows with a strong inner light. The light is strong enough to illuminate a 20ft radius, though with a blue tinge.

The Stone of Bravery becomes linked to the Fighter holding the stone and will not link to another till that Fighter is dead. If the stone is taken more than 10ft from the Fighter it reverts to its appearance as a common dull rock, but within 10ft of the Fighter it will spring to life again.

The Stone removes all Fear effects on the Fighter and allows him a +1 to hit and +1 to damage as combat modifiers. The Fighter is also immune to Sleep and Charm spells and spell-like abilities.

In battle the Fighter will gain a +2 in initiative rolls.  

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