Saturday, June 15, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Incense of Healing

Incense of Healing:
You find a small, decorative urn in the corner of the room, covered with magical symbols and runes.

When opened , the urn discharges a fragrant cloud of vapour that acts as a healing potion. Every Warrior on the same board section as the urn has 2d6 wounds restored.

use once then discard.

1) The urn is of a greenish metal with a pattern of circles connected to each other around the middle. The base is capped with gold and the cover of the urn is made of gold as well.  Once per day the lid can be lifted to release the vapour that will heal 2d6 HP of damage to all those within a 10ft radius of the urn.

It is, unfortunately, a heavy, cumbersome object and will take up a good portion of any backpack though it can be placed in any magical carrying device such as a bag of holding. The lid fits securely if the urn is kept upright, but will fall off if turned on its side or upside down. If the lid is not on the urn for at least 24 hours continuously the magic of the spell will not regenerate.

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