Thursday, June 20, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Chalice of Fate

Chalice of Fate:
The Chalice of Fate has the power to warp time, to change fate, and to alter reality.

The Chalice allows you to re-roll when determining the Wizard's Power during the Power Phase. You may only re-roll once, and you must accept the second roll even if the score is worse.

1). This golden chalice is surprisingly small for such a remarkably powerful item. It is no more than a palm-sized goblet of gold and silver with 8 small rubies around the base of cup. It has the power to reverse time, but only for a stretch of three minutes.  The chalice must be filled with a clear white wine produced from grapes in the land where the chalice was forged. If a cupful of this wine is swallowed from this chalice time reverses and all that has transpired in those three minutes is as if they never were.

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