Monday, June 17, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Cave-In

Cave-In (E):
Place the Cave-In marker in the board section where this card was triggered to show that all exits except the one the Warriors entered by are now blocked.

Any Warriors still in this board section at the end of the next turn are crushed by rubble and killed. Any Monsters in the room are crushed by falling masonry.

Warriors attempting to escape are not subject to the rules for pinning whilst in this room.

The room is now impassable and may not be re-entered.

If this card is drawn in the first room in the dungeon, ignore it and draw another Event Card immediately.

No treasure card for completing event

1) The old corridor leads to a well-lit room. One glance shows that trouble awaits. Sitting at a huge table are no less than three gigantic minotaurs and one is looking directly at you. Besides the table and the minotaurs a weapons rack can be seen with various blades, axes and polearms within it. Two vast wooden chests are on either side of the room, one open and revealing the glint of some treasure; polished gold or fine cut gems.

With a roar one of the minotaurs jumps to its feet. He lifts the huge double-bit axe over his head in a single powerful motion. The blade smacks against the ceiling and with a creak and sharp crack as of thunder the ceiling gives way. The other minotaurs have no time to rise as massive stones rain down like hammers, smashing everything beneath into a bloody, splintered pulp.

A rolling cloud of dust sweeps forward and over anyone lucky enough to have jumped back into the corridor in time.

Anyone who can tunnel through the debris, which completely blocks the chamber, will find no minotaurs beneath the stone, just splintered wood and tarnished fractured glass. If anyone passes through the stone within 5 minutes of the collapse they will see an old wizened gnome laughing great deep laughs. He will put away a small wand and disappear down one of the three passages that are on the side of the chamber opposite the corridor and the entrance used by the player characters. If captured, somehow, the gnome will reveal that he is an illusionist and will reward the PCs greatly if the forget his 'little joke' and let him go.

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