Thursday, June 6, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Torture Chamber

Torture Chamber -
By the flickering light of your lantern, you can just make out a small rough-hewn room.

The Torture Chamber will always trigger an event card, unless the Adventure Book states otherwise.

1) The room is relatively small but an upright torture rack rests against one wall. At the center of the room dangle rusted chains and ropes that are attached to eyehooks and pulleys in the ceiling. Pulling on these ropes or chains will cause a pattering of rust to fall and a hard pull will cause the metal ring to snap and bring the chains down with a chance of damage to any beneath and a loud noise that will increase the chance of a wandering monster encounter.

The south wall also contains rusted manacles, but no rack. In the corner is a wooden bucket, a small table and three-legged chair. All are warped and rotten, though they would make good kindling for a fire (as would the torture rack).

Beneath the debris a small cloth wrapped bundle is in the corner containing a thieve's picks and tools in an oiled cloth (which has protected them from rust).

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