Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Amulet of Vindication

Amulet of Vindication:
This antiquated porcelain amulet is covered in a layer of cracked and peeling black leather.

This amulet allows the Warrior to cancel out hostile magic. When a spell is cast against the bearer of the amulet, roll a d6. On a roll of 6 the spell is cancelled out and has no effect.

(RPG: The amulet gives the Warrior a magic resistance of 6+. This works in the same way as the Magic Resistance ability that some Monsters possess. See page 83 of the Roleplay book.)

The amulet may be used every time a spell is cast at the warrior

Barbarian, Dwarf & Elf only


1). Through a covering of cracked and peeling leather, dyed black but faded to a purplish brown, can be seen the yellows and blues of an ancient porcelain amulet; sharp runes formed into the fragile substance. Touching any part of the amulet left unprotected by the worn leather immediately causes 1d10 hp cold damage and yet there is no sense of coldness through the leather covering or in the air around the amulet.  

Divination magic will reveal that the amulet is powerful but also protected from magic that would reveal greater details about it. Only through clerical magic or sagacious lore can more be learned of this powerful item.

Created centuries ago by a powerful mage, it was used as a defense against his brothers in magic and can absorb the most powerful spells, but at a cost to the wearer. A 1st level spell cast at the wearer can be absorbed with no effect at the cost of 1d4hp in damage, a 2nd level spell at 1d6hp damage, a 3rd level spell at 1d8hp, a 4th at 1d10hp, 5th at 1d12hp, a 6th level spell at 1d20hp, a 7th level spell at 2d20 damage, an 8th at 3d20, a 9th at 1d100.

The mage gave his amulet to his most promising apprentice as he and his enemies gained in power. Such spells as they now employed would cost such damage from the amulet that its risky protection was too much of a gamble for the mage.

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