Friday, June 14, 2013

Inspiring Illustrations - The Witch-Queen of Yithorium

9) The Witch-Queen of Yithorium

Long ago the Witch-Queen and her band of mercenary followers reclaimed the ruined city of Yithorium and made it their own. Now it is the City-State of Yithorium and the Witch-Queen rules all of the surrounding land. She is plagued by the resistance of the desert nomads who are the main occupants of the Zakath desert which completely surrounds the small city-state.

Recently a war-leader, Balthus, a Hellinic/Krimmian half-breed waged war upon the city state and besieged the city. The Witch-Queen herself descended upon the siege lines in the night and took the head of Balthus which she animated and placed above the gates of her city where it moans out in pain and cries tears of blood upon those below. (The tears of blood are sought after and collected by servants of magicians, necromancers, priests and merchants, though the guardsmen always take their cut to look the other way. The tears fall at irregular intervals and catching them requires the blocking of traffic so it is a difficult occupation).

Today there are scattered bands of Balthus' army throughout the city-state and the Witch-Queen is hiring adventurers and mercenaries to track them down and exterminate them. 

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