Friday, June 7, 2013

Warhammer Quest Card of the Day - Corner

The corridor suddenly twists into the darkness.

The corner will always be empty, unless the Adventure Book states otherwise or an Unexpected Event is rolled during the Power Phase.

1) A blackened but unlit torch hangs from a wall sconce about 6 feet up the corner wall. The torch may be removed and used as a normal torch but the rusted and decayed wall sconce pulls from the wall and clatters to the ground (check for wandering monsters within earshot of the noise.

When the sconce falls away a small hole in the wall is revealed large enough to put a hand in. Anyone doing so will be attacked by a small nest of harmless, small spiders. If anyone digs into the hole they will find a small leather pouch (the leather badly cracked and falling apart) containing 27gp and 3 small diamonds valued at 50gp each.

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