Friday, May 20, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #43

The Ogres Jack and Floyd are busy bagging the Trolls and counting points. Catfish has been scooped by Floyd and his handy Crowbar while Jack gives Frank a whack with the hand-scythe and notices the blue smoke pouring out of the Snookerball. Floyd takes exception to Jack taking the point for the Troll he conked on the head with a stone and smacks Jack in the snozz with the crowbar then quickly scoops up Frank for another point while Dudly looks on aghast. Bender threatens the Ogres with his knife but they take no notice as they fail to notice the Ethereal Demon form behind Jack's derriere as he bends down to check the caves.


The little Sallymander waves his small knife at the Ogres but can do nothing to stop them from grabbing Catfish and Frank.

With a cry for 'Elp Catfish is stuffed into Floyd bag.

Recovered enough from his wounds to get into hiding as the Ogres descend upon the hapless Trolls. He can only look on in shock as Catfish and Frank are snagged by the Ogres.

Ethereal Demon/ Snookerball Demon:
The cloud of blue smoke escaping from the cracked Snookerball quickly coalesces into the small needletoothed and clawed flying blue demon of ill repute.

He quickly bags Catfish and seeing Jack about to capture Frank smacks his companion in the nose with the thin excuse of saving him from the poison gas escaping from the Snookerball. He then deftly scoops up Frank and prepares to put him in the bag with Catfish.

Moaning in pain after being clonked on the noggin by a stone knocked down by Floyd he is easy prey for first Jack and then Floyd. Luckily the Snookerball he cracked is about to set things in motion that will even the score.

One less of these dangerous little orbs as the Ethereal Demon escapes from it in a cloud of blue smoke.

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