Friday, May 13, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #39

Frank brings Catfish and Bender to the cave across the bog where he left the injured Dudly and the Snookerball. The Firelilies that Catfish has generously spread over Dudly's burned back have knocked him out, a little Loco-Anasthesia, but Catfish wonders if he should have given them to Frank after hearing his days experiences from Wormy's Lair, Snookerball Demons and the Ogres.


Bender spends his time looking on in silence as Frank tells his tale.

As Catfish spreads a liberal dose of Firelilies on Dudly's back he wonders if he should have applied them to Frank instead after hearing the crazy things the pair have been up to.

He is knocked out by the Firelilies spread over his burned back.

Ethereal Demon/Snookerball Demon:
Mentioned by Frank as he tells his harrowing tale to Catfish, the little blue terror lurks unseen within its orb.

A handy Loco-Anasthesiastetic that can knock out a Troll with a big enough dose.

His explanation of the day's events makes Catfish think he is crazy, especially the trip the Ogres' cave.

Frank and Dudly were on their way to the Ogres' cave to set a Snookerball/Ethereal Demon on their red behinds.

As with Bender and Dudly, the Snookerballs are seen but not heard.

Torch-Bearing Goons:
The Goblin, Wereboar and Wererat (Or is it Werewolf?) who ambushed Frank and Dudly in the woods in retaliation for the beating the Wereboar took at the Dwarfburger stand.
Frank mentions that Wormy invited Dudly and himself to play Snookerball.

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