Monday, May 2, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #33

When we last saw the Trolls Frank and Dudly they were sneaking from Wormy's cave in possession of one of the Demon inhabited Snookerballs. On their way through the woods they are almost ambushed by some of the former patrons of Irving's Dwarfburger stand by the Wereboar whom Frank had clobbered, a Wererat and a surviving Goblin. All three are bearing torches, a deadly weapon to use against Trolls.

Frank is attacked first by the Wereboar and chased out into the stream while Dudly contends with the Wererat, bringing him down with his maller, then the Goblin whom he also defeats with a stunning blow to the noggin but not before the Goblin's torch sets fire to his back.

Now out in the stream, Frank is submerged almost above his nose before he springs on the Wereboar, knocks its own torch back into its face and in a fury clubs it into a pulp. Frank sees Dudly steaming and half-submerged and half-carries him from the stream while exclaiming over the terrible burns on his friends back. Dudly moans out the fact that the burns won't let him regenerate while Frank sympathetically remonstrates with him and leads him to shore.


Is severely burned by the Goblin during his combat with the Goblin and Wererat. He manages to defeat them both, perhaps slaying them, though the Goblin appears to escape. Dudly drops the Snookerball in the stream during the attack.

They are mentioned by the Wereboar to the Trolls during the attack.

Manages to defeat the Wereboar and assist the badly burned Dudly after the attack.

Perhaps a survivor from the Dwarfburger stand. He manages to set Dudly on fire but takes a mallet to the head and is last seen running off into the woods.

Dropped in the stream by Dudly

It is revealed that Trolls cannot regenerate from burns.

This belligerent fellow who was knocked unconscious by Frank at the Dwarfburger stand has sought revenge and ambushes the Trolls after the leave Wormy's cave. Frank once again defeats him and this time leaves him beaten and perhaps slain submerged in the stream.

He attacks Dudly causing him to drop the snookerball but is feller by a deft stroke of Dudly's mallet and is last seen submerged face-down in the stream.

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