Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lone Wolf - Book1 Flight in the Dark - 1e AD&D Conversion - 1

I've enjoyed the Lone Wolf series using the simple combat rules and choose your path system given in the books but I've always meant to convert the setting and the books into 1e AD&D. Rather than tackle the setting at the outset I thought I'd rather take on the first book as a source for adventures.

The book itself is more than a single adventure. It needs to be addressed with brevity and speed to fit the events in a single book of this sort but as an RPG it can be dealt with over a much longer series of time and in much greater detail. The book is also designed for a single character and the encounters are short, the types of treasure or items extremely limited, and the ability to explore and discover paper thin.

I've always had a bit of problem with the initial plot. If the enemy is strong enough to overcome an entire school of Kai Masters and their recruits in so swift a manner then how are they stopped by any of the forces aligned against them? This is especially true if the setting uses the AD&D system with its graduated levels of power and experience. If we look at Book 1 as a series of starting or at least low level adventures there is also the problem of working out the strength of some of the encountered creatures. Many are equally low level but others are much more powerful so a good deal must change between the encounters in the book and encounters as an AD&D adventure.

Finally the book is a solo adventure and a decent RPG will need at least 4-5 player characters.

With this project I hope to take an enjoyable and well-crafted series and create what I hope are at least a useful campaign of AD&D adventures in the Magnamund setting.

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