Thursday, May 5, 2016

Wormy Reference Guide - Dragon #34

Wes and Butch are out hunting Dwarves who they think have stolen Ogre gold on them when they see Jack and Floyd the Ogres out in the distance. Wesly's eyesight is likely none-to-good as he mistakes them for Rudy and Otis who they'd seen earlier added to the fact that Wesly also can't seem to tell a Dwarf from a stump or a rock. Butch immediately spots the household implements the Ogres are using as weapons (a crowbar and a hand-scythe).

NOTE: I need a better scan of the panel to be able to tell what the Ogres are saying,


Butch is out hunting Dwarves with Wesly and spots Jack and Floyd out looking for the same or perhaps trolls.

Wesly sees Dwarves everywhere but they are only old rocks and stumps.

Floyd: (Unnamed in this strip)
Armed with a crowbar, Floyd is using it to good effect.

Jack: (Unnamed in this strip)
Jack has a hand-scythe and is swinging it like a golf-club.

He is looking dapper in his red-plumed cap but seems to have terrible eye-sight and is a danger to the local stumps with his bow and arrows.

Rudy and Otis are mentioned as heading for Wormy's cave in search of Dwarves and the Ogres' stolen gold.

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