Saturday, May 7, 2016

NPC - Skirnir the Bootless

Skirnir is a young warrior of renown who follows the warleader Bovine the Bloody. Some call him a hero and he has several raids under his belt but he is from tribes of the nearer East rather than the more frigid and mountainous North as are most of the men in Bovine's warband. It is said that when he appeared among the Northern towns he had worn out the boots he appeared in crossing through a wild and uninhabited, at least by humans, land that spanned the long miles between those of North and North-East. The title 'Bootless' was bestowed upon him and many a horn's worth of blood was spilled in the honor-square fighting over this unwelcome sobriquet. Now he is only called 'Bootless' when he is beyond hearing and much less often.

His prowess is well recognized and he is always in the forefront of combat, but his temperament is not that of a leader and his achievements not quite that of those who are deemed heroes among Bovine's warband. That may change this season of raids. Already he possesses several items of note; An enchanted torque of silver that is said to protect his flesh as a suit of chain as well as a silver emblem that is said to do the same that was taken from a Southron warrior. His great axe is the work of Dwarves and is said to aid the strength he puts behind his blows so much so that he can split a shield in a single strike.

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