Monday, May 2, 2016

White Dwarf #14 Molten Magic

Another half-page offering. I'm surprised that they didn't devote more page space to this column. I know I find it far more interesting than the greater majority of other articles in White Dwarf.

I found the offerings from Greenwood & Ball, Asgard Miniatures and Fantasy Figures Unlimited to be unattractive and poorly sculpted. Miniature Figurines released some useful and uncommon sculpts of Skeletons bearing a basket, a barrel and a lantern. All useful occupations for a skeleton outside of the normal combat oriented sculpts.

Model E1 Grenadier Models Carrion Creeper (w58) reminds me of something from Doctor Who (I mean the real 60's and 70's Doctor Who when special effects were, thankfully, silver duct-tape and cardboard with a lick of paint).

I own a few of Ral Partha's Air Elemental (ES64) and it is a swirly blob of lead.

Citadel Miniatures Giant Scorpion (FF50) doesn't look bad but they rest of their offerings have that 70's look of poor sculpts or bad casting process that is ubiquitous of the era.

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